How to Connect to Wi-Fi if You Are Blocked? (Ways to Connect a Blocked Device to Wi-Fi)

Wi-Fi networks make it easy to access the internet without being tethered to a router or gateway. Most routers and Internet Service providers equip their network equipment with advanced features that give the network administrator more control over their network. One such feature is the ability of an administrator to block whatever device they want … Read more

WAN Connection Down: Why And How to Fix It?

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably come across the WAN connection down error. It’s only natural to explore the internet for a fix before contacting support or a friend that’s more tech-savvy than we are. This article is going to discuss what WAN (Wide Area Network) is, how it works, why there’s such an … Read more

The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available (Why Do I Get This Message & How to Fix It?)

Life comes with different situations, and there is this moment when you feel like confiding in someone or passing important messages. It is very disappointing to call someone at such a critical moment, and the response from the other side is ‘the wireless customer is not available….’ It is becoming common nowadays, which calls for … Read more

Frontier Router Red Globe (7 Ways to Fix It)

Frontier is an internet service provider that offers a variety of routers to its customers. To provide its users with top-notch services and internet speeds, Frontier gives them carefully selected modems and routers. The latest Frontier internet plans offer the latest eero routers that can guarantee a fast and reliable internet connection in every corner … Read more

ASUS Router Keeps Disconnecting From Internet

A sketchy connection can be extremely annoying, but when our Asus router keeps disconnecting from the internet now and then, we get really frustrated. Now, this is one of the most common Asus router issues. There are a few ways we can fix all these common issues. However, we first need to understand these common … Read more

DXB Free Wi-Fi (Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Airport Wi-Fi)

As the demand to stay connected while traveling grows, Wi-Fi hotspots are emerging in most public transit locations. From train stations to airports to bus termini, transport stops have become ideal for setting up internet access points. Today, many airlines and international airports offer Wi-Fi as a complimentary service, while others offer both free and … Read more

Can’t Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi (What to Do?)

McDonald’s is one of the biggest and most popular food chains in the world. They offer an array of delicious, crunchy meals to stimulate your taste buds.  But what makes them even more appealing is their free Wi-Fi. Like most restaurants and eateries, McDonald’s offers their customers free Wi-Fi. However, connecting to their wireless network … Read more

Philadelphia Airport Wi-Fi (How to Connect to PHL free Wi-Fi)

Major airports worldwide now offer complimentary internet services to passengers within their precincts. You only need a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect to this service. The Philadelphia International Airport is one of the locations with free wireless internet. The airport serves nearly 20 million passengers annually, making it one of the busiest airports … Read more

Shaw Modem Flashing Green (Troubleshooting Guide)

Before we start troubleshooting the Shaw modem flashing green, it’s important to point out that Shaw offers several different modems to its customers. Since Shaw decided to offer the best possible internet experience, in terms of speed and range, to their users, they recommended upgrading to the latest Fibre+ Gateways.  Now, if you already have … Read more

How Does Satellite Internet Work? (Satellite Internet Connection Explained)

Internet connectivity options are very limited for many people outside urban areas and developed telecommunications infrastructures. The further you get from cities and towns, the fewer options remain available. The only option available pretty much anywhere in the world is satellite internet.  Since it doesn’t rely on cables and cellphone towers, it can be used … Read more

How to Connect to Wi-Fi Without Password in Android Mobile? (4 Easy Methods)

Wi-Fi allows you to access the web wirelessly without using cables or wires. However, unlike wired connections, most wireless connections are password-protected, meaning you must enter authentication details to connect to Wi-Fi.  Even though the primary objective of a password is to secure your network and keep freeloaders at bay, you can easily forget it, … Read more

What is Panoramic Wi-Fi? (Introduction to Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi)

The demand for high-speed internet increases every day as our reliance on Wi-Fi continues to grow. After all, most modern applications such as video streaming, online gaming, file sharing, and video conferencing require fast, uninterrupted internet access. Panoramic Wi-Fi has emerged as the ultimate solution to all your internet needs. This Wi-Fi package guarantees fast … Read more

Do Wi-Fi Cameras Slow Down Internet Speed? (The Effect of Wi-Fi Cameras on Internet Speed)

Security cameras are everywhere today – at homes, shops, offices, roads, and highways. Many people realize the important role of these cameras to keep the premises checked. Everybody needs them to safeguard the premises. Not that the cameras can combat intruders, but their presence is enough to deter thieves and robbers to a certain extent. … Read more

