How to Cancel Airtel Broadband Connection? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Many customers reported difficulties in canceling their Airtel broadband connection. With our help, you will be able to successfully terminate your contract with the company and avoid any extra charges!

How to Cancel Airtel Broadband Connection

Ways to Cancel Airtel Broadband Connection

You have a few options when it comes to canceling your Airtel broadband services. Here’s the list of all of them, as well as a thorough guide on what to do once you decide which method to use.

  1. Contacting Airtel Customer Support

The easiest cancelation method will probably be contacting Airtel customer service. You can reach the support by calling 121 directly from your landline. If, for some reason, you’re not able to contact customer service using this number, you can always call the local support. The numbers depend on your area. Here’s the list of all of the local care numbers for every Airtel service area:

AreaLocal Customer Support Number
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana(040) 44444121
Assam(033) 44444121
Bihar & Jharkhand(033) 44444121
Delhi(011) 44444121
Gujarat(079) 44444121
Haryana(0124) 4444121
Himachal Pradesh(0172) 4444121
Jammu & Kashmir(191) 4444121
Karnataka(080) 44444121
Kerala(0484) 4444121
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh(0755) 4444121
Maharashtra(020) 44444121
Mumbai(022) 44444121
North East(033) 44444121
Orissa(033) 44444121
Punjab(0172) 4444121
Rajasthan(0141) 4444121
Tamil Nadu(044) 44444121
Uttar Pradesh(0522) 4444121
WB(033) 44444121

Once you reach customer support, you can request to chat with a representative. When you manage to get in touch with a representative, you should submit a request to cancel your Airtel broadband services. The representative may ask for the reasons behind this decision and offer you other options to avoid losing you as a customer.

If you’re open to this kind of discussion, you could try asking for a discount or a plan upgrade. Airtel customers also have the option to disable their accounts temporarily. That might be a helpful way to avoid canceling your services.

Once you reach an agreement with a representative, you can ask them to explain the next steps to you. In case you’re renting a modem or using an Airtel landline, you will have to return the equipment to the company as soon as possible. You can ask for all the info on how to do that when chatting with a customer service representative.

Airtel Safe Custody

The Safe Custody feature by Airtel allows you to disable your broadband services temporarily. This option is a great way to avoid canceling your services permanently and then having to activate them all over again.

Safe Custody

Safe Custody does not come free of charge. In case you are not sure how long you want your services disabled, you can choose to pay Rs. 200 plus taxes each month until you decide to reactivate your broadband. In this case, the Safe Custody will automatically renew until you submit a request to deactivate it.

How to Temporarily Disable Your Airtel Broadband Service Using the Safe Custody Option

  1. Going to the Airtel Store

Airtel actually recommends this method of canceling broadband services. Going to the Airtel store and doing all the steps on your own will ensure that there aren’t any mishaps or misunderstandings about your cancelation. In addition, it will help you control the whole process and return every piece of equipment you need to get back to Airtel on time.

When you get to the Airtel store, you can ask a worker to guide you through the cancelation process. You’ll likely receive a form or a cancelation request you’ll need to give back to the Airtel representative to submit your request. After about three working days, you should receive a call from someone from Airtel.

The representative will need to verify that the company has successfully managed to cancel the broadband services. Once everything is cleared out, you can pack any equipment you’ve been renting from Airtel and drop it at the nearest Airtel store. If you wish to see whether there are other return methods available in your area, you can ask the Airtel representative for more options.

  1. Using an Airtel Chat Bot

The last method of canceling your Airtel broadband connection is by sending a message to the company that will include your cancelation request. You can find an email in the Support section of the official Airtel website to send the request to.

Alternatively, you could chat with Airtel chatbots via messenger (SIMI) or using a WhatsApp number (01647-771212). In case you decide to send a message to Airtel, you will need to use your Airtel number if you have one.

Final Thoughts

Luckily, the majority of the Airtel broadband plans do not come with any contractual obligations. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about early termination fees. Still, we would recommend going through our guide once you decide to cancel your broadband services. That’s because you’ll avoid misunderstandings with Airtel customer support and possibly paying for an extra month for services you don’t need anymore.

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