AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint (What Is It & How to Use It?)

Previously, roaming services were only available to mobile networks, allowing subscribers to switch between cellular networks when traveling away from their carrier’s jurisdiction.

The change between networks is automatic so long as you have the roaming setting activated on your device.

And thanks to technological advancements, Wi-Fi roaming is now a reality.

You can automatically switch between cellular and Wi-Fi networks without re-entering your login credentials.

Passpoint is one of the roaming services that automatically switches your phone between Wi-Fi networks, so you can stay online wherever your travels take you.

As much as Passpoint is here with us, only a few major carriers, such as AT&T, provide the service.

This post explains everything about AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint and how to make the most of it for a seamless Wi-Fi roaming experience.

AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint

What is AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint?

AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint is a Wi-Fi roaming service offered by AT&T in partnership with Boingo Wireless.

This secure roaming service automatically connects your device to a Boingo Passpoint-certified Wi-Fi network whenever you are within range without requiring you to log in your credentials again.

Under normal circumstances, you must search, find, and log in to a Wi-Fi hotspot when traveling away from home, which can be tedious and frustrating.

However, this is not the case with AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint, as it switches and connects your device to available Wi-Fi networks without your intervention.

It facilitates seamless connectivity between Wi-Fi networks and cellular devices while providing enterprise-level security for an enhanced connection experience.

Wi-Fi Passpoint

AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint hotspots are available in over 80 locations, including airports, military bases, coffee shops, public parks, bus termini, and shopping malls.

However, you must be an AT&T or a Boingo subscriber to experience this innovative next-generation Wi-Fi connectivity.

How Does AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint Work?

AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint is an interoperable wireless technology that supports roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi networks to meet growing mobile data demands.

This industry-wide standard streamlines internet access for mobile devices by eliminating unnecessary and repetitive network authentication processes.

When within range of a Passpoint-certified Wi-Fi network, you only need to log in once with no need to re-enter your credentials upon subsequent visits to any Passpoint hotspot.

The initial online sign-up is quick and straightforward, with instant account provisioning once you get your Passpoint profile.

AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint

Besides, you don’t need to search for available Wi-Fi networks whenever you visit a Passpoint venue.

The AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint service uses automatic network discovery and selection to pick the best Wi-Fi connection for your device, providing seamless network access between hotspots.

Even though the authentication process is automatic, AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint is highly secure since it uses WPA3 security standards to encrypt and protect your data.

How to Check If Your Device Is Eligible for Passpoint?

Not all mobile devices can connect to AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint. 

You must check if your device has the Passpoint feature in Wi-Fi settings to establish if it can connect to the network.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Tap on Network and Internet
  3. Select Wi-Fi to open Wi-Fi settings
  4. Tap Advanced or More
  5. If you see the Passpoint (or Hotspot 2.0) menu under Advanced settings, your phone can access AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint
  6. If your phone does not have the Passpoint menu, consult with AT&T if they can give you another device

Note: Boingo can issue you an additional device with the Passpoint feature for free as long as you are an AT&T customer

Introducing Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint

How to Enable AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint On Android?

The Passpoint option must be active to connect to AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint.

Fortunately, activating the Passpoint feature on Android and iOS is a breeze, with no complex requirements.

Enabling/Disabling AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint on Android

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Tap on Network and Internet
  3. Select Wi-Fi to open Wi-Fi settings
  4. Tap Advanced or More
  5. Tap the Passpoint or Hotspot 2.0 check box to activate it
  6. Clear the check box to disable Passpoint

Hotspot 2.0

Enabling/Disabling AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint on iOS

AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint only works with iOS version 10+ or higher. 

As such, you need to check if your device has the latest iOS version by following these steps:

  1. Tap the home button several times to open the main menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select About to see your software version

If your iOS software version is 10+ or higher, you can proceed and enable AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint.

Just turn on Wi-Fi to enable AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint on your iOS device, as the feature is built-in into Wi-Fi settings.

Turning Wi-Fi off will disable Passpoint on your iOS device.

How to Use AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint On Your Laptop?

Even though AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint is for smartphones and tablets, you can also use it on your laptop.

However, you must first connect your smartphone to AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint before tethering your Wi-Fi connection to your laptop.

You can tether your Passpoint connection via Bluetooth or using a USB cable.

Alternatively, you can convert your connected device into a mobile hotspot and share your Wi-Fi connection with your laptop.

Is AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint Free?

AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint is 100% free with no additional charges on customers. 

However, you must be an AT&T subscriber to enjoy AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint for free.

Benefits of AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint

AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint is a developing technology with many benefits for end-users, telco carriers, Wi-Fi service providers, and IT professionals.

These include: 

  • Streamlined Wi-Fi Access

Passpoint streamlines Wi-Fi access by connecting your device automatically to available Wi-Fi networks without your manual intervention.

  • Wi-Fi Roaming Agreements

Passpoint encourages Wi-Fi providers and telco carriers to collaborate and create Wi-Fi Roaming agreements, which are critical in improving interoperable technologies.

  • Reduced Overreliance on Mobile Data

The ability to switch from cellular to Wi-Fi networks through Passpoint technology reduces the overreliance on mobile data for internet access, in turn cutting infrastructural maintenance costs.


Passpoint is a game-changer as far as Wi-Fi connectivity is concerned. 

It allows you to enjoy Wi-Fi roaming services between networks, ensuring you stay connected whenever you visit a Passpoint venue.

The good thing about AT&T Wi-Fi Passpoint is that it is free, with over 80 locations across the country. 

Try it out today and experience this next-generation Wi-Fi connectivity.

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  1. Tried this on a Pixel 6 with my AT&T sim, running Passpoint enabled Android 13. Doesn’t work and nobody at AT&T tech support knows anything about it, either the existence of the network and/or what Passpoint is. I must have talked or chatted with 9 people, some in “Advanced” tech support. A complete fiasco.

  2. Your instructions for checking if your device has the latest iOS version are wrong.

    1. Tap the home button several times to open the main menu
    > This does nothing. Nada. Zip.
    2. Go to Settings
    > This works
    3. Select About to see your software version
    > Missed a step. In Settings, first tap on General, then About.

    Also, Passport has 80 locations around the country? 80? That’s it? 80 in someplace like Monaco, OK. But in the US? Not even a drop int he bucket. And just try to get info from AT&T as to where those locations are. Good luck!


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