NETGEAR Modem Lights Meaning

In this article, we will go through the meaning of the LED lights on the following NETGEAR cable modems: Netgear Nighthawk CM2000 Netgear Nighthawk CM2050V  Netgear CM1000v2 High-Speed Cable Modem  Netgear CM700 High-Speed Cable Modem  Netgear CM500 High-Speed Cable Modem  These cable modems have similar LED lights, so let’s see what the different colors and … Read more

How to Connect Samsung Wi-Fi Direct to PC (Explained)

Wireless connectivity is an innovation that tremendously improves user experiences. Whenever we have the chance to share files wirelessly, we have more freedom to move about since our devices are not tethered to a cable. Also, wireless connectivity is more aesthetic because of the lack of wires that can clutter your environment.  Wi-Fi Direct is … Read more

How to Connect Sky Box to Wi-Fi Without WPS Button? (Quick Setup Guide)

The Wi-Fi Protected System (WPS) is a way of establishing a fast connection between the router and broadband modem. Skyboxes have this feature, and it is relatively easy to set up and use with other Wi-Fi-capable devices. However, not all Skybox models have the feature, as some are outdated. Some users might also prefer alternative … Read more

How to Run Wi-Fi Diagnostics on PC and Android? Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection on PC and Android

In an age where smart devices run most of our daily lives in terms of automation and IoT devices, a reliable Wi-Fi connection is very necessary. Whenever you have a strong, reliable wireless signal, your devices can communicate smoothly over the wireless network, and you can also browse the internet without interruptions.  Often when Wi-Fi … Read more

Windows Can’t Get the Network Settings from the Router – (Troubleshooting Guide)

Getting an internet connection is probably one of the most exciting moments for so many people. Everything seems great when your network and OS work well together to give a seamless internet experience. However, users sometimes face problems like unstable internet connection, especially when using Wi-Fi.  For instance, you can get a message like “Windows … Read more

Linksys Router Lights Meaning (A Detailed Guide)

Linksys is one of the most popular router and network equipment brands today. Every Linksys router has one or more LED indicator lights that inform us about important aspects of our network.  Understanding the meaning of the Linksys router lights can be really helpful in maintaining your network.  In this article, we are going to … Read more

Istanbul Airport Wi-Fi (How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Istanbul Airport?)

Istanbul is a transcontinental European city renowned for its diverse culture and hospitality. The city has two major airports, but Istanbul International Airport is the hub between Asia and Europe thanks to its strategic location.  Millions of travelers throng the airport when visiting the city or during layovers. And as the urge to stay connected … Read more

Recommended Cable Modem Power Levels (What Kind of Signal Level Do I Need on My Cable Modem?)

Most homes are now connected to the internet through various providers. This is fueled by the fact that most of our daily activities heavily rely on the internet. Interestingly, not everyone has the same internet connection; some use fiber, DSL, or cable.  All these connection types have measurements that help you determine the quality of … Read more

Are Powerline Adapters Good for Gaming? (A Complete Guide to Powerline Adapters)

Gaming and streaming require high-speed and low-latency internet connection. So obviously, the best thing to do for your gaming setup when connecting to the internet is to have a direct, wired connection with your modem/router using an ethernet cable. Simply put, there’s hardly anything that can beat a good old ethernet cable when it comes … Read more

Shaw Modem Red Light (How to Fix It Easily)

Although there is no mention of the red LED light on Shaw modems on the official website, some users have reported that their Bluecurve modems are showing a red light. This can be confusing as there is no mention of the red light at all.  After doing some research, we have found some valuable information … Read more

Salt Lake City Airport Wi-Fi (SLC Airport Wi-Fi Guide)

Even though Salt Lake City International Airport has only one terminal, it can handle over 30 million passengers annually. Besides, as of 2023, the airport is undergoing a redevelopment program to improve its capacity, facilities, and amenities for an enhanced travel experience. The airport offers various services to optimize efficiency, safety, and convenience for all … Read more

What Is A DD-WRT Router? (A Detailed Guide to DD-WRT OpenSource Firmware)

If you buy a brand-new router, the chances are that you will get a dedicated manufacturer-provided firmware that sometimes, even to someone who’s not a total router nerd, might seem very limiting and lacking in some essential features. This is especially the case with some cheaper routers, and there’s one good reason for that – … Read more

