Huawei Router Login and Basic Configuration

Brief outline

This article will guide you through the Huawei router login steps . Learn how to login to Huawei router and secure it by changing a few things in the settings.

HUAWEI Router Login Steps

STEP 1: Connect to the network

Being connected to the network is the first step if you want to login to your HUAWEI router. You can do this either via your wireless connection or the network cable.

STEP 2: Start your browser and type the HUAWEI default IP

You can access the router settings using the default router IP address. Huawei uses and as a default IP. Yet, if none of these IP addresses opens the HUAWEI router login page follow this guide. Find the Default Router IP: A Step-by-Step Guide.

STEP 3: Enter the router username and password

The Huawei router login page

After you enter the correct router IP the login page will appear.

To login to your HUAWEI router type the following:

  • Username “admin”
  • Password “admin”

*the username and password are case sensitive so pay attention.

Click OK.

Securing your HUAWEI router

Although it’s very useful to buy a preconfigured router it’s important to change all the default settings as soon as possible.

So, let’s start changing these settings step-by-step.

Change the default HUAWEI router password

The first thing we have to change when we want to secure our network is to change the router username and password.

Change the huawei router password

  1. After you login to your router go to Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Then on Modify Password.

Here you have to enter the current password and then the new password twice (in the New password and the Confirm password fields.)

Click Apply after you make the changes.

How to change the HUAWEI router SSID and Wi-Fi password

The next security step is to change to default router network name and secure the network with a strong password.

  1. Login to the Huawei router.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. In the menu on the left click on WLAN, and then WLAN Basic Settings.

Change the huawei SSID and wireless password

Make the following changes:

SSID: Type in your new network name.

Security type: Select WPA2-PSK from the drop-down list.

WPA pre-shared key: Type a strong password here to protect our wireless network.

Final Words

The HUAWEI router login steps are simple and easy to follow, just like logging into any other router.

Securing your router by changing the router password and then protecting your network with a wireless password are the basic security steps you have to take. Having a secured wireless network will definitely make your life easier.

Of course, there are some other steps you can take as additional security measures. MAC address filtering, enabling the built-in firewall, disabling SSID broadcast are just some of them. However, for most users the changes we have described above are enough.

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