How to Get Wi-Fi In an Apartment Without Cable? (Best Cable Internet Alternatives)

Well, if you’re reading this, you need to get rid of cable services or you may need to get rid of cables. Whatever it is, we’ll try to provide you with different options for getting Wi-Fi without a cable subscription or cables at all.

Let’s discuss how to get Wi-Fi in an apartment without cable. In this article, we will briefly discuss what Wi-Fi is, compare different internet provider options, and tell you if it’s possible to have Wi-Fi in your apartment without an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How to Get Wi-Fi In an Apartment Without Cable

What is Wi-Fi?

Wireless Fidelity makes all our lives easier because we don’t have to drag cables everywhere. It’s a sophisticated technology that allows data transfers through the “air.”

Wi-Fi is the technology that provides a wireless internet connection for our smart devices. A router broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal using radio waves. Every smart device has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter.

The Wi-Fi adapter in our devices is used to send and receive wireless signals as well. Any device using Wi-Fi has an adapter. Without it, it wouldn’t work. That’s why we can turn our smartphones into wireless hotspots.

Wi-Fi networks also allow our smart devices connected to the same network to communicate with each other. Even without access to the internet, all devices on the network are still connected to each other.

Different Internet Provider Options

There are several options you can explore if you want to have a Wi-Fi connection to the internet without a cable provider or wired devices. The number of completely wireless options is fairly limited. Here are some suggestions:

  • DSL internet: DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It is not as fast as cable or fiber, but it’s more available, especially in rural areas. DSL speeds can be much slower than what most of us are used to at the moment.

DSL Internet Explained

  • Fixed wireless internet: There are wireless hotspots throughout the cities. If you are near them, you can connect to their Wi-Fi network. Of course, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to the ISP.

Fixed Wireless Internet Explained

  • Fiber optic internet: Fiber optic internet just recently became a commercial solution, so it’s still not available everywhere. But it’s the fastest and most reliable internet option you can have.

Fiber Internet Explained

  • Satellite internet: Satellite internet is distributed using satellites emitting radio waves. We don’t need any cables to use satellite internet, but we need a satellite dish and a modem.

Personal hotspot

Wi-Fi in Apartment Without an Internet Provider

There are some ways to get an internet connection in your apartment without an internet provider, but the number is fairly limited. You can always use a public network if you are lucky enough to live between open networks.

If you live very close to a library, a school or campus, or even a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you might connect to a Wi-Fi network for free. But the quality of the signal would probably be questionable, and your privacy could be evaded.

Another option would be mobile tethering if you have enough data included in your mobile plan. You can always create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone and set up a password to protect your network.

How to Set Up a Personal Hotspot

If you have friendly neighbors, you can always ask for a Wi-Fi password, or even better, offer to share the expenses with them. That way, you can have cheaper Wi-Fi access at your apartment, and probably a router close enough to provide a decent signal.

Wi-Fi in an Apartment Without Cable

Wi-Fi is always wireless, and you don’t need a cable to have Wi-Fi. However, if you’re looking for a router-less or modem-less solution to distributing the internet throughout the apartment, we can only provide the latter.

Try using a Mi-Fi router. This is a portable router that uses a SIM card and data to provide internet access to anyone. It’s like a personal hotspot with more processing power and better performance. In fact, some mobile service providers call these devices mobile hotspots, which can cause confusion, especially if you’re an Android user. On many Android phones, the personal hotspot feature is called a mobile hotspot.

Personal Hotspot (Smartphone) Vs. Mi-Fi Router


There you have it – you’ve learned how to get Wi-Fi in an apartment without cable. Now you know your alternatives and can choose the best one for your needs.

It’s extremely difficult to get internet access without an ISP. You can either use public Wi-Fi or borrow your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. So, we recommend doing some thorough research on which internet connection type serves your needs best. The most wireless option is getting a Mi-Fi router (aka mobile hotspot) and buying an unlimited mobile plan from your mobile service provider.

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