How to Connect HP Envy 6055 to Wi-Fi? (Three Methods of Connecting Your New HP Printer to Wi-Fi)

Did you know that there are three ways to connect your HP Envy 6055 to Wi-Fi? Today, we’re guiding you through the connection process for all three methods. Once you pick your favorite, you can connect your HP Envy printer to your wireless network in a matter of minutes!

How to Connect HP Envy 6055 to Wi-Fi

How to Connect HP Envy 6055 to Wi-Fi

As mentioned, there are three ways to connect the Envy 6055 printer to a Wi-Fi network. We recommend that you read through all of them and then choose the easiest for you.

1. Connecting the HP Envy 6055 Printer to Wi-Fi using the HP Smart App

The HP Smart app is likely the quickest way to connect your printer to a wireless network. That’s because the application is extremely simple and easy to use. The app is available on Android and iOS devices as well as for Windows and macOS computers.

If you choose this method, you’ll first have to download the app on your device. Then, you should connect the device to a wireless network you want your printer to join as well. In case you’re using your phone for this process, you should also turn the Bluetooth feature on. That’s because the app uses Bluetooth to speed up the printer setup process on mobile gadgets.

Then, you should go to the printer and hold the Wi-Fi button for about three seconds. That will put the printer into the Auto Wireless Connect setup mode. You’ll know that your printer is in Wi-Fi setup mode when the edge lighting starts flashing purple. Your printer will then automatically start searching for the HP Smart app.

Next, open the HP Smart app. If you’re using your computer, you’ll need to click on the Plus icon on the home screen. You should then click on the printer. In case your device can’t detect the printer, you should choose the Set up a new printer option and follow the instructions.

If you’re using your phone, you should tap on the Plus icon on the home screen of the HP smart app. Then, you should click on the printer. If your device is having issues with detecting the printer, you’ll need to tap on Add Printer to manually add it. 

HP Envy 6055 Wi-Fi Setup via the HP Smart App

2. Connecting the HP Envy 6055 Printer to a Wi-Fi Network using a WPS

A slightly more complicated method of connecting your HP Envy 6055 printer to Wi-Fi is using WPS. The whole process won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. But you’ll need to be familiar with WPS and how it works on your router.

Connect to Wi-Fi Using a PIN

If your router does not come with the WPS button, you can use the PIN method of linking your printer to Wi-Fi. You’ll need to hold the i button until every button on the control panel of your printer light up. 

Then, you should press and hold the i button and Arrow Down on your printer for about five seconds. This will print an info page with a PIN number. The edge lighting on your printer should start glowing purple. You’ll then have to access your router’s configuration page to enter the WPS PIN. Once you’re done, you should give your router about two minutes to connect to Wi-Fi.

Connecting an HP Printer to Wi-Fi via WPS Button

Connect to Wi-Fi via the PBC Method

The PBC method of connecting your HP printer to Wi-Fi requires the use of the Push Button Configuration. This method works for WPS routers that come with a WPS push button.

Your first step is to hold the Wi-Fi button and the Power button on the router at the same time for a few seconds. The edge lighting on the printer will start flashing purple. Then, you should push the WPS button on the router. As soon as you do that, the printer and the router will start pairing. 

It will take your printer about two minutes to successfully connect to Wi-Fi. You’ll know that the connection was successful when the purple lighting stabilizes. In case the lighting starts flashing amber, something went wrong. You can repeat the process again or check the state of your internet connection.

3. Connect HP Envy 6055 to a Wi-Fi Network Using HP Software

An easy way to connect your HP printer to a Wi-Fi network is to go through the HP software. Before you begin, you’ll need to download the HP printer software on your computer. It can be found on the official HP website.

Then, you’ll need to open the program and go to Tools. You should choose Device Setup & Software and click on the Connect a new device option. The program will then take you through the steps of connecting the printer to your computer. You’ll know that you managed to successfully connect your devices if the edge lighting on the printer starts glowing blue.

Other Methods of Connecting HP Envy 6055: Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a feature that allows you to connect your phone or computer to the printer quickly and easily. The feature will allow you to perform commands and print within a few clicks. However, it doesn’t come with internet access. Thus, it’s a great method of connecting your devices (your phone/PC and your printer) wirelessly when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. 

You’ll turn on Wi-Fi Direct on the printer by holding the i button until the lights on the panel light up. Then, you should push the i, x, and Arrow Down buttons at the same time. The edge lighting on the printer will turn blue. Your printer will now show up on your device’s Wi-Fi network list with the word DIRECT in front of its name.

If you’re using a phone, you should turn on Wi-Fi direct and go to the document you want to print. Then, you should choose Print among the options within the document. Your printer will appear. You’ll need to tap on the name of the printer and enter the password to print the document.

In case you’re using the computer, you’ll need to go to the Wi-Fi section of your device and find the printer’s network, which has the word DIRECT before the actual name. You should enter the password to complete the connection. Then, you can go to the document you want to print and select Print.

Connecting Your Phone to HP Envy 6055 via Wi-Fi Direct

Final Thoughts

There you have it – all of the different ways to connect your HP Envy 6055 to Wi-Fi. Regardless of the method you choose, you should have your HP printer ready for use within minutes! If you don’t need the Wi-Fi connection on the printer, but you want to connect it to your phone or computer, you should try connecting the devices using Wi-Fi Direct.

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