Spectrum Modem Lights Meaning (What You Need to Know)

As a Spectrum user, especially if you are a new one, you are probably using the Spectrum ONU (SONU) Modem. Although it is designed to provide top-notch service, there are certain situations when Spectrum modem simply fails to deliver the expected performance. On such occasions, it’s important to understand what different Spectrum modem lights mean. … Read more

Charlotte Airport Wi-Fi (A Complete Guide to CLT Free Wi-Fi)

Charlotte Airport, also known as Charlotte Douglas Airport, is an international airport based in North Carolina. It has been around since 1935 and has grown in leaps and bounds, quickly establishing itself as a central transportation hub in the United States.  This commercial and military airport is the sixth-busiest in aircraft operations. It handles over … Read more

American Airlines Wi-Fi (Is It Worth It?)

Flying is undoubtedly the fastest way to travel. However, the long waits before departure and arrival can be tiring or even boring without in-flight entertainment.  The good news is that nearly all airlines provide different forms of entertainment to keep passengers busy during flights. American Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi (Old Commercial) In-flight internet has become standard … Read more

Wi-Fi Keeps Connecting to Wrong Network (4 Easy Fixes)

Wi-Fi technology proves to be one of the most significant breakthroughs in IT. Apart from being conveniently mobile, you’d enjoy an uncluttered work environment compared to the messy wired connection. However, Wi-Fi also has some drawbacks. Working with a radio signal, it’s susceptible to frequency disturbance and therefore not as stable as the wired connection. … Read more

San Diego Airport Wi-Fi (A Complete Guide to San Diego Airport Wi-Fi)

San Diego Airport is a single-runway airport with two passenger terminals for domestic and international flights. Despite its average capacity, the airport handles nearly 15 million arriving and departing passengers annually.  To manage the increasing traffic, San Diego Airport now has several concourses. These concourses comprise shops, restaurants, food courts, and shopping areas, among other … Read more

Ethernet Stuck On Identifying (Basic Troubleshooting)

Wi-Fi technology has been developing at its fastest rate in recent years. Demand from various applications accelerates its growth, resulting in more people using wireless Wi-Fi networks. However, a wired Ethernet connection still has the edge over Wi-Fi, offering a speedier and more stable internet signal. But sometimes, you can also get your Ethernet connection … Read more

Wireless Capability Is Turned Off on Dell Laptop (Turn it Back on by Following These Steps)

Is wireless capability turned off on your Dell laptop? Are you having trouble turning it on? It’s a pretty common problem and numerous internet users have experienced it before. This issue may come from external and internal sources. Wherever it comes from, your only interest is to get back the internet connection as soon as … Read more

My Sky Q Is Not Connecting to the Internet (Troubleshooting Guide)

The advent of satellite television gave people various choices on what to watch, be it for entertainment or educational purposes. Sky Q is one of the leading broadcasting service providers with top-of-the-line equipment with features such as multiroom. To enjoy their services, you need an internet connection to watch all the live shows, record them … Read more

How to Increase Internet Speed on Xbox One?

Microsoft no longer produces these incredible units since late 2020. Although it is a disappointment, there is still love for the gaming console. The console has options to play offline and online, and most players love the online feature and X box’s streaming abilities. Sometimes, when using Xbox one, it might seem like your internet … Read more

Atlanta Airport Wi-Fi (Free Wi-Fi at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport)

The Atlanta Airport, also known as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, ranks among the busiest airports in the USA and globally by passenger traffic. Pre-COVID-19, the airport managed over 100 million travelers. Given its international status, the Atlanta Airport provides various services and amenities to help keep passengers informed and entertained. One of the most popular … Read more

How to Connect to Audi Wi-Fi? (Audi Connect Explained)

Audi Connect is a Wi-Fi service that allows you to connect up to 8 wireless devices to high-speed internet in your car. Apart from providing communication and entertainment solutions, Audi Connect allows you to make the most of high-end features such as navigation, automatic lighting, windshield control, voice recognition, and touchless transactions on toll roads.  … Read more

Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep – Why Do You Need This Feature?

