Google Fiber Network Box Blinking Blue (Why and How to Fix It?)

The Google Fiber Network Box is a networking device that acts like a router and provides Internet service to your home network. If you have any other devices to connect, you can use a network cable (up to 4 devices) or a Wi-Fi connection.

The Network box should be connected to the Fiber jack using an Ethernet cable. During normal operation, the light on the network box is solid blue and it should turn solid blue 2 minutes after you turn it on.

Why is the Google Fiber Network Box Blinking Blue?

Google Fiber Network Box blinking blue

The Network Box will blink blue light when establishing a connection and normally after 1-2 minutes it should turn solid blue. However, if it doesn’t stop blinking it indicates there is a problem establishing connection and here are the things you can do to fix this issue.

How to fix the Google Fiber Network Box Blinking Blue

Check the Connections

There are cases where the cables weren’t properly connected for some reason, resulting in the blue blinking light issue. To make sure this is not what’s causing the problem, it is recommended to check all the cables for visible damage and also whether they are connected to the right port. Make sure the fiber jack is connected to the WAN port and not to one of the Ethernet ports. This port is usually labeled as Fiber Jack.

Restart the Network Box

Restarting any electronic device, not just the Network box, is a simple solution that usually fixes the problem in no time.

In order to restart the Network box properly, disconnect it from the power source and connect it back again after 10-15 seconds. Wait a little till the Led lights stabilize and check whether the blue light is still blinking blue. As we have mentioned, it should turn solid blue after 2 minutes after being switched on.

Check Whether You Are Affected by a Service Outage

From time to time your ISP needs to perform scheduled maintenance and this is the time where your area can be affected by a Service outage. It also happens during a power outage or some bad weather conditions.

The good thing here is that there are ways to check whether a Service outage is the problem. You can either visit the Fiber Outage Search page or sign into your Google Fiber account.

the Fiber Outage Search page

To check using the Fiber Outage Search page, click the link given above and you will be asked to enter your street address and ZIP code. When you lick the Check Status button you will see whether there is a service outage in your area.

Also, when you sign into your Google Fiber account you will see a message at the top of the page telling you if there is a network or some other problem with your connection. Just use the email and password you have used to sign up for Google fiber services.

If you are affected by a service outage you need to wait a little until the problem is fixed. There is really nothing else to do here. After the problem gets fixed the blue light should stop blinking.

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Use the Network Troubleshooter

Sometimes the problem is still there and there are no notifications of a service outage in your area. In that case you can use the Network Troubleshooter.

The Network Troubleshooter will guide you through the troubleshooting process by a series of questions with the goal to determine what the problem is and to provide the best solution at the moment. In case it doesn’t provide a solution to fix the problem you will be advised to contact the Google Fiber Support.

Contact the Google Fiber Support

After you have tried fixing this issue on your own, and in case nothing worked in your case, the final solution would be to get in touch with the Google Fiber support. They are available 24 hours a day, every single day, and you can get in touch either via Live chat, email or phone. If these three contact options aren’t enough to fix the issue you are experiencing, they may send a technician to check and fix the problem on site.

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