Chromecast Orange Light (How to Fix It In Minutes)

When it comes to HD streaming video players, Chromecast is definitely offering the best value. It is practically the best and most affordable way to turn your TV into a smart TV. Although there are thousands of satisfied users, there are situations when the experience is ruined by the Chromecast orange light.

This article will explain in detail what this orange light indicates, why it appears and what you can do to fix it. So, let’s get started.

Chromecast Orange Light

What Does The Orange Light Mean On Chromecast?

When it comes to the Chromecast orange light, there are several different behaviors and patterns, each representing a different issue.

  1. Chromecast blinking orange and white – the Chromecast is updating at the moment
  2. Chromecast blinking orange – it is temporarily unavailable because of a self-diagnosing check
  3. Chromecast blinking orange and then turns white – the Chromecast is being reset or the reset has just completed
  4. Chromecast displays solid orange – Hardware issue

Below are some of the most frequently used solutions that have given results in fixing the Chromecast orange light. Pay close attention and try one solution at a time, one of these should fix the issue.

Chromecast Orange Light: How To Fix It?

Luckily there are some things we can do to fix this Chromecast issue. Some are extremely simple, others will require some attention but we are sure you will get the issue fixed by the end of the article.

Be Patient A Little

Although this is not actually a solution to the problem, we have to give it some time in case it’s updating at the moment. It shouldn’t take long, somewhere around 10 minutes, and it is important to wait or make sure it isn’t updating because restarting the device or interrupting the update process in any way may damage your Chromecast.

Power-Cycle Your Chromecast Device

This is one of the solutions we usually recommend at the beginning because it’s simple and it doesn’t require much time. On top of everything, it is pretty effective in resolving different issues our electronic devices may have.

  1. Disconnect your Chromecast power cable from the electrical outlet.
  2. Leave the Chromecast disconnected for 60 seconds.
  3. Connect the Chromecast power cable to the electrical outlet.

This should fix the problem, but in case you still see the orange light on your Chromecast, try the next solution.

Connect It To Another HDMI Port Or Another TV

Your TV should have several HDMI ports at the back or on the side. Try to connect your Chromecast device to another HDMI port and see if the problem persists. In case all the HDMI ports on your TV are already taken, then disconnect any of the devices already connected and check whether this fixes the orange light problem.

You can also connect the Chromecast device to another TV and see what happens.

Connect It Using Another HDMI Cable

This solution applies in case you are using an HDMI extension cable. Disconnect the Chromecast from the HDMI extension cable and plug it in directly into the TV. Check whether this fixes the issue.

Reset Your Chromecast To Factory Settings

Resetting the Chromecast device to factory settings will restore it to the default settings it had when you first got it. It is important to know that this procedure deletes all your data and you can’t restore it.

chromecast reset button
  1. Make sure the Chromecast is connected to the TV and powered.
  2. Find the Reset button on your Chromecast. It’s at the back of the device.
  3. Press the button and hold it. The LED light will start blinking yellow/orange.
  4. Release the button when you notice the LED light is solid white.
  5. Your Chromecast device will reset now. Give it some time to complete the process properly.
  6. Set up your Chromecast again.

Contact Support

If you have tried everything we have recommended above and the orange light is still present, then you should definitely get in touch with Chromecast support. Maybe there is a hardware problem with the device or something else is happening with it.

Whatever causes the Chromecast orange light, the support will guide you through the steps required to fix the problem. Eventually, if your device is under warranty, you may get a replacement.

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Final Words

We believe we have covered all the solutions that can help you fix the orange light on your Chromecast device. As you can see, some solutions are quick and simple, others will require some time and patience but at the end you should have a fully functional Chromecast device.

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