People need to sleep, but you can’t afford to let your online device stop working when you sleep. Everyone depends on real-time information in day-to-day activities, such as calendar updates, weather, and other update notifications in social media or online shopping apps. That’s why everyone needs to keep Wi-Fi on during sleep. You might want … Read more

How to Disconnect Smart TV from the Internet? (6 Easy Ways to Disconnect Your Smart TV from the Internet)

Disconnecting Smart TV from the internet is not a difficult thing to do but many people don’t know how to do it. It is a real waste of time and annoyance for people who are poorly versed in newer technologies. One of the general problems of today’s technology is connecting a TV to the internet. … Read more

Cox Router Blinking Green (What To Do Now?)

Cox is doing their best to provide fast and reliable service, but if you are experiencing some problems with your internet connection, don’t be disappointed. It’s something that happens from time to time with every ISP. The good thing is – there are some quick fixes you can try to fix the problem. One such … Read more

Heathrow Airport Wi-Fi (Everything You Need to Know)

Heathrow ranks among the biggest and busiest airports worldwide. This international airport has five terminals interconnected by a complimentary bus shuttle service. It handles over 80 million passengers annually and serves more than 204 destinations in different countries. Given its global status, the airport offers a range of services and amenities to keep up with … Read more

Does Google Nest Wi-Fi Work with Spectrum? (Step-by-Step Installation Instructions)

Spectrum internet is always on the path to revolutionizing internet connectivity and streaming services. They have made a name for themselves for excellent service provision over the years. However, they fail to provide reliable companion devices for their broadband connection with all their glory, leaving customers frustrated and unsatisfied with their services. Spectrum subscribers can … Read more

Houston Airport Wi-Fi (How to Connect to Houston Airport Wi-Fi)

Houston Airport, also known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, ranks among the busiest airports in Texas. The airport serves over 27 airlines flying to over 179 domestic and international destinations. In 2014, Houston Airport System (HAS), the airport’s management, introduced free Wi-Fi as part of its core services and amenities, following high demand from … Read more

Sony TV Wi-Fi Connected But No Internet Access (Troubleshooting Sony TV Internet Connection)

Sony is one of the biggest brands in the entertainment world. The company is renowned for its exceptional smart TVs, home theatres, and infotainment units.  These hi-tech gadgets can connect to your home Wi-Fi, allowing you to stream and watch your favorite movies, documentaries, sports, and programs conveniently from the comfort of your couch. But … Read more

Is 35 Mbps Fast?

Let’s be honest – 35 Mbps is not a lot, especially today when you have Gigabit speeds available in so many cities all over the US. But it could be good enough for some people. The purpose of this article is not to convince you that 35 Mbps is blazingly fast download speed, but to … Read more

Is 40 Mbps Fast?

Can you watch Netflix with 40 Mbps? Can you play online games? Is 40 Mbps good enough for an average family? Is it fast enough for telecommuting or studying from home? All the answers are in this article. We will analyze speed requirements for all kinds of online activities and help you decide whether 40 … Read more

Is 50 Mbps Fast?

Thinking about upgrading your plan to 50 Mbps? Wondering what you can do with 50 Mbps? Is it good enough for a family? Can you watch Netflix movies with 50 Mbps? Can you play online games? Read this article, and you will learn how fast 50 Mbps really is.  Internet Speed Explained To get a … Read more

Is 30 Mbps Fast?

A week ago, we’ve crossed the line that separates non-broadband and broadband speeds with two articles about 25 Mbps (about 25 Mbps in general and about 25 Mbps for gaming). All the internet speeds that we’re going to discuss in the future are broadband speeds. 30 Mbps is the first such speed. Read this article, … Read more

Is 30 Mbps Good for Gaming?

A simple Google search will tell you that you need just 3 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload to play games online but is it really that simple? Does that mean that you can easily play any online game with 30 Mbps? Are there other factors involved? Can those factors make a game unplayable even … Read more

Victony Wi-Fi Extender Setup (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi connection problems, such as dead zones and weak signals in various parts of your home or office, consider purchasing a Wi-Fi range extender. Victony Wi-Fi range extenders are among the best in their class thanks to their simple design, easy setup, and fast connection speeds. They have impressive specs and … Read more

How to Stop Wi-Fi from Turning Off Automatically on Android? (9 Proven Fixes)

Internet connectivity is one of the most important aspects of a mobile phone. When you can access the internet, you can interact with friends, family, and strangers worldwide. Usually, Android users connect to the internet using cellular data or Wi-Fi, and both methods are efficient and give the intended results.  However, many Android users who … Read more

