Victony Wi-Fi Extender Setup (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi connection problems, such as dead zones and weak signals in various parts of your home or office, consider purchasing a Wi-Fi range extender. Victony Wi-Fi range extenders are among the best in their class thanks to their simple design, easy setup, and fast connection speeds. They have impressive specs and … Read more

Ring Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender Setup (Step-by-Step Setup Guide)

The Ring Chime Pro is an innovative, versatile ring doorbell controller that doubles as a Wi-Fi range extender. This state-of-the-art gadget with a built-in Wi-Fi extender wirelessly connects to your Ring doorbells and surveillance cameras to provide real-time notifications.  Aside from ringing when someone presses the doorbell, the Ring Chime Pro detects motion via the … Read more

How to Clear Wi-Fi Cache and DNS Cache? (Easy Ways to Clear Wi-Fi & DNS Cache)

Wi-Fi connections often experience lags, slowdowns, and drops. The main culprit for these unexplainable connection issues is the accumulated cache stored on your smartphone, PC, or router. In computing or networking, a cache is a piece of memory that stores data temporarily to ensure quicker processing of instructions and future data requests.  A cache helps … Read more

How to Connect Desktop to Wi-Fi Without an Adapter? (3 Easy Methods)

Let’s face it. Unlike laptops, most desktop computers don’t come with a wireless adapter, meaning connecting a desktop PC to Wi-Fi can be somewhat challenging.  Desktops are typical stationary PCs, so manufacturers do not see the need to install a built-in adapter in them. Instead, they have Ethernet ports for hardwired connections.  And if you … Read more

How to Use JetBlue Wi-Fi? (JetBlue Fly-Fi Explained)

Whenever you board a plane, you’ll receive a notice instructing you to activate Airplane mode (flight mode) on your smartphone or tablet.  Airplane mode is a feature that suspends your device’s wireless signals, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections. It ensures your phone does not interfere with the plane’s communication systems. With Airplane mode turned … Read more

How to Limit Wi-Fi Speed on Your Router? (Explained)

Wi-Fi networks are renowned for their convenience, reliability, and fast connection speeds. However, if too many people are busy streaming, gaming, or skyping on your wireless network, Wi-Fi speeds might take a hit, leaving you with a horrible online experience. An overcrowded wireless network often experiences unnecessary interruptions, internet drops, and Wi-Fi slowdowns. Fortunately, you … Read more

How to Hide Google Wi-Fi SSID? (Can You Hide Google Wi-Fi SSID?)

Google Wi-Fi is an advanced mesh system that provides high-speed internet connectivity throughout your space. It comprises several nodes and access points linked together wirelessly to deliver reliable Wi-Fi signals in your home. Each node covers about 1,500 sq. ft., effectively eliminating dead zones and ensuring a smooth and seamless online experience. But as much … Read more

How to Change Wi-Fi MAC Address in Windows 10? (3 Easy Methods)

Every device, computer, or network with an active internet connection has a physical and a virtual online address. While the physical address identifies and distinguishes devices within the same local network, the internet address identifies devices in the world wide web. For any device to communicate with your Wi-Fi network, it must identify itself via … Read more

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