Does Google Nest Wi-Fi Work with Verizon FIOS?

Verizon has pulled all the stops to ensure users get the best and fastest internet services. They range from their gigabit internet with high-speed download and upload speeds to their program guide and video-on-demand services. 

However, using the Verizon router comes at a cost and gives you lesser control over your connection. These reasons alone can tank your experience with their devices leading you to wonder, “Can I use a Google Nest router instead?” Keep reading as we extensively provide you with answers and a how-to guide so that you have all the Verizon services working smoothly.

Does Google Nest Wi-Fi Work with Verizon FIOS?

So, Does Google Nest Work with Verizon FIOS?

Simply put, YES, Google Nest Wi-Fi works with the Verizon Fiber Optic Service. However, how you connect the Google Nest to your Verizon router depends on what Verizon services you use. 

It is easier to set up for those who only need the Verizon internet, unlike those who also want to use the Verizon TV service. If you use Verizon TV, you will need to retain the Verizon router.

We will look at setting up both in detail in subsequent paragraphs.

FIOS and How Does it Work?

FIOS is short for Fiber Optic Service, meaning Verizon can bring gigabit internet speeds directly into your home. At the endpoint of the fiber connection, i.e., your home, there is an Optic Network Terminal (ONT).

The ONT in a fiber network is what a cable modem is to a coaxial connection. It can communicate with your ISP through infrared light for fast data transmission to and from your service provider. 

The ONT box converts the incoming optical signal to separate signals for your TV, voice, and data services.

Therefore, we start at the ONT to adequately link a Nest Wi-Fi router to Verizon. 

To locate the ONT in your home, follow the connection cables coming into your house. If the wires are underground, a probable place to find the box is next to your power meter.

The ONT box can be in your basement, garage, closet, or even outside the house.

Initial Steps

Before installing your Nest Wi-Fi, check on the type of FIOS internet connection you have. Older installations use the Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance (MoCA) technology.

MoCA technology works with the coax cable connections popular in many homes. To determine the type of connection, look at the ports on the back of your current Wi-Fi router.

There, you will find a circular coax port or a rectangular Ethernet port, or you will find both ports. To differentiate them, look at the names under the respective ports.

If you only see a coax port, the connection was made using MoCA technology. This means to integrate the Google Nest router; you will have to go through extra steps.

No Ethernet Port on the Verizon Gateway

This section looks at the steps you will take to link your Google Nest to a Verizon FIOS gateway with no Ethernet ports. 

If your gateway uses an Ethernet connection, skip this section and move to the next section of instructions. 

  • Locate your ONT box using the tips above. It probably has a Verizon logo on it.
  • Next is to run an ethernet cable from the box. If you cannot do this yourself, you can hire a technician. Or you can contact Verizon, and they will do it at a cost.
  • To locate the ethernet port on your own, unscrew the top off your ONT box and find the RJ45 connector. ONT box models differ, so methods of opening the box might vary.
  • On most models, especially indoor ones, the ethernet port is under the box with green lights.
  • Before linking your Nest router, peep at the next section.

The Ethernet port from your ONT box should function automatically. If it does not, contact Verizon customer support and ask them to activate it remotely.

If they give you a hard time or claim it is impossible, insist that you know it is. Alternatively, hang up and call again and remember the activation service is free.

Verizon DHCP Lease Release

Verizon uses temporary IP addresses for the router to connect to the internet. Although this can be altered, a standard DHCP lease lasts for 24 hours.

Therefore, you can also wait for the lease to expire before connecting your new router. However, no one has time for that, and luckily there is another way.

  • Go to Network settings from the menu.
  • Next, go to broadband connection>settings.
  • After, scroll to DHCP lease and select release.
  • Apply settings and disconnect the router immediately to prevent it from getting a new lease.
  • At this point, it is safe to connect your google nest Wi-Fi point.

Setting up Google Nest Wi-Fi with FiOS

To set up your Google Nest Wi-Fi with Verizon FiOS, ensure all the ports have the right cables going into them.

The Ethernet cable should go from the LAN/Ethernet port on the ONT box to the WAN port with the globe symbol on the Nest Wi-Fi router. 

Also, ensure to plug in the Nest Wi-Fi power adapter into a power socket. Before setting up the Nest router, ensure you have the Google Home App and a Google account.

To set up the Nest router, tap the + button in the app, then Set up device >New device.

Next, choose a home and select your Nest router. Scan the QR code under the router or continue without manually scanning to key in the credentials.

After testing your internet connection, the app will ask you to set up a network password and network ID. The router will now create a wireless network.

From this point, you can add additional Wi-Fi points to your network.

VIDEO TUTORIAL – Setting up Nest Wi-Fi

Verizon FiOS TV Users

For Verizon TV users, we are not done yet. You will notice that although the internet connection is working, exemplary services like video on demand and the TV guide are not.

To remedy this, connect the LAN port from the Nest router to the WAN port on the old router. 

Since this will still cost you in the name of rental fees, you can purchase a standalone MoCA box to enable a coax-to-Ethernet connection. Or you can buy a cheap FiOS router online for the sole purpose of using it to access FiOS TV services.

Once you have connected the devices, ensure to reboot them, and all your TV and internet services should now be available.

Notably, Verizon will only handle connection issues regarding the connection up to your ONT box. Once you use a third-party router, they can no longer help you with router issues. 

If you use their router, you will be eligible for comprehensive customer support, and they will exchange your Verizon router, should it cause any problems.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at all aspects regarding the Verizon FiOS connection and a Google Nest Wi-Fi router. With the knowledge you have, it is now up to you to choose how you will set up your connection. Happy streaming and browsing!

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