Netgear Router Keeps Rebooting

Any piece of machinery can experience a glitch. It’s the same with one of the most important pieces of hardware we have in our home, our router. There’s a glitch where the router keeps rebooting after some time of use. This is one of the most commonly reported issues with Netgear routers. When we buy … Read more

How to Configure TP-Link Router?

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Can You Use an Orbi Router as a Satellite?

In computing, satellites are part of mesh Wi-Fi systems. The more satellites you have, the more wireless coverage you get. However, most residential mesh networks come with two or three satellites. Because of that, people who have a larger home or want more coverage get two or more mesh networks. A widespread mesh network is … Read more

How to Change TP-Link Wi-Fi Password?

TP-Link Technologies Co. is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of high-speed wireless routers and many other networking devices. It offers a large selection of router models that are constantly improved and adapted to the needs of each user. All router users have a common need to set a strong Wi-Fi password for the network and personal … Read more

How to Change SLT Wi-Fi Password?

SLT Mobile is originally a Sri Lankan mobile service provider. The company offers telecommunications services, and since 2013, the deployment of 4G LITE networks has provided customers in Sri Lanka with a high-quality networking experience. If you are one of the users of the SLT wireless router, at some point you will need to change … Read more

Netgear Firmware Update Stuck

It’s extremely annoying when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) promises you a good modem router combination, and then issues start occurring. That’s the deal with Netgear firmware updates getting stuck. This is supposed to be an otherwise automatic upgrade/update system, and it should happen without you, the user, noticing that it ever happened. So, the … Read more

How to Change Huawei Wi-Fi Password?

Huawei is the market leader for telecommunication equipment and the winner of numerous global awards. High-ranking Huawei routers are used by many corporations and individuals.  Huawei offers its customers high quality, speed, and advanced technology that contributes to IP standards. If you are one of the users of Huawei’s network technology, due to the security … Read more

How to Change D-Link Wi-Fi Password?

D-Link is a global network solutions company. They connect companies and individuals with globally approved and award-winning compact devices.  They have integrated advanced technology into everyday life with unique network solutions, wireless connection, IP monitoring, and various setup options using the cloud system. As the owner of a D-Link device, you must know how to … Read more

CenturyLink DSL Light Red: Meaning and How to Fix It?

Today, most of our daily activities are closely connected to the Internet. Whether it is browsing the internet, playing online games, or using apps that won’t work without an internet connection. Therefore, it is understandable that most people will get pretty frustrated when there is no internet at all. If you are a CenturyLink user, … Read more

Router Not Detected Dish Network

Originally, DISH Network was an IPTV provider. However, it includes other services such as the internet. This is a combo that occurs more often than not, cable and IPTV providers also provide internet access, and vice versa. All those services require hardware to work, and it’s easy to think that everything works properly when we … Read more

Can Someone on the Same Wi-Fi See Your History?

We all use Wi-Fi on a daily basis. At home, at the office, in the cafe. It’s pretty much everywhere nowadays. So, it’s hard to avoid that chilly feeling running down your spine that maybe someone, using the same Wi-Fi network, can invade your privacy and browse through your history. It is very important for … Read more

Best Place to Put Router in 2 Story House

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Linksys Router Not Getting Full Speed

If you have internet access and live in the U.S. you probably heard about Linksys. It’s a data networking brand of hardware products used by many homeowners and small businesses across the country. As a widespread product manufacturer of mesh Wi-Fi systems, extenders, routers, etc. it’s only logical that some issues happen from time to … Read more

Can A Bad Router Cause Slow Internet?

Slow internet speeds happen because of many reasons, and we relate one of these to home wireless routers. However, the main question here is – Can a bad router cause slow internet? It’s best to first look at the possible reasons we have a slow internet connection and what might be the solutions for these … Read more

How to Setup a Modem and Router?

You want to get internet access at your home. Depending on where you live and who your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is, they might provide you with all the required equipment and send a team to set everything up. But, if you are less fortunate, they might just lease you the equipment or let you … Read more