3 thoughts on “AT&T Router Login: A Quick Guide to Access Your Router Settings”

  1. hello
    there is very little information on how to remove devices from ones wifi it should be simple as it is to add one should be able to remove in same way without being very trouble some
    Thank you

    • If att wanted us to know anything they would have helped us. I didn’t even know that you could cut the wifi off on the modem. I had 506 stalkers preforming dos attacks. I looked at my smarthome app on my phone. I looked at it. Only four devices were mine. The stalkers didn’t list their devices on my modem. They just listed their ip addresses. I called att hundreds of times. They said that they would block the stalkers. They never did. The stalkers even blocked my landline. They even had a loud electric static sound. Att kept claiming it was the wiring. Then an an asshole technician came to the house claiming the phone was defective. The stalkers let go of the phone after he left. We went without a phone for two weeks. I bought a router. The asshole from att got mad and said that he would not help me with the router if I used it. I called customer service from my routers company. He helped me with it. He is the one that told me that I needed to shut the att router off and just use the modem from att. I finally did shut the wifi off. I only plug in my router if I need to. Now I can use the landline without unplugging the modem. There was no sense leaving the att modem plugged in if we couldn’t use the phone. Att never helped me at all. They just to brush you off. They say they will escalate it to higher up people. They never do what they say they will do for you. I cut down a lot of traffic after blocking the wifi. Now I gotta go back inside of my own router and make my own network name disappear. Perry stone has a book out about the deep state and how common people stalk us. It’s really bad here where I live.


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