McDonald’s Wi-Fi Accept Terms (Everything You Need to Know)

McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi to their customers in most of their restaurants across the globe. However, you must adhere to McDonald’s Wi-Fi accept terms and conditions to access the internet via the restaurant’s wireless network.

Previously, McDonald’s charged their customers hourly to use their Wi-Fi service. This is no longer the case. McDonald’s online service is now free. But to protect your privacy and data integrity, you have to accept the Wi-Fi terms and conditions.

When connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi, a splash page will pop up on your browser with a list of terms and conditions, which you must accept to get connected to the internet. 

Read on to find out more about the terms and conditions of McDonald’s free Wi-Fi and online services. 

McDonald’s Wi-Fi Accept Terms

Acceptable Uses and Restrictions

McDonald’s has stringent terms and conditions revolving around the use of their Wi-Fi service. 

First, you cannot use the free Wi-Fi for any unlawful or prohibited purposes. You also can’t delete, alter or change any trademark, copyright, or other proprietary notices.

It is important to note that the free Wi-Fi service uses network filters to protect customers from data breaches and harmful content.

Other restrictions include:

  • You cannot access pornographic content using McDonald’s Wi-Fi
  • You cannot access downloading sites
  • Accessing illegal websites is prohibited
  • Use of any unauthorized technology to access the Wi-Fi service is not acceptable
  • Customers cannot attempt to disable, overburden, damage, or gain unauthorized access to the Wi-Fi service


McDonald’s is a public Wi-Fi service, meaning your security and that of your devices is not a guarantee. A hacker might track your data and monitor your online activities.

You are responsible for all your connected devices and accounts, and any software used with McDonald’s online service. 

McDonald’s is not liable for any damages or losses incurred from using its Wi-Fi service. Besides, the restaurant does not guarantee that the Wi-Fi service will fully function on your devices or with any particular software.

Considering all these concerns, you must use McDonald’s Wi-Fi service carefully to protect your sensitive info.

Customer Data

When you connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi service, the system collects your data in the background. The restaurant may gather and retain your data for various purposes, primarily to improve its services.

Adhering to McDonald’s Wi-Fi accept terms means you understand and consent that the restaurant may retain and use your data. The fast-food chain utilizes customer data for internal purposes and won’t sell or share your private information with third parties.

Time or Data Limits

McDonald’s restaurants restrict the amount of data you can access and use with every visit, whenever you connect to their free Wi-Fi service.

Other eateries in this fast-food franchise have time limits on Wi-Fi connections, meaning you can connect to the establishment’s wireless network only to find yourself disconnected after a few minutes.

If you visit a McDonald’s restaurant that restricts data usage, you should expect a maximum of about 250 MB, which is hardly enough to livestream or watch your favorite video clips.

McDonald’s restaurants that have time limits have caps of about 60 minutes for every connection. You’ll be disconnected from the network after one hour.

Accepted Number of Users

McDonald’s restaurants limit the number of users that can access their free Wi-Fi service at any given time. The reason for this restriction is to save bandwidth and ensure connected devices enjoy fast internet speeds.

Overloading the network might lead to connectivity issues, giving customers a poor internet experience. For this reason, McDonald’s limits the number of accepted users. You cannot connect to the Wi-Fi service if the maximum limit is reached.

Wi-Fi Speed

McDonald’s is renowned for its high-speed Wi-Fi service. However, fