American Airlines Wi-Fi (Is It Worth It?)

Flying is undoubtedly the fastest way to travel. However, the long waits before departure and arrival can be tiring or even boring without in-flight entertainment. 

The good news is that nearly all airlines provide different forms of entertainment to keep passengers busy during flights.

American Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi (Old Commercial)

In-flight internet has become standard recently, with many commercial airlines providing Wi-Fi services to their passengers for an enhanced travel experience. 

Some airlines offer free high-speed Wi-Fi, while others charge a small fee to help maintain the in-flight internet equipment.

This post covers everything you need to know about American Airlines Wi-Fi, including the Wi-Fi subscription plans, and how to access the service. Keep it here to learn more!

American Airlines Wi-Fi

What Is American Airlines Wi-Fi?

American Airlines Wi-Fi is an inflight-internet service provided by American Airlines, one of the world’s largest international airlines. With American Airlines Wi-Fi, you can enjoy unlimited internet connectivity wherever your travels take you

This commercial airline has a fleet of over 900 aircraft, and it flies to more than 350 destinations in over 50 countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

The airline provides Wi-Fi access on most of its flights to ensure passengers remain informed and entertained throughout their travels.

For instance, the in-flight Wi-Fi allows you to browse the web, check and send emails, send text messages on internet-based text apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage, and use streaming services like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu.

Unfortunately, you can only connect one device at a time. Nevertheless, this slight shortcoming should not be a problem since you can switch between connections whenever you need.

How Does American Airlines Wi-Fi Work?

American Airlines Wi-Fi is no different from other in-flight Wi-Fi services. The airline offers high-speed internet to all passengers on all domestic and international flights through the network

To ensure uninterrupted Wi-Fi connections, the airline depends on the satellite signals provided by Intelsat (previously Gogo), Viasat, and Panasonic to provide internet services on different routes. For instance, domestic flights depend on Intelsat and Viasat for Wi-Fi connectivity, while international flights rely on Panasonic.

The airline opts to use satellite internet rather than radio signals to avoid interfering with communication between their fleet and air control centers. Satellite technology guarantees high-speed internet connectivity with little to no interference.

However, the airline does provide gate-to-gate internet services on specific eligible flights and routes. Besides, your flight must be 10,000 feet above sea level to connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi. 

Then again, the Wi-Fi service is not free. You must purchase a pay-as-you-fly flight pass or a one-month or two-month subscription to access the internet via American Airlines Wi-Fi.

Note: You can access (American Airlines online portal) without purchasing a Wi-Fi subscription plan.

How Does Inflight Wi-Fi Service Work?

Connecting to American Airlines Wi-Fi

Connecting to the American Airlines Wi-Fi network is a straightforward procedure and not any different from connecting to your home network

You only need to toggle Wi-Fi on your device and search for the network for instant in-flight internet access.

Tip: Download and install the American Airlines App on your phone or tablet before boarding your flight for fast and seamless internet access. The app is available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Since American Airlines Wi-Fi is not free, you must purchase a plan to access this in-flight internet service

Simply visit for free to access the latest info on pricing and special offers. The best part is that you can buy and manage your Wi-Fi subscription from the same online portal. 

Here are the steps to connect to American Airlines’ in-flight Wi-Fi:

Using an Android Device:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Network & Internet (Wireless & Network)
  • Enable Airplane mode on your device by tapping the airplane icon
  • Tap the slider next to Wi-Fi
  • Tap to select the American Airlines Wi-Fi network
  • Tap Connect to connect to the American Airlines Wi-Fi signal
  • If it does not connect to the network, open a browser on your device
  • Your Android device will automatically connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi

How to Use American Airlines Wi-Fi

Using an iOS Device:

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Tap the airplane icon to activate Airplane mode
  • Toggle Wi-Fi on your iOS device to turn it ON
  • Select the American Airlines Wi-Fi SSID
  • Tap Connect to connect to the American Airlines Wi-Fi network
  • If your device does not connect, open your preferred browser
  • Your iOS device will automatically connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi

Using a Laptop:

  • Click the network/battery/volume icon on the taskbar.
  • Tap the Airplane icon to activate Airplane mode.

activate Airplane mode

  • Click the network icon again.
  • View available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Choose the American Airlines Wi-Fi network (
  • Click Connect to connect to the network.
  • Your laptop will open the American Airlines online portal
  • If not, open a web browser on your laptop.
  • Your computer will open the inflight entertainment library.
  • You can now browse the web, stream movies, listen to music, and perform other internet tasks with your laptop

American Airlines Wi-Fi Pricing

As stated, American Airlines Wi-Fi is not free. The airline charges passengers for internet access to enable them to maintain their in-flight Wi-Fi services. Besides, the airline company partners with satellite internet providers and the providers require payment for their services.

Fortunately, the in-flight Wi-Fi service is relatively affordable, with rates starting from as low as $10 for the entire flight. You can always check for the latest info on pricing and special offers.

