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The login IP address is important as it allows you to login to your Comcast Business router in order to set it up and manage it. Whether you want to secure your router, set up a wireless network, troubleshoot your business internet connection or set up a Guest network you need this IP. The Comcast business router login steps described in this article can be applied to a Cisco Business Wireless gateway.

In case you own another Comcast router read more about

What is is a private IPv4 address and you don’t need a specific permission to use it in your private network. However, there is one thing to worry about:

Only one device in the network can use Otherwise, in case there are two devices using the same IP a so called IP conflict will occur. This can have bad impact on your network or even make it unusable.

If you are reading this article then is probably used by your router as its default gateway. Let’s see how you can use this IP properly. – How to use it?

The default router IP is used to allow the user access the router settings just like other default IP addresses, for example or From there the user can manage the router settings and enable, disable or tweak the numerous features the router has to offer, like:

  • Change the router IP
  • Change the router password
  • Change the wireless network name (SSID)
  • Set up or change the wireless password
  • Set up Guest network
  • Set up Parental controls on your home network

However, in order to any of these actions you need to know the login steps.

How to login to your router using

STEP 1 – Connect to your network

You can access the router settings only if you use a device already connected to your network. That’s why you have to connect to your business internet network first either using a wireless connection (in case you are using your laptop, tablet or smartphone) or a wired connection (in case you are using your PC or laptop).

STEP 2 – Go to using your browser to open the login page

You have to use your browser to access the Comcast Business router login page. That’s why you need to type the default login IP in the Address bar or click the

STEP 3 – Enter the Comcast Business router login details for comcast business router login

In this step you will be required to type the Comcast Business router login username and password. If you haven’t changed these details already, use the default ones. If you have changed them, use the new password instead.

You can find these login details in the user’s manual or on the router. However, the default login details are:

Default username cusadmin

Default password highspeed or CantTouchThis

If the default username and password of your wireless gateway are correct you will be redirected to the router settings page.

Now you can go through the menus and make the necessary changes.

However, in case you have changed the Comcast Business login details, you will have to reset the router to factory settings. Login – Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the default WiFi password?

Take a look at the bottom of your Comcast Business router. The default WiFi password and Network name (SSID) are usually printed on a label.

I can’t connect to my WiFi network. What now?

Login to your wireless gateway router as described above and disable and then enable the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi network depending on which one you can’t connect.

How to change the Comcast Business router password?

Once you login to the router using and the default username and password, check the upper right corner of the screen and you will see Change Password. Just type the default password highspeed or CantTouchThis and then enter the new password. You will have to type the new password again before you save the changes.

How to change the Comcast Business router username?

You can’t change the default username “cusadmin


Keeping your wireless home network secure is very important. You have to do your best to keep it safe from unauthorized access and the easiest way to do this is to use the login IP and change the default router IP, password, network name and wireless password. Of course there are other steps you can take but at the beginning it is enough to implement just these four.

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