Improve Internet For Router In The Basement (6 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Coverage)

A Wi-Fi network broadcasts the internet signal using radio waves. Like other types of radio signals, Wi-Fi networks suffer signal instability due to interference and obstacles. Interference may come from radio waves from different devices and obstacles usually present in objects, especially the walls and floors. That’s why it’s not advisable to put a router … Read more

Wi-Fi Keeps Connecting to Wrong Network (4 Easy Fixes)

Wi-Fi technology proves to be one of the most significant breakthroughs in IT. Apart from being conveniently mobile, you’d enjoy an uncluttered work environment compared to the messy wired connection. However, Wi-Fi also has some drawbacks. Working with a radio signal, it’s susceptible to frequency disturbance and therefore not as stable as the wired connection. … Read more

Fixing the Network Security Key Mismatch Problem

Are you having trouble connecting to your network, and the system keeps notifying you of a Network Security Key mismatch? Well, you won’t be happy to learn that experts still don’t know for sure why that message appears to those who enter the correct password for their Wi-Fi. However, there are possible causes of your … Read more

Internet Use In 2021 (Facts and Stats)

120 Interesting Facts and Stats About the Internet Use in 2021 We often tend to take the internet, Wi-Fi, and all the other technology that surrounds us for granted. We rarely think about how it all started and where it’s going. Do you know who invented the web? Or how big the internet is today? … Read more