How to Use JetBlue Wi-Fi? (JetBlue Fly-Fi Explained)

Whenever you board a plane, you’ll receive a notice instructing you to activate Airplane mode (flight mode) on your smartphone or tablet.  Airplane mode is a feature that suspends your device’s wireless signals, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections. It ensures your phone does not interfere with the plane’s communication systems. With Airplane mode turned … Read more

How to Clear Wi-Fi Cache and DNS Cache? (Easy Ways to Clear Wi-Fi & DNS Cache)

Wi-Fi connections often experience lags, slowdowns, and drops. The main culprit for these unexplainable connection issues is the accumulated cache stored on your smartphone, PC, or router. In computing or networking, a cache is a piece of memory that stores data temporarily to ensure quicker processing of instructions and future data requests.  A cache helps … Read more

How Do I Connect to Barnes And Noble Wi-Fi? (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Most of us might think that people don’t read physical books anymore. While e-books have made their way on Amazon nowadays, many years ago, Amazon started by selling physical books online. Today, Amazon still sells physical books, but surprisingly, other mega-companies are striving in the book business by selling printed books.  Barnes And Noble is … Read more

How to Limit Wi-Fi Speed on Your Router? (Explained)

Wi-Fi networks are renowned for their convenience, reliability, and fast connection speeds. However, if too many people are busy streaming, gaming, or skyping on your wireless network, Wi-Fi speeds might take a hit, leaving you with a horrible online experience. An overcrowded wireless network often experiences unnecessary interruptions, internet drops, and Wi-Fi slowdowns. Fortunately, you … Read more

How Do I Reset Wi-Fi on Alexa? (Step-by-Step Wi-Fi Reset Guide)

Amazon’s Alexa is undoubtedly the ultimate home automation system and the epitome of smart living. This digital virtual assistant uses voice commands to control thousands of tech gadgets and smart devices from Amazon and third-party manufacturers. From entertainment to infotainment, there is practically nothing that Amazon’s Alexa cannot do. You can use Alexa to stream … Read more

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Phone When Connected? (Ways to See Saved Wi-Fi Passwords)

The Internet has steadily become a necessity for many around the world. One way we access the Internet is wirelessly through Wi-Fi connections. Often, you need a Wi-Fi password to access the Internet, and sometimes we forget that password.  Fortunately, our phones save passwords whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Some phones make it … Read more

How to Remove Your Device from a Public Wi-Fi Network? (Follow These Instructions)

Public Wi-Fi is so convenient because it decreases our mobile data usage, saving data for other occasions. We need Wi-Fi to stay online, stay in contact with friends and family, work, pay bills, check facts, use social media, etc. Your smart devices are user-friendly and make your experience as easy as possible. They remember every … Read more

How to Hide Google Wi-Fi SSID? (Can You Hide Google Wi-Fi SSID?)

Google Wi-Fi is an advanced mesh system that provides high-speed internet connectivity throughout your space. It comprises several nodes and access points linked together wirelessly to deliver reliable Wi-Fi signals in your home. Each node covers about 1,500 sq. ft., effectively eliminating dead zones and ensuring a smooth and seamless online experience. But as much … Read more

How to Connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi? (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Wireless internet connectivity within the home is convenient since you can move about and stay connected. With the evolution of Wi-Fi standards, wireless connectivity is more efficient thanks to using 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies to transmit data between your device and the router. Each band’s unique qualities make them useful in different scenarios, thus making … Read more

What is Wake for Wi-Fi Network Access? (Should I Disable It?)

Macintosh computers are renowned for their unique features synonymous with most Apple products. From faster graphics rendering to enhanced accessibility, Mac PCs are simply incomparable. One of the most notable features of a Mac is the ability to optimize network performance via the Wake for Wi-Fi network access. This function allows you to keep network … Read more

How to Enable Wi-Fi on Ubuntu? (4 Methods)

Ubuntu might not be a mainstream name for Windows users, but it remains one of the best operating systems for coders, programmers, testers, and web developers. The OS has several easy-to-use features and a decluttered graphical interface for a stress-free user experience. Like any other operating system, you can connect Ubuntu to Wi-Fi to make … Read more

Xfinity Router Blinking Blue (How to Fix It?)

