How to Connect an Epson Printer to Wi-Fi?

The company Epson from Japan is engaged in the production of electronic devices: computers, scanners, projectors, televisions, but is best known for the production of computer printers. It was founded back in 1942, and currently has close to 70,000 employees in its branches around the world. If you are currently using or planning to purchase … Read more

How to Connect Wi-Fi Extender to Smart TV?

A Wi-Fi extender is a very simple device whose task is to extend the signal range of your Wi-Fi network. More precisely, it first connects to your Wi-Fi network and then literally doubles it – amplifies it and allows you to use Wi-Fi even in those places where it was not possible before. It is … Read more

How to Reset Spectrum Modem?

Spectrum is an American company, based in Stamford, Connecticut. It provides telephone, internet, and television services. It was founded in 1999 (under the name Charter Communications, and since 2014 it bears its current name). This company currently has more than 30 million customers and almost 100,000 employees. If you are a user of the services … Read more

How to Fix the TalkTalk Router Flashing Amber Light?

The LED lights on the TalkTalk router show us the current status of the Internet connection, the connection between the WiFi router and the devices connected to it and so on. So, whenever you notice something strange with your connection the first thing to look at are those LED lights. Their color and whether they … Read more

How to Fix the Linksys Velop Yellow Light?

One of the things you are advised to learn when you set up your Velop system is what the different lights on the nodes mean. Generally speaking, they are telling us more about the current network status or some installation and connectivity issues that are happening at the moment. One of the issues we are … Read more

Eero Blinking White: Why And How To Fix It?

One of the better networking solutions if you are interested in setting up a mesh network at home is Eero. Although this system does a pretty good job, just like any other networking equipment, it may run into some issues from time to time. One of the issues we are going to discuss in this … Read more