Hughesnet System Light Off: Here’s What to Do

Hughesnet is a reputable company when it comes to satellite internet. However, although they are doing a pretty good job in providing their services, their users experience some issues occasionally. One such issue is the Hughesnet System Light Off.

So, in this article we are going to discuss what does it actually mean when you see the Hughesnet System Light Off, and what you can do on your side to fix this issue.

Hughesnet System Light Off

Hughesnet System Light Off: What Does It Mean?

When working properly all the LED lights on the front of the Hughesnet router should be blue, and the WiFi light should blink because of activity.

However, if the System light is off, it usually indicates a problem with the modem i.e. it is trying to establish a connection to the network.

How To Fix The Hughesnet System Light Off Issue?

There are several proven solutions to this problem, so we are going to explain them one by one. Please pay attention when you follow the explanations and don’t rush things. We are pretty sure that by the end of the article the System light will be ON, so let’s begin.

Restart The Router And The Modem

Simple and effective – we can use these exact words to describe this solution. If your router got buggy for some reason, and doesn’t act normally, a reboot will clear the cache, and when it boots up again there are high chances that the issue will be resolved. So, practically you have nothing to lose so:

  1. Unplug the router and modem from the electrical outlet.
  2. Leave them unplugged for 5-10 minutes
  3. Plug them back in.
  4. Give them some time to boot up completely.
  5. Check the system light. If it’s ON, great. If it’s OFF, then try the following solution.

Check The Cables

When it comes to checking the cables you specifically have to confirm that there are no damaged or loose connections. The best way to check this is to visually inspect each cable and disconnect and then connect everything. Please take your time here and make sure to check each cable on both sides. If there is a damaged cable, replace it. If there is a loose connection, do your best to make it sit tight.

Are You Affected By An Outage?

If your area has been affected by an outage you will see the System light off. The bad thing here is that you can’t do anything about it except to wait for your ISP to fix the problem on their side. However, it is good to confirm that this is the reason why you are seeing the Hughesnet System light Off.

Service outage

So, you can call the Hughesnet support team and check with them. Or you can use some third-party websites like Down Detector, to see whether other users have reported to have problems with their services.

If you confirm that you are affected by an outage, you’ll have to be patient. On the other side if outage is not the reason for the System light Off issue, try the following solution.

Problem at the NOC (Network Operations Center)

In case there is a problem at the NOC, all you need to do is to wait 15-20 minutes since it will correct on its own and you will be able to continue using your Internet connection as before. However, if the problem persists after that time it is recommended to get in touch with the Support.

Contact Hughesnet Support

Getting in touch with the support is usually the last step we recommend. However, if we try everything recommended in this article and there is no success, contacting the support is definitely the last solution.

If they can’t help you remotely, by checking the line and connection, and by guiding you through the troubleshooting steps, they can send a technician to check the problem personally and fix it. There is even an option to replace the device if they can’t fix the problem in another way.

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Final Thoughts

Having a stable internet connection is a necessity today since we know that almost all the devices in our household depend on it somehow, no matter whether it’s our laptop, smartphones, TV, printers etc. So, fixing it as soon as possible is a priority.

The Hughesnet System Light Off is a not so frequent issue, but when it appears it is important to know what to do on your own, before you get in touch with the support.

We hope that one of the solutions described in this article has helped you fix the issue. If it has, make sure to remember it for the next time a similar problem occurs.

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  1. Very good advice which generally does work. This time it did not and Hughes service is getting worse by the year. Have had Hughes in 3 different states where high speed not available. As of 1/6/24 takes 14days to get a tech. Calls to service unfruitful, cannot understand, seemingly lack of knowledge. Overall better than most but ready for Starlink


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