We are generally used to seeing different-colored lights on our Xfinity routers when we turn them on. Normally, the light on the Xfinity router should be solid white, which indicates that the router is online, and everything is working properly. However, during the boot-up process and after that, we can notice other colors on our … Read more

Do I Need Wi-Fi Utility App to Connect to Wi-Fi? (Tracfone Wireless Wi-Fi Utility App Explained)

Connecting to your home wireless network or public Wi-Fi hotspot does not have to be an issue so long as you have a compatible phone, tablet, or PC.  However, you must be within the coverage area to stay connected since Wi-Fi has a limited range, not exceeding 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors. Besides, … Read more

How to Connect Router to Xfinity Gateway? (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you’re reading this article, you probably already own an Xfinity gateway or you’re considering subscribing to Xfinity and wondering what options you have. It’s not uncommon for ISP (Internet Service Provider) subscribers to want different options. So, even though a gateway has a built-in router, you might want to know how to connect your … Read more

How to Renew Lease on Wi-Fi? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Many procedures happen in the background so your devices can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. For instance, IP addresses act as postal addresses that help the network infrastructure direct data to the intended devices. The router issues these IP addresses and regulates how long a device can have a particular IP address. That means … Read more

How to Allow Computer to Connect to Unsecured Wi-Fi? (Connecting to Unsecured Wi-Fi in Simple Steps)

If you live in a crowded area you already know that there is a huge number of available wireless networks. Most of these networks are secured in one way or another. Occasionally, you may see an unsecured network. You may even decide to connect your computer to this network. Maybe because your home Wi-Fi doesn’t … Read more

How to Connect to Optimum Wi-Fi Passpoint? (Detailed Instructions)

Previously, connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots was somewhat hectic. First, you had to search for a suitable wireless network near you and enter authentication details to join the network.  Even worse, users had to repeatedly type in their login credentials every time they moved within range of a new Wi-Fi hotspot. Fortunately, this is no … Read more

How to Connect a Personal Router to a Public Wi-Fi? (Step-by-Step Instructions)

A personal router is a router that belongs to you, and there are two different types of personal routers that we’ll discuss further in the text. Now, the reason anyone would want to connect their personal router to a public network is usually that they’re traveling. However, by connecting a router to another network, you’re … Read more

How to Control Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi?

Most homes have an Internet connection meaning more people and devices rely on Wi-Fi connectivity to stay online. That is because Wi-Fi can support more devices and allows people to move about within an area with a Wi-Fi network.  The increase in wireless clients also increases the risks of joining a Wi-Fi network. Such a … Read more

How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues After Windows 10 Update? (Try These Proven Fixes)

Windows updates are usually meant to make your device more efficient by fixing common problems and implementing new features. Unfortunately, in the bid to better your system, these updates also break features that were working perfectly before. One such feature that often malfunctions after updates is the Wi-Fi.  The downside is you cannot ignore the … Read more

Can You Restrict Wi-Fi Connections on Android Phone? (Ways to Limit Wi-Fi Usage)

The title Restrict Wi-Fi Connections on an Android Phone is somewhat ambiguous. It could mean two things – preventing an Android phone from connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network or restricting Wi-Fi for specific apps installed on an Android phone. Whatever the case is, in this post, we will discuss both situations, and you can … Read more

Why Is My Wi-Fi Always Looking For Networks? (Wi-Fi Connection Troubleshooting)

We’re always using the internet to some extent, and now we need more and more smart devices to make everything more convenient. But most people still primarily use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to stay online. Wi-Fi networks are all around us. Even inside our house, we can choose between two networks. Wi-Fi signals are … Read more

Mediacom Slow Internet (8 Easy Fixes)

Mediacom is well-known for its reliable service and satisfied users. Blazing fast and reliable internet connection is everything we actually need, right? However, there are situations when Mediacom’s internet becomes painfully slow.  Knowing how much we depend on the internet today, this is something that requires our immediate attention and needs to be fixed ASAP. … Read more

How to Connect to Wi-Fi Instead of Ethernet on Windows 10? (How to Give Priority to Wi-Fi Connection?)

All modern laptops today can be connected to Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. With the help of a Wi-Fi USB adapter, your desktop computer can also connect to both of these networks. So, depending on your personal needs, you can choose one or another. However, when Wi-Fi is active and you connect the Ethernet cable to … Read more

Who Is My Wi-Fi Network Administrator? (How to Find My Wi-Fi Network Admin?)

