Internet Goes Out When It Rains – Is There a Way to Fix It?

Rainy days are the right time to stay home where it’s warm and watch TV shows, movies or work from home, right? Even playing games is better when you know you are safe at home and nothing can upset you because you only watch the rain through the window. Well, all that quiet time you spend stops as soon as the internet goes out for a while, just because it rains. It is irritating, isn’t it?

Internet Goes Out When It Rains

When there’s a bad weather outside such as rain, wind, or a storm, a frequent occurrence is a bad signal, poorer Wi-Fi range, or a slower internet connection. Well, these are all small things that can be easily corrected or quickly restored to normal.

A bigger problem arises when a bad weather, like rain, causes major problems with the internet. There is no worse feeling then when the internet completely goes out due to rain. To prevent these things from happening again and to solve them easily, we have a few tips for you!

You Are Wondering Why That Happens All the Time?

There are several reasons why that happens, and we will list some of them to make it easier for you to understand. The first one would be damaged network infrastructure, like wet cables, tears, or something similar. 

Old Cables

Old cables are prone to all sorts of damage. Although they are built from waterproof and durable materials, they can easily wear out over time. Whether they are standing outside or under the ground, if some time passes, it is normal for them to be slightly or severely damaged. 

Overloaded Network

As you already know, when it raining outside, a large percentage of people sit at home and use the internet for various activities and flood the network. Therefore, the speed of the internet is decreasing drastically. Even though the overload doesn’t cause any physical damage to the network infrastructure, it does affect your internet speed. If the traffic is really high, the internet may even go out for a while.

Now that you have read some of the reasons for this problem, we are sure that you want to know how to solve it. 


Move the Cables Around Your House

Before you try any other solutions, try moving or switching around the Cables in your house. You don’t have to move or disconnect all of them, just ones that are connected to the router.

Cables that connect to other electronic devices can affect your router and cause the problem. This method will help if the rain has affected cables that do not have a direct connection to the internet. If the “moving the cables” method fails you, you should try the next one. 

Call the Internet Service Provider

If it is a matter of physical damage, all you can do is call the internet service. They will try to fix the problem as soon as the rain stops pouring. An employee that has been sent from the internet service cannot fix the damage while it is raining because he probably will not be able to find the fault immediately.

The first disadvantage of this way of solving physical damage is that the Internet will go out non-stop, or it will permanently disconnect from your device as long as the weather is bad.

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Another disadvantage is that some services do not know how to fix the problem properly or in an acceptable period. In that case, you should try finding a new service. But don’t worry, many services have steady employees who will be happy to respond anytime!

So, if you haven’t been able to fix your internet connection by calling service, this is one of the solutions. If you do not like it or are not able to complete the required steps, don’t worry, we have one more solution, so keep reading!

Consider Switching to Another Internet Provider

If it is not some physical damage and the problem can’t be solved with the first two steps, it is time to try Spectrum Internet! Do you wonder what Spectrum Internet is?

Well, here is an explanation: Spectrum Internet is the internet that uses a hybrid fiber-coaxial cable. That cable is very flexible and produces a strong connection that is difficult to interfere with any weather or other inconveniences. Also, Spectrum Internet provides its users download speeds never seen before, way faster than any other Wi-Fi, satellite, or DSL connection. 

Replacing traditional internet with faster and stronger one can help the fact that there would be no disconnection in bad weather. And if there is a problem with your Spectrum internet, you should not worry. Spectrum Internet customer service is always at your disposal in a matter of seconds.

In Conclusion

Your Internet connection goes out because of traditional old cables. They conduct electricity and that happens when it rains because they can be easily damaged. We all know how irritating it is when this nonsense interrupts our work or some activities at home.

We hope that we have helped you find the cause and solve your problem. You can continue working or enjoying your TV show, favorite movie, or a video game with your favorite drink and some snacks. Save this article in case you stumble upon something similar again.

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