American Airlines has two categories of in-flight Wi-Fi plans:

  • Pay-as-you-fly Wi-Fi plan
  • Monthly Wi-Fi subscription plan

Pay-as-you-fly Wi-Fi Plan

The pay-as-you-fly Wi-Fi plan is a one-time flight pass that allows you to access the American Airlines internet service by paying once. The subscription provides Wi-Fi access for your entire flight at only $10. 

There is no particular eligibility requirement to purchase this flight pass. With this plan, you can perform all online tasks, including browsing the web, checking and responding to emails, streaming your favorite shows, and even playing online games.

The pay-as-you-fly Wi-Fi plan is suitable for one-time travelers who are not frequent American Airlines customers. It allows you to access the web and is available on nearly all domestic and international routes.

Monthly Wi-Fi Subscription Plans

If you frequently fly with American Airlines, consider joining the airline’s monthly Wi-Fi subscription program. 

The airline has two inflight Wi-Fi plans for regular passengers. However, you must first become an AAdvantage® member before you can purchase any of the monthly subscription plans.

AAdvantage Loyalty Program

Becoming an AAdvantage® member is easy:

  • Go to the American Airlines website.
  • Click the AAdvantage link.
  • Enter your basic details (name, date of birth, and gender).
  • Fill in your home or business address.
  • Enter your primary email address and phone number.
  • Create a password.
  • Click Continue and link your credit card to your AAdvantage account.
  • Follow the remaining instructions to complete setting up your account

Once you become an AAdvantage® member, you can purchase a monthly in-flight Wi-Fi subscription plan. The offering covers your entire journey every time you travel with the airline.

The two monthly in-flight Wi-Fi plans offered by American Airlines include the following:

  • 1-device monthly subscription – This plan allows unlimited Wi-Fi access for one month at $49.95. You can only register one device for this in-flight internet service.
  • 2-device monthly subscription – This plan allows unlimited Wi-Fi access for two months at $59.95. You can only register two devices for this in-flight internet service.

Note: The monthly plans are available on flights within North America

Pros of American Airlines Wi-Fi

  • Flexible in-flight Wi-Fi plans
  • Purchased plans cover the entire flight
  • You can buy plans before or after boarding your flight
  • Compatible with numerous devices (phone, tablet, or laptop)
  • No special requirements to access in-flight Wi-Fi

Cons of American Airlines Wi-Fi

  • In-flight Wi-Fi is not free
  • Monthly plans are exclusive to AAdvantage® members
  • In-flight Wi-Fi is not available on all routes
  • You must link your credit card to your AAdvantage® account (it can cause security concerns for some passengers)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do American Airlines have free Wi-Fi?

Answer: American Airlines does not have free in-flight Wi-Fi. Like with most airlines, you must pay a fee to access the in-flight internet service on American Airlines. However, the Wi-Fi service is relatively affordable, costing as little as $10 per flight. Once you purchase the plan, you can connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi without issues. Passengers also get complimentary internet access when they visit

Question: How do you connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi?

Answer: You can connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You only need to enable airplane mode, toggle Wi-Fi on your device, and select from the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Alternatively, activate Wi-Fi on your phone or PC and visit on a web browser to connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi.

Question: How to get free internet on American Airlines?

Answer: American Airlines does not have free internet, so getting complimentary access only depends on whether the airline has a free offer for passengers. The only way to get free access is by logging in to the airline’s landing page The flight portal provides information on pricing and specials, but you won’t be able to browse other websites or perform internet tasks unless you purchase an in-flight Wi-Fi package.

Question: How will I know if my American Airlines flight has Wi-Fi?

Answer: Even though American Airlines is one of the many airlines that provides in-flight internet services, not all routes have in-flight Wi-Fi. The airline provides internet services on selected domestic and international flights. You can verify whether your flight has Wi-Fi access by checking your boarding pass and travel information on the airline’s online portal. Visit and enter your flight number in the appropriate field to confirm if the flight has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Question: How much does American Airlines Wi-Fi cost?

Answer: The pricing of American Airlines Wi-Fi depends on the in-flight Wi-Fi provider and the type and duration of the flight. The cheapest in-flight Wi-Fi pass costs $10 on all routes and is only active for the flight duration. Monthly subscription plans require you to be an AAdvantage® member and are valid for flights within the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico

Question: Does American Airlines have free texting?

Answer: American Airlines does not have free texting. However, passengers can send messages via internet-based texting and social apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. You only need to purchase an in-flight internet subscription plan for as little as $10 to access Wi-Fi services and send messages.

Take Away: Is the American Airlines Wi-Fi Worth It?

American Airlines Wi-Fi is renowned for its reliability and convenience. You don’t have to remain bored as you fly in the high skies. 

This in-flight Wi-Fi service is fast, allowing you to access the internet to stream your favorite shows, browse the web, check your emails, and send messages. It lets you pass the time or keep busy for a thrilling travel experience. 

The only issue is that American Airlines Wi-Fi is not a free service. It requires you to pay a small fee starting at $10 for pay-as-you-fly services. 

Monthly subscription plans are exclusive to AAdvantage® members and are valid for flights within the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.

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