FiOS Internet 50/50 VS. 100/100

FiOS is a dominant internet service provider in the fiber optics internet field. The ISP has grown to cater to users who require higher internet speeds for their daily activities. Users can rely on their connections to stream high-definition content or even games that require extra bandwidth for optimum functioning.

Verizon has a set of popular internet bandwidth tiers that many consumers have grown fond of over time. The 50/50 and 100/100 internet speeds are examples of a preferable package for most Verizon customers. Therefore, we will look at the various aspects of two internet plans to help you choose an appropriate option.

FiOS Internet 50/50 VS. 100/100

What Are 100/100 and 50/50?

The 100/100 plan means that subscribers will have 100Mbps upload speeds and 100Mbps download speeds. 

Consequently, the 50/50 plan entails speeds of 50Mbps upload and 50Mbps download.

The speeds are phenomenal, especially when compared to the rates we primarily got from copper cables. 

Fiber internet uses infrared light to transfer information. It can achieve incredible speeds even over longer distances.

Notably, Verizon was the first ISP to offer symmetrical upload and download speeds in the Metro Area of New York.

Additionally, Verizon now has even more versatile internet plans that can serve users of various needs and budgets. Interestingly, users can get up to 1 Gigabyte speeds which essentially is 940Mbps.

You should note that Verizon reviews upwards the last band they can offer for a plan. Therefore, you could find that some plans have changed. However, this works to your advantage since you will get better internet at the same price older users paid for slower speeds.

Upload and Download Speeds: What Do They Mean?

Since download and upload are marketing terms for internet features, it is important that we understand them.

Simply put, upload speed is the rate at which digital data from your device gets to its destination from your device.

Hence upload speeds determine how fast your device sends information to the internet. We use upload speeds when on a zoom call or sending file attachments through email or other file sharing services.

Alternatively, download speed refers to the rate at which data comes into your device from its source on the internet.

Therefore, download speeds will affect how fast web pages load on your device or the quality of your Netflix video.

Most internet users prioritize download speed ratings; not knowing the upstream speeds also matters. It is essential to take note of both when subscribing to a plan as scrupulous dealers will ignore upload speeds which are often lower than download speeds.

What Should I Choose?

It would be best to choose the highest internet package you can afford. However, to avoid wastage and ensure your package meets your needs, you should consider a few factors.

The factors include:

  • Number of Internet Users

The more people rely on your Wi-Fi network, the more bandwidth they will use. Therefore, a 50/50 package can adequately serve you, but it will not serve more than four people properly.

Additionally, if most of the electronics in your home rely on the internet to work, you should consider getting larger internet packages.

  • Type of Connection

Currently, Verizon uses fiber internet hence why they have such exceptional speeds. Cumulatively fiber connections beat cable connections; therefore, you can work with a lower-level package on FiOS.

However, it would be best if you did not assume that a smaller fiber internet package will serve like a more extensive cable package. When choosing packages, other factors also come into play; however, the connection type should hint at your preferable speeds.

Additionally, some connection types are not available everywhere; thus, ensure you confirm that Verizon FiOS is available in your area.

  • Other Available Packages

Before settling on an internet package, ensure you know about all other available packages. 

Counterchecking helps you make an informed choice ensuring you do not miss on alternative packages that might interest you.

  • Average Internet Usage

The purpose of you getting internet will determine what speeds are appropriate for you. For instance, High-Definition streaming requires more bandwidth compared to sending emails.

To emphasize, streaming 4K video quality on YouTube will take up to 8Mbps while streaming 8K content will consume 24Mbps per device.

Therefore, if you need an internet plan that can sustain High definition resolutions, it is advisable to get speeds of higher than 50Mbps.

  • Aftersales Services

Some packages come bundled with aftersales services that might interest you. For instance, Verizon offers coupons to new customers, and it also includes premium channels like Hulu+ for their new subscribers. 

Be sure to visit Verizon’s website for all their available packages and perks. 

There are more factors that can influence your data package choice. Therefore, ensure to conduct diligent research before settling on a package of your choice.

How Do I Know My Internet Speeds?

If you want to confirm that you are getting the correct FiOS speeds, you can do that in two ways.

You can use a third-party speed test tool like Ookla Speedtest or the Verizon speed test tool. 

While checking on speeds, expect a slight variation in the advertised speeds and the rates you will get. When it comes to speed consistency, Verizon Fios is, according to Ookla Speedtest, one of the top-three ISPs in the US (along with Xfinity and Spectrum).

internet package

The internet package refers to how much bandwidth Verizon will release to your direction, but it does not refer to the bandwidth you will receive. The slight difference is because of various factors that are hard to control, and some are unanticipated.

Also, ensure to run the speed test a couple of times to get the most accurate reading. While at it, run the test at different times of the day to determine the peak and off-peak hours.


In conclusion, with the right internet package, you will be able to use your FiOS internet without much fuss. Since Verizon is always on track in getting the latest and best technology, expect faster speeds in the future. When it comes to the 50/50 vs. 100/100 comparison, you should let your internet requirements guide you in making a choice.

If you have further queries or need clarification, reach out to Verizon FiOS customer support for further assistance.

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