BT Hub Flashing Orange Light: Reasons and How to Fix It

If you want to make sure everything is OK with your BT Hub and that there are no problems, all you need to check are its status lights. There are different status light colors (blue, orange, purple, green light on BT Hub, and so on) and patterns (flashing or solid light) that actually point us to the right direction when it comes to troubleshooting network issues.

This article will answer why is your BT Hub flashing orange light and what you can do about it. So, let’s begin!

Why Is My BT Hub Flashing Orange Light?

BT Hub Flashing Orange Light

Depending on the current BT Hub model you are using the flashing orange light indicate that it is connecting to your broadband or that it is connecting via WPS. Once it connects the light should turn solid blue.

How to fix the orange flashing light on your BT Hub?

The good thing here is that there are several things you can do in order to fix this problem. Let’s start with the simplest ones.

Fix 1 – Wait 1-3 minutes

If the reason for your BT Hub flashing orange light is the attempt to connect to your broadband, then you should wait 1-3 minutes for it to finish. You will see a solid blue light once your Hub is ready.

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If the reason is WPS automatic connection mode you should click the WPS button again and it should be back to normal after a minute or two.

However, if the orange blinking light continues longer than that try the following fix.

Fix 2 – Power-Cycle you BT Hub

This process basically means you need to disconnect the BT Hub from its power source and plug it in back after a while.

Here is what you need to to to power-cycle your BT Hub.

  1. Disconnect the BT Hub from the power source.
  2. Wait a little 1-3 minutes.
  3. Plug in the BT Hub back to the power source.
  4. Wait for the lights to stabilize and the BT Hub to boot up completely.
  5. Check whether the flashing orange light is still present. If everything is OK, you should see a solid blue light.

If the BT Hub light is still blinking orange, then you should move to the next step.

Fix 3 – Check the BT Status

Visit this page and check if there are any service downtimes at the moment that may be causing the orange flashing light problem. A temporary service problem may prevent the BT Hub to connect to the internet causing the orange light to continue flashing for a longer period of time.

Fix 4 – Try the BT Troubleshooter

The BT Troubleshooter will test your connection and try ti find what is causing the problem. It will also guide you how to fix it. In case the problem can’t be resolved remotely, you can arrange a technician to come and fix the problem.

Fix 5 – Reset your BT Hub to factory settings

Before you try this solution, you need to know that all the changes you have made to the hub will be deleted and the hub will be brought back to its default settings. However, if you decide to do it don’t forget to update your devices with the new settings.

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Here is a detailed guide on how to factory-reset your BT Hub depending on the model. Just make sure to choose the right BT Hub you currently use – How to reset BT Hub to factory settings.

Final words

We hope that you have successfully fixed the BT Hub flashing orange light problem at one point in this article. However, if the orange light is still blinking, we would recommend contacting the BT Hub support to help you fix the problem. After all, having a great internet connection is what you are paying for and since more and more of our devices depend on it, it is definitely an issue that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

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