How to Increase Internet Speed on PS4? Get Faster Internet in a Few Minutes

With numbers of online gaming lovers on the rise, the Play Station 4 strives to provide an immersive experience. Sometimes, slow internet speeds ruin this as opponents kill players prematurely in the gaming world, or users have to wait for hours for game updates to download.

The fact that the file sizes of the games can be massive means that wait time can increase for up to a day. Slow internet also hinders your efforts of being a reliable team member in multiplayer games since it is hard to keep up with teammates. PS4 users have no worries as we give you the best and most effective solutions to increase your internet speeds.

How to Increase Internet Speed on PS4?

Quick Internet Speed Solutions 

This section looks at the quick actions you can take to improve your connection.

Firstly, stop any other online services, especially if you are downloading or updating a game to free up more bandwidth for this purpose.

Secondly, confirm that your service provider provides a reliable, fast connection as sometimes the problem could be away from your router and closer to your provider.

Thirdly, when downloading files and the connection seems slow, try pausing and resuming the download. It is a simple, effective trick that occasionally increases the connection speed.

If you do not intend to stream your gameplay, a connection of as low as 5Mbps can serve you well as long as it is stable. Ideally, a stable connection is more helpful than an unstable connection.

Below we look at more ways to improve your connection in detail.

  • Use a Wired Connection

Wired connections are always faster than wireless connections. If you’re using Wi-Fi on your PS4, consider switching to an Ethernet connection. Move the router close to your PS4 or acquire a longer cable that can get to your router. 

Alternatively, you can also use powerline adapters and connect your PS4 to that adapter using an Ethernet cable. The cables allow you to connect your router with your PS4 using electrical wiring. 

This hack is helpful, especially for the old PS4 before the slim versions.

To use an ethernet connection, disconnect the Wi-Fi connection and connect the router and PS4 via the LAN ports at the back of both devices.

After that, navigate to the Main menu and go to settings to select the Network options.

Under the network options, choose Set up Internet Connection and Use the LAN cable.

Select the Easy option, and your PS will automatically use the cable connection.

How to Connect PS4 to the Router Using an Ethernet Cable

  • Upgrade Your Internet Service

Your current internet connection might suit less demanding use scenarios. Contact your service provider to provide you with better speeds. However, this will require you to dig deeper into your pocket.

If you already subscribe to the fastest rates and all solutions you try to increase your speeds are futile, it might be time for a new ISP.

  • Change Your DNS Settings

The DNS service links you to the server that hosts your game or online playing or when you want to download a game. Based on what game you are accessing, you can change the DNS settings to have a faster connection to the relevant servers. This solution works for some people, so give it a try. If it does not solve your problem, worry not, as there are more solutions.

Click on Settings to get to the network, then set up an internet connection to change DNS settings.

Next, click on your connection type the select custom setup.

Next, click on Automatic IP settings, choose not to specify the DHCP hostname, and shift DNS settings to manual.

After that, use the Google DNS address for secondary and primary DNS. The DNS is as primary and as the secondary DNS.

For other equivalent DNS servers, you can use the Cloudflare’s and the open DNS

Choose not to use a proxy server and use automatic Maximum Transmission units.

How to Change Your DNS Settings on PS4

  • Update Your Firmware

To avoid any problems with electronic devices, always check for a new software release. Using outdated firmware on either your router or PS4 is an easy way to frustrate yourself with poor service delivery.

To update your PS4, go to Settings from your home menu and select system software update. If there is any software update, it will start automatically.

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To update the router firmware, make sure it shares an Ethernet connection with a computer, then visit the manufacturer’s website to download an update.

For installation, log into the router’s administration page using its IP address, and under advanced options, select Firmware update. Reboot the router and reconnect your PS4.

  • Engage Rest Mode 

Rest mode for the PS4 comes in handy, especially when downloading games or a software update. Rest mode ensures maximum bandwidth for the downloads you choose hence increasing the speeds.

Select Settings under the main menu and then click on the power save settings to initiate rest mode.

Then select the feature you want available while in rest mode, and choose to stay connected to the internet while in rest mode.

Long press the home button on your controller to engage in rest mode and enjoy a faster download that is uninterrupted.

How to Allow Games to Update in Rest Mode on PS4

  • Upgrade the Router

Not all routers are ideal for gaming speeds. Some manufacturers produce routers specifically for gamers, which could be your sign to get one. They include the Quality-of-Service (QoS) features for a smooth connection.

Your solution could also be as easy as getting a newer and better router to support more bandwidth frequencies.

Both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies play individual roles to better your connection. The 5GHz is stronger and works on shorter distances than the 2.4GHz that works over a longer distance but is slower.

They are both vital as routers can shift between the two to give you a constant connection.

  • Run the Troubleshooter

If you are still experiencing slow speeds, you can run your PS4’s troubleshooter as the cause could be something with the software that the troubleshooter can sort.

Boot the console into safe mode before running the troubleshooter. To ensure the problem source is not the router, troubleshoot it too to eliminate all possible low-speed causes.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, note that your PS4 speeds can only be as fast as your internet speed subscription. A long-term solution is to upgrade your Wi-Fi equipment so that you do not have to refer to his article every time connection speeds drop. If you still struggle with slow speed problems, consult a technician for a closer look.

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