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Should I Use a VPN on My Router? The Ultimate VPN Privacy and Security Guide

Smart gadgets usually lack robust security measures. They’re amazingly dumb when it comes to protecting your privacy because they leak your intimate secrets to snoopers and eavesdroppers. Fortunately, you can …

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Xfinity Router Blinking Orange: Meaning and How to Fix it

David Rigg

The lights on the router are a pretty good indicator of the current state of the device and the network itself. Usually, we see those lights blinking or being solid, but it is good to know what the color and behavior (solid light or a blinking one) represent. One such … Read more

Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co. Ltd Connected To My Network (Unknown Device Connected to My Wi-Fi)

Jeremy Clifford

In this IoT/AIoT era, it’s common for a home to have a Wi-Fi network to supply internet connections to all devices inside that home. Some Wi-Fi routers can connect 20 devices simultaneously, but many high-end routers could provide an internet connection to 200 devices and more. When you have that … Read more

Spectrum Port Forwarding Not Working

Jeremy Clifford

Spectrum is one of many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) out there. Spectrum services also include cable TV and telecommunication options. Basically, it’s a whole package, a three-in-one deal. The internet is great, so is the TV, but what about the hardware? We’re sure that many Spectrum users have experienced some … Read more

Smart DNS vs. VPN: Which One is Better for You?

Jeremy Clifford

Smart DNS and VPN services are like superheroes for your internet. They come to rescue you when you want to stream content from geo-restricted websites and let you watch cool stuff from around the world. But here’s the twist – they have their superpowers! What is a DNS? First is … Read more

OnStar Wi-Fi Not Working (Troubleshooting OnStar Wi-Fi)

Jeremy Clifford

Big auto companies such as Tesla, Audi, and General Motors now manufacture luxury cars equipped with built-in Wi-Fi.  As such, you no longer need pocket Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to connect to the internet. This feature allows car occupants, including the driver and passengers, to connect to a Wi-Fi … Read more

How to Change Wi-Fi Channel on Spectrum?

Jeremy Clifford

If you fall into the ever-growing category of frustrated Wi-Fi users who are experiencing slow Wi-Fi due to interference from other networks sharing your Wi-Fi channel, you came to the right place.  This article will explain to you what is a Wi-Fi channel, how to choose the best one, and … Read more

Linksys Router Power Light Blinking: Here’s What to Do

David Rigg

One of the top brands in the field of wireless router and network equipment is definitely Linksys. Their products are high-quality ones, but just like any other piece of equipment, they may start giving you a headache from time to time. One such issue is the Linksys router Power light … Read more

No Internet Light on Sky Router: Possible Causes and Quick Fixes

David Rigg

Having a fast and stable internet connection is a must in today’s world. Almost every device we have in our household depends on our internet connection in order to work at its best. Therefore, it is understandable how disturbing it can be when we notice there is no Internet connection. … Read more

How to Connect to Wi-Fi if You Are Blocked? (Ways to Connect a Blocked Device to Wi-Fi)

Jeremy Clifford

Wi-Fi networks make it easy to access the internet without being tethered to a router or gateway. Most routers and Internet Service providers equip their network equipment with advanced features that give the network administrator more control over their network. One such feature is the ability of an administrator to … Read more

How to Force Hotel Wi-Fi Login Page? (Ways to Trigger Hotel Wi-Fi Login Page)

Jeremy Clifford

It’s always convenient to get free internet using hotel Wi-Fi while staying in a hotel. But sometimes, you cannot get to the login page. Do you know how to force the hotel Wi-Fi login page? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll show you how to do … Read more

How to Update Huawei Router? (Firmware Upgrade Explained)

Jeremy Clifford

Huawei is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of telecommunications equipment. This company offers a large selection of router models. Huawei routers are our topic in this article, or more precisely, updating the routers. So, in case you have a Huawei router, it is certainly useful to … Read more

Orange Light On Router (Easy Solutions)

David Rigg

We are used to seeing the lights on our router all the time. Normally we will see them in green color, sometimes blue, and on some occasions red or orange. The question now is – is there a reason to be worried if you see an orange light on your … Read more


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