Router IP: A Practical Guide

What is is an IP address within the Private address range (Class C: to The non-techie user doesn’t have to worry about this or actually know what a private IP address is. What matters in this case is to know that is also a default router IP for routers produced by Huawei, Eminent and some other companies. But, why is this important?

How to use

The default router IP gives you access to the basic and advanced router settings. Only a few tweaks in the router settings can improve the security of your entire network, take control of the time your children spend on the Internet, or setup a Guest Wi-Fi network and make sure your personal data and home network is safe.

For example, just changing the default router IP, Network name (SSID) and setting up a wireless password will make your home network much, much safer than leaving everything as is. The best thing is that there are additional layers of security which can be enabled in just a few clicks. But to do this, you have to login to your router first. So, let’s see how to do this.

First things first

Before you login to your router check these things first.

  1. Is your PC or laptop already connected to the network?

In order to login to the router the device you are trying to login must be connected to the network. You can easily fix this with an Ethernet cable directly connected to the router, or by connecting to the wireless network.

  1. Is your exact router IP?

If the default IP of your router is anything else than, for example or you won’t be able to connect, i.e. the router login page won’t show up.

So check the default router IP using the Command Prompt if you are using Windows. Launch the Command prompt. Type ipconfig. Scroll down to find Default Gateway. If is your router IP you will see it next to the Default Gateway. In case you see another IP use it to login to the router.

  1. Do you have the router username and password?

If you haven’t changed the default router username and password before you can check the user’s manual or a label on the router where the default IP and login details are printed on. Normally, for Huawei and Eminent routers the default username is admin and the password is admin too, so try logging in with these.

Now, if the answer to all three question is YES, then you are good to go and login to the router following these steps.

Login to your router in two steps

NOTE: The login steps are the same no matter whether you use an Eminent or any other router or a Huawei Wi-Fi dongle.

Step 1:


Launch the browser you normally use. In the URL bar (Address bar) type and hit the Enter button on the keyboard or click this link

Step 2:

The login window should appear and you will be asked to enter the default router username and password.

Type them carefully and click Login.

If you have the right username and password you will see the router settings page or router admin console.

Login details

We have previously said that for Huawei and Eminent you should use admin for both the username and the password. Below are the default login details for other companies using as a default IP address.

3JTech 3Gadminadmin
NEXX WT3020adminadmin
GIGAFAST EE400-Rblankadmin
Medialink MWN-WAPR300Nadminadmin
Adaptec AWN-8084adminnot set

Potential login issues

It is normal to experience problems when trying to login to your router at one point. If that happens, make sure to check this:

  1. Is your device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) connected to the network?
  2. Is the router switched on?
  3. Are the cable connections OK?
  4. Is the correct router IP?
  5. Have you typed the IP correctly?

Additionally, do the following:

  1. Restart your router
  2. Restart the device you are trying to login from
  3. Disable your antivirus or firewall

After you go through this list we are sure the login window will appear.

At the end

As you can see, it’s quite easy to login to your router using It is also that easy to take the necessary steps to secure your home wireless network once you log in. It certainly takes much less time than setting up the home network from scratch after someone else gains access to your router and messes things up.

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