About Us

Welcome, We Are RouterCtrl

RouterCtrl was built out of our passion for technology and networking equipment. Through experimenting with networking equipment, we are trying to help you get the most out of your routers, modems, and your internet plans. 

Whether you are experiencing issues with your gateway or router, trying to configure your wireless network for the first time, or looking for a piece of advice on what equipment to buy, this is the place to be. Here at RouterCtrl, we’ll give you all the help that you need.  

The story of RouterCtrl…

It all started with two friends – Jeremy Clifford and David Rigg. While working together as networking specialists for a major ISP in California, they came up with the idea to start a blog about network and modem/router troubleshooting. The blog quickly evolved into this website and it started to grow. 

At first, we did easy-to-follow guides and tutorials on how to troubleshoot your network and how to configure your network and equipment to get the best performance. Both, Jeremy and David have spent a lot of time researching and learning about networking, and they have both come across numerous websites, blogs, and forums with very confusing, and often conflicting explanations. All they wanted was to make it easy for end-users to understand what the problem with their network and/or equipment is, and how to solve it. 

Over the past two years, the business expanded, and the team grew. Jeremy and David were joined by a group of enthusiasts with similar backgrounds (network technicians, administrators, network support specialists). Today, our website is not just a free source of information related to troubleshooting your router and network, but a source of information about new and upcoming technologies, a place where you can get a piece of advice on what modem/router to buy, what ISP to choose, and also a place where you can discuss networking-related topics with highly experienced specialists. 

What We Do

We’ve started this website with troubleshooting guides and tutorials on how to configure your equipment/network, and we still write about various issues you may encounter with your modem/router. But that’s just one segment of the work we do here at RouterCtrl. We also test and review modems, routers, switches, splitters, wi-fi range extenders, wi-fi adapters, mesh systems, etc. We write blogs about networking standards and the latest networking technologies. And we have a whole section dedicated to IP addressing and default gateways.  

How We Do It

The whole idea behind our blog (and our website) was to make things easy for the average user. We do our best to explain complicated networking procedures in simpler terms and give you easy-to-follow step-by-step guides on how to fix your router issues, get the most out of your modem/router, and adjust your wi-fi network to get better performance.

Our reviews are not too technical. We are focused on specs and characteristics that are the most important for the users, and we try to list all the important features, strengths and weaknesses of the equipment that we test.

How We Fund

Our main source of income are our reviews. They are absolutely free for you to read, so you don’t have to pay anything. We are participants in the Amazon’s Associates Program, which means that we get a small commission from Amazon whenever someone clicks on one of our links and buys a piece of equipment from Amazon.  

We also cooperate with router and modem manufacturers, but only to get equipment for testing. We don’t make deals with manufacturers, we don’t get paid by the manufacturers, and we don’t advertise their equipment – we just test it and write reviews. 

RouterCtrl Team

Our team is small but passionate. The number of team members fluctuates between 5 and 7 (we also have a few more contributors). For most of us, this website is not a primary source of income (at least not yet), but we do the job with so much enthusiasm and passion. We don’t do it just for fun – we are all dedicated to helping you find the answers you are looking for. Our work is mentored and supervised by our editors and founders of RouterCtrl – Jeremy Clifford and David Rigg. 

RouterCtrl Editors

Jeremy Clifford

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’ve been working as a network specialist and network engineer for various companies for almost 20 years. I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I’m also a passionate gamer and a movie fan.

I value the job we do here at RouterCtrl so much, and I’m dedicated to helping you with any issue you may have with your network. 

David Rigg

Hi, I’m David. I started working as a field service technician for one of the largest ISPs in the US while studying. When I earned my bachelor’s degree in information systems, I’ve got certified as a network specialist. The ISP I was working for offered me a new job, and I’ve been working for them as a network specialist for almost 7 years. That’s where I met Jeremy and where our idea about creating this website was conceived. 

Our goal is to help people who are new to networking, educate them, and maybe even earn some money in the process. 

Why RouterCtrl?

There are thousands of other blogs, websites, and forums with networking content out there, so why should you choose us? Why should you trust us?

Well, for starters, we have a lot of experience and we’ve dealt with so many different networking problems and different devices in the past. The chances that you’re experiencing something we’ve never seen are minimal. 

But it’s not all about the experience. It’s also about the approach. We tend to write short and easy-to-follow guides with simple explanations and detailed solutions. We try not to use big words – we don’t want to make you more confused than you were when you came here. Even if we do use some ”big word” we try to explain it in simple terms. Instead of reading a 30-page thread on some forum, you can read our article, follow the instructions, and get all the answers that you need in 10 minutes or so. 

Our reviews and comparisons are not too technical, so every regular internet user should have no problems understanding them. More importantly, after reading our reviews, you will know whether the device in question is a good choice for your home, your internet plan, and your budget or not. 

Finally, we like getting feedback from our readers, and we love getting in touch with them. You can ask whatever you want, and we will answer promptly.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch with us using our Contact form. You can also find additional information about us in our TOS and Privacy Policy page.

Thank you!