Most devices we have in our homes function based on wireless communication.  It’s become essential for most things we do during the day. Work, web surfing, social media, etc. Businesses and enterprises also use Wi-Fi. However, someone has to design, test, manage and maintain all that Wi-Fi infrastructure. These people or entire teams are Wi-Fi … Read more

How to Check My Wi-Fi Network Congestion? (Ways to Reduce Wi-Fi Network Congestion)

Basic Wi-Fi infrastructure is already set up in many places. More and more people, every day, are trying to use this infrastructure especially if it’s public and free. So many devices connected at the same time can cause Wi-Fi congestion. Some places, like libraries or bookstores, try to decrease network traffic by setting up a … Read more

Vizio TV Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi (Troubleshooting Guide)

Does the situation seem familiar to you – After connecting Vizio TV to Wi-Fi, you sit comfortably in your favorite armchair and are ready to enjoy watching YouTube or Netflix. Everything looks so idyllic, but suddenly your Vizio TV is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. After reconnecting, it disconnects again. Well, this situation is definitely … Read more

How to Connect a Non-Wi-Fi Device to Wi-Fi? (Ways to Turn Your Non-Wi-Fi Device into a Wi-Fi Device)

Although the majority of devices today have wireless capabilities and can be connected to a wireless network, there are still some devices that can be connected to the network only using an Ethernet connection. Let’s take your desktop computer for example. Can we connect it to Wi-Fi? Yes. Is it complicated? No.  In this article, … Read more

Difference Between Wi-Fi and Internet (Are Wi-Fi & Internet the Same Thing)

The terms Wi-Fi and Internet are not interchangeable: though many people use them synonymously, they are distinct from each other. The main difference between Wi-Fi and Internet is that Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that allows devices to connect to one another to share data and internet hotspot without the need for any physical wired … Read more

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi at Night? (5 Ways to Do It)

Wi-Fi is the most convenient way to access the internet. All it takes is a password and knowing your network name, and anyone can share their internet with others. Wi-Fi technology has rapidly grown as more homes install Wi-Fi connections. With more people working remotely from home, Wi-Fi has been a lifesaver considering that using … Read more

How to Reset NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender? (Reset Your NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender in Simple Steps)

The Netgear Wi-Fi Range extender allows you to expand your wireless network to hard-to-reach places, eliminating dead zones and ensuring whole-home coverage. It duplicates your existing network before broadcasting Wi-Fi signals to the relevant areas in your home or office. The best part about Netgear Wi-Fi extenders is that they are easy to set up, … Read more

How to Fix macOS High Sierra Wi-Fi Issues? (Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection in macOS High Sierra)

Released in late 2017, the macOS High Sierra is a high-performance operating system for Macintosh computers. Despite its somewhat old age, many Mac fans still use this OS because of its improved features, including High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) and enhanced compression. This OS is like no other software of its class, as it has built-in … Read more

How to Get the Internet on Kindle Fire Without Wi-Fi? (Can Kindle Fire Work Without Wi-Fi?)

Kindle Fire is a versatile tablet that requires a stable internet connection to perform various tasks. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you may have a hard time enjoying the core functions of your tablet. Fortunately, this does not mean you can’t get the internet on your Kindle Fire without Wi-Fi. After all, Wi-Fi is not … Read more

Chromecast Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi (Quick Fixes)

Chromecast dongles are an efficient option for accessing smart TV features on a non-smart TV. The dongles rely on Wi-Fi connections to stream videos and music. People have been experiencing instances where the dongles lose the Wi-Fi connection frequently, which can be an annoying experience when using the gadgets. We will examine the possible causes … Read more

How to Use Mobile Data While Connected to Wi-Fi? (Is It Even Possible to Use Cellular Data when Connected to Wi-Fi?)

Are you tired of relying on only one type of internet connection? We have a solution for you! Today we’re providing you with essential information on how to use mobile data while connected to Wi-Fi and speed up your device’s performance! Is It Possible to Set Your Device to Use Both – Wi-Fi and Mobile … Read more

iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi (Troubleshooting Guide)

An iPad is an ideal companion for students, teachers, designers, project managers, and other professionals. This versatile all-in-one device works as a smartphone and laptop and provides a larger screen while remaining as portable as ever. The latest models have impressive specs and deliver a more powerful performance than your ordinary phone or PC. Like … Read more

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