ExpressVPN Router Login: How To Access A Router Running ExpressVPN

Setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your router instead of on the devices you are using is always a better solution. If you do this, every device you connect to the router will be protected automatically.

One of the popular VPN services today is ExpressVPN and we can describe it as a privacy and security tool used to mask your IP address and encrypt your web traffic. It basically allows you to surf the internet anonymously from any location you choose.

In the following article, we are going to tell you how to access a router running ExpressVPN and how to change some of its basic settings.

ExpressVPN router login

Before You Login

First you have to make sure ExpressVPN is installed on your router.

Then you need a device connected to the ExpressVPN router either using a wired or wireless connection.

And finally, you need to know the router’s default admin login details. These can be found on the sticker at the bottom of the router or in the user’s manual.

How To Login To A Router Running ExpressVPN?

After you get ready, you can follow the steps described below and you should see the ExpressVPN admin dashboard in a minute.

STEP 1 – Connect The Device To The Network

The first thing to do before you log in is to make sure you are connected to the ExpressVPN router network. You can connect over WiFi or using a wired connection. If you use a wired connection make sure to turn off WiFi temporarily.

After you connect to the network, you can move to the next step.

STEP 2 – Open A Web Browser On Your Device

Now unlock your device and start the web browser installed on the device. The web browser is generally used to access the router settings and you can use the one already installed on your smartphone or laptop or desktop computer.

You probably have Google Chrome, Edge or Safari installed on your device. There is no need to install a new web browser, but if you have some problems logging in, it is good to try accessing the router settings from another browser.

STEP 3 – Enter The ExpressVPN Web Address Or IP In The Address Bar

ExpressVPN router login web address

Visit or type the router’s IP address into the browser’s Address bar. Press Enter or Go on the keyboard and you should see the ExpressVPN router login page.

You can also try some of the following IP addresses:,,, or

You can also find the router’s IP address (Default gateway) by following this guide here.

STEP 4 – Enter The ExpressVPN Router Username And Password

When asked to enter a username and a password use the ones printed on the router label. Of course, if the default password has been changed before, you will need to use the new one.

ExpressVPN router login page

Click on the Login button when you enter the admin login details and if they are correct you should see the ExpressVPN admin dashboard. Once there you can easily select the current location from the list of available countries and choose the country you want to connect to.

You can also customize some additional settings like the wireless network name and password and similar.

How To Change The ExpressVPN WiFi Name And Password?

Changing the wireless network name is something we usually want to do in order to personalize our home or business wireless network. At the same time, changing the Wi-Fi password every now and then is highly recommended because these days we often share our wireless password with our guests and visitors. Because of that, it is recommended to change it sometimes and also it is important to set up a strong and unique Wi-Fi password.

Changing the Wi-Fi name and password is pretty simple for routers running ExpressVPN. Here is how to do it.

1. Login to your router running ExpressVPN as described above.

2. In the menu on the left select Network Settings.

3. Now click on Wi-Fi Settings.

4. You will now have the option to change the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password for your 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

5. When you fill in the required fields, click on the Save button at the bottom to confirm the changes.

It may take some time until the changes are applied, but you should see the new network name pretty soon. When this happens, connect your device to the new Wi-Fi network name and use the new Wi-Fi password. Please remember to connect the other wireless devices you are using to the new Wi-Fi network.

Final Words

If you are concerned about your privacy, using a VPN is highly recommended. ExpressVPN is one of the recommended options and after you install it on your router you can practically surf the internet from any country. Choosing the desired country is pretty simple when you access the ExpressVpN router settings.

We hope that the steps presented above have helped you login to your router running ExpressVPN. Now you have the possibility to change some of the basic and advanced router settings. As always, we strongly recommend taking care of the changes you are making and make sure you are well informed about what you are doing. You don’t want to be locked out of your own network or make it unusable because you have made some unfortunate configuration changes.

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