Why is the Australian Internet So Bad? (The True Reason Behind the Poor Internet Connection)

According to the latest data available, Australia has the worst internet connection out of all developed countries. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ranked Australia 68th out of 177 countries worldwide when it comes to the quality of the internet and available speeds.  In December of 2019, the global average for internet download speed … Read more

How to Block Wi-Fi Signals from Neighbors? (Ways to Reduce Wi-Fi Interference)

Dealing with Wi-Fi signal disruptions and connection downtimes can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know the source of the problem. The issue could emanate from ISP outages, network congestion, faulty equipment, digital attacks, and natural disasters. Interestingly, Wi-Fi signals from neighbors could also be the source of frequent interference and internet interruptions in your … Read more

Xfinity Cable Box Not Working (Easy Fixes)

Xfinity is arguably one of the most popular cable providers. After all, nearly every home that uses cable has an Xfinity cable box as the primary digital receiver for live entertainment.  However, your Xfinity cable box is not exempted from malfunctions. It might stop working out of the blues, leaving you stranded and frustrated. A … Read more

What Blocks Wi-Fi Signals? (Things in Your Home that Block Wi-Fi Signals)

As you may already know, Wi-Fi works using radio-wave frequencies. As such, it is susceptible to interference from other wireless devices working within the same frequency band. These include microwaves, smart TVs, cordless phones, and baby monitors. Materials and solid obstacles such as metal, concrete, walls, doors, and furniture can also block Wi-Fi signals from … Read more

OptiCover Wi-Fi Extender and Access Point (What Is It & How to Install It?)

A strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is fundamental, especially in an office or business setup. Many activities such as file sharing and video conferencing take place online, thus requiring fast Internet speeds. However, some office spaces are too large, limiting the range of Wi-Fi signals from a single router. Interferences such as walls may also … Read more

What is Local Loop Unbundling? (Local Loop Unbundling Explained)

Telecommunication companies constantly compete to offer their customers the best services. However, the competition was minimal in the past since there were only a few telecommunication companies. The few telecommunications companies present would control all connections to the customer’s premise, including the local loop. Thus, they would be the sole providers of services such as … Read more

LiftMaster Wi-Fi Set Up (LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Wi-Fi Setup Guide)

Most homeowners would find manually opening and closing garage doors a tedious job. Even with the introduction of garage door openers, previous manufacturers made their products to serve only one purpose. However, with the introduction of LiftMaster garage door openers, homeowners can now use the openers with much more ease. LiftMaster offers a wide variety … Read more