How to Cancel HughesNet? (Pro Tips on Cancelling HughesNet)

If you’ve been a long-time customer of HughesNet, you already know that the company has good customer support. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to have any issues when you decide to submit a service cancelation request. Still, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you make your decision. Today, we’ll go over the cancelation steps as well as possible early termination charges and equipment fees you may face. 

How to Cancel HughesNet

Canceling HughesNet Services

HughesNet offers several methods of contacting the company’s customer support and submitting a cancelation request. First of all, you can call the official HughesNet number and ask to speak to a representative. 

Alternatively, you could send an email to the company and wait for a response. In most cases, someone from HughesNet will respond to you within 24 hours. Lastly, you can use the company’s live chat. It can take you a couple of minutes to connect, but you’ll definitely receive a response and help with your issue.

If you prefer to submit a written request to HughesNet, it’s best that you either send an email or opt for a live chat. However, you should keep in mind that someone from the company will still call you to confirm the cancelation. 

In addition, a representative may attempt to persuade you into continuing to use HughesNet services. You may be offered a better deal, a different payment plan, or a special discount. In case you are open to that, you can make that clear to the representative and start the negotiation. If not, you should state your reasoning for canceling the services and be honest with the representative to avoid wasting their time.

Calling HughesNet

In case you opt for calling HughesNet, you should prepare a couple of things before you dial the number. Firstly, you should have your billing address and your HughesNet account number written somewhere near you for quick reference. 

Moreover, you should think about the reasoning for submitting the cancelation request. The HughesNet representative will surely ask you about that. Then, you can make the call and ask for discontinuation.

Once you say everything you want to the representative, you should ask them to send you an email confirming the terms you agreed to. That way, you’ll have proof that the call happened in case something goes wrong.

HughesNet Early Termination Fees

In case you decide to stop using HughesNet services before they install them, you won’t have to pay any termination fees. In fact, the company will refund you for any payments you made in advance.

On the other hand, those who have already gone through the installation are eligible for early cancelation charges in certain instances. Those instances include canceling contracts before their minimum term period is over. In most cases, HughesNet has two-year contracts signed with customers. 

If you cancel your services at any point during those 24 months, you will have to pay an early termination fee. Once two years pass, you can cancel your services at any time and face no charges.

The highest amount HughesNet customers can pay when it comes to the early termination fee is $400. This number remains the same for the first 90 days of using the HughesNet services. After that, the amount will decrease by $15 each month of usage. Thus, it’s pretty easy to calculate how much money you owe to the company once you decide to cancel your services.

Early Termination

Source – HughesNet

Returning the HughesNet Equipment

If you’ve been leasing any piece of equipment from HughesNet, you are obligated to return it once you submit your cancelation request. Both customers who canceled within their minimum term period and those whose minimum term has passed have the same obligations regarding the equipment return.

This is the equipment you have to return to HughesNet

This is the equipment you have to return to HughesNet

When you make it clear to HughesNet that you want to stop using the company’s services, a representative will explain the whole equipment return process to you. Alternatively, you may receive an email with instructions on how to deinstall and return the gadgets.

The company gives customers 45 days to return the gadgets they were renting. In case they fail to do so, they will have to pay an unreturned equipment fee. This fee sits at $300: $200 for the radio transmitter and $100 for the modem.

In case HughesNet was the one to terminate your services due to non-payment or any other reason, the unreturned equipment fee will automatically be charged to your account. Once you successfully return the gadgets you’ve been renting from the company, HughesNet will credit $300 to your account.

In Conclusion

Most of the HughesNet customers were pretty satisfied with the company’s customer service and reported a quick and effective cancelation chat. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should approach the situation lightly. It’s wise to prepare yourself for the cancelation call and ask to have every agreement on the cancelation in a written form as well, just in case something goes wrong.

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  1. I will never have HughesNet again. for the last 6 months I have not had service more than I have had the service. had text out three times worked great for about 3 hours and then went out again. worst internet service ever tried! if you have it get rid of it. service rep was more busy about getting me to take a different plan than helping me to cancel the plan I have. haven’t tried getting the plan box yet the kit. I expect it to be a pain in the butt! as was the trying to cancel the service!


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