2 thoughts on “Jio Fiber Router Login And Basic WiFi Network Security”

  1. password changing and SSID name change are good.

    But – what about settings like stateful packet inspection? QoS settings – that help with VPN connectivity if upload is set to higher (2 to 3 times the download setting) values etc.?

    I have a strange issue – my jiofiber — I am using a diff SSID – which is detected on my windows laptop , ubuntu desktop, android mobile : BUT the ubuntu desktop – which only detects the 2.4 ghz network – fails authentication repeatedly ( 10/11 times – 1 once in a while it connects by itself – w/o any change) , am using WPA2 /PSK — all defaults mentioned above – But am just unable to get internet / connect to jiofiber from my ubuntu (20.1x) version at all.

    Note – my wifi hotspot from android mobile – which is also a JIOnetwork sim – works fine in seconds.


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