How to Connect a Tablet to Wi-Fi? (Wi-Fi Setup Guide)

A tablet is much more fun when you connect it to Wi-Fi! Luckily, the whole process is pretty simple and won’t take you longer than a minute. Before you start, you’ll need to make sure that you meet all of the requirements for a stable connection. By following our guide, you will create the perfect conditions for a Wi-Fi connection and connect your tablet to Wi-Fi regardless of the software it’s using.

How to Connect a Tablet to Wi-Fi

What to Do Before You Connect a Tablet to a Wi-Fi Network

Before connecting your tablet to a wireless network, you should first make sure that your device has this feature. To do that, you’ll need to check the box it came in, read the manual, or google your model. Once you ensure that your tablet supports a Wi-Fi connection, you should verify whether the gadget is working properly.

You can perform basic tasks on the tablet to verify if it’s responding to your commands. In case you suspect there is an issue with the device, you can restart it to remove potential bugs.

Depending on the model, you should hold the Power or the Home button until a menu appears offering you an option to restart or turn off your device. In case you’re using a Windows gadget, you can restart it by clicking on the Windows icon and choosing Power. Then, you can pick the Restart option to restart your device.

How to Restart Samsung Tablet (Galaxy S7)

After making sure the tablet is working properly, you should also verify the state of your internet connection. The easiest way to check whether your Wi-Fi is working properly is to try connecting another device to it. If the device can establish a connection and the signal is strong, you can connect your tablet as well.

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On the other hand, if there is an issue with the internet, you may want to fix it before proceeding. That way, you’ll make sure that the process of connecting your tablet to Wi-Fi goes smoothly.

Fixing the Internet Connection

The internet problem you’re experiencing may have nothing to do with your router. Outages and maintenance are common with most internet providers. If there is an outage in your area, you won’t be able to use the internet for a while. You can check what is happening around you by visiting the official website of your provider. Alternatively, you can contact customer support and ask them.

Restarting the Router

If the internet is working in your area, the issue might be with your router. You can fix most of these problems by simply power cycling the device. You’ll do that by unplugging it from the electrical socket for a couple of minutes. Then, you can plug it back in.

Strengthening the Signal

In case that doesn’t help, you can try strengthening the signal that comes from the router. The simplest way to do that is to remove any obstacles between you and the router. Moreover, you should free up the space around the router, which means moving it away from walls and floor.

To ensure that the signal is strong, you could also turn off the Bluetooth feature on your devices. Bluetooth and appliances such as a microwave and baby monitors can weaken the Wi-Fi signal as they operate on a similar frequency.

A Factory Reset

The last thing to try out when fixing the internet connection is performing a factory reset on the router. That will revert the router back to its original settings, and you’ll have to configure your network just like you did the first time you install it. The factory reset button is located on the router and can be pressed with a thin, sharp object. 

Factory Reset

When you do that, the lights on the router should start flashing. After a few minutes, you can connect the router to your computer using an Ethernet cable and visit the device’s configuration page to set it up.

Steps to Connecting a Tablet to a Wireless Network

How to Connect a Windows Tablet to Wi-Fi

All of the tablets working on the Windows operating system should have the built-in Wi-Fi feature. Here’s how to connect them to a network, depending on the version of Windows they’re using.

Windows 10

If you have a Windows 10 tablet, you should go to the taskbar and find the Network icon. It will have a picture of a globe on it if your tablet is not connected to any network. The icon can also be found by clicking on the Arrow in the taskbar. 

Once you click on the Network icon, the device should start searching for available networks nearby. When you find yours, you’ll simply need to click on its name and enter your Wi-Fi password to connect. 

In case you don’t see the icon, you should go to Settings and choose Network & Internet. There, you can visit the Wi-Fi section to turn the feature on and connect the tablet to a network.

How to Connect a Windows Tablet to Wi-Fi

Windows 11

On a Windows 11 tablet, you should click on the Network, Sound, or Battery icon. Your system will display quick settings. You should look for the Wi-Fi settings and click on the Arrow icon to access the Manage Wi-Fi connections option. Your device will display a list of available networks. You’ll need to click on yours and enter the password to connect.

How to Connect an Android Tablet to Wi-Fi

To connect an Android tablet to Wi-Fi, you should first navigate to the settings. Then, you’ll have to tap on Connections and choose Wi-Fi. 

There, you can the Wi-Fi on. Once you do, your device will start looking for nearby wireless networks. You should wait until the tablet detects your Wi-Fi and then tap on its name. When you type your password, the tablet will connect to Wi-Fi.

Connecting an Android Tablet to Wi-Fi

How to Connect an iPad to Wi-Fi

An iPad is using an Apple iOS operating system, so the process of connecting to Wi-Fi is a bit different. First of all, you should tap on the Settings option. Then, you’ll need to select Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi is off, you’ll have to toggle the on/off button to turn it on. 

Your device will automatically start looking for available wireless networks. When it finds your Wi-Fi, you should tap on the name and choose Join. You’ll then have to enter the password and you will be connected in a second.

Connecting iPad to Wi-Fi

Final Thoughts

The Wi-Fi feature makes tablets much more useful. That is why it’s wise to make the most of it! But, before you do that, you’ll need to follow our guide to ensure that both your tablet and the internet are working properly!

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