How to Fix the Cox Router Blinking Orange Light?

Just like any other wireless router, the Cox Panoramic WiFi router has a led light that tells us what is going on with our connection – is it fully functional, offline or online, are there any errors and so on. One of the issues Cox users experience from time to time is the Cox router blinking orange light.

If you are also seeing this orange (amber) blinking light you are at the right place. This article will explain what this orange blinking light indicates and how to fix it on your own. So, let’s begin.

Cox router light

What does the blinking orange light mean on the Cox router?

Generally, the flashing orange light can be seen when the router is registering to the network and it usually doesn’t indicate that there is a problem. Eventually we want to see a solid white light which indicates that the router is online and working properly. The problem arises when this orange blinking light lasts for too long which points out a connectivity issue.

Another situation is when you see that the Cox router light is blinking green and orange. This indicates that a firmware upgrade is in progress and it would be the best to just let it complete the process. The firmware update process is performed by Cox so you generally don’t have to worry whether your firmware is up to date. Disrupting the firmware upgrade process may cause damage to the router so it is better just to be patient.

For now, let’s see what we can do about this orange blinking light on the Cox router.

How to fix the Cox Router blinking orange light?

We have selected the most effective solutions for this issue. Just pay attention and move one step at a time. We are pretty sure that you will have this issue fixed by the end of this article.

Reset the Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway

This quick fix solution will help you get rid of the orange blinking light in a few minutes. However, before you proceed, make sure you are seeing just the orange light blinking, not the orange and green lights blinking one after the other. We have already mentioned that it indicates router firmware upgrade and that interrupting the upgrade process can damage your router. Rebooting the router is one of these interruptions.

You can do this manually and in that case all you need to do is to disconnect the power cord from the router, wait for 30-60 seconds and connect it back again. Wait till the router boots up and stabilizes. There are high chances that the orange light will stop blinking and that you will see the solid white light instead.

Check the Cables and Connections

check cables and loose connections

Another reason for this blinking yellow light can be a loose connection. Therefore, check all the cables going in and out of the outer and make sure to check both ends of the cables. In order to make sure everything sits firmly connected, it is recommended to check each connection separately and if you want you can disconnect and connect everything again. In case a loose connection was causing the problem, you will see the orange light turning solid white by the time you finish the inspection.

Obsolete Router

Just as Cox is constantly upgrading their services it is possible that at one moment your router can’t keep up with it, if you have an older one. So, if you have had your router for a longer period of time, maybe it is time to replace the router with a new one. Feel free to check our recommendations of What Modems Are Compatible With Cox? and What Modems Does COX Use for Gigablast?

Call Tech Support

Calling the tech support is inevitable in case none of the above solutions have helped you fix the issue. They can either send someone or guide you over the phone through the necessary steps required to fix the issue. At the same time when you are contacting them feel free to ask them if there is any service outage in your area at the moment. Maybe it is the reason for the orange/yellow blinking light. If this is causing the issue just be patient. They usually fix those problems pretty soon and to be honest, there is nothing we can do other than wait.

On the other hand, if service outage is not the issue, they can test your connection, and guide you through the troubleshooting process. And finally, if they can’t help you over the phone, they can send a tech guy to your place to check what’s going on.

Final Words

We hope that you have fixed the Cox router blinking orange issue by now. As you can see the solutions presented above don’t require any tech knowledge from you and you can perform each step easily. However, if you prefer to be safe and not touch anything by yourself, and you don’t mind waiting for the tech guy to come, you can always get in touch with the Cox tech support. They can really help you fix the problem and enjoy your internet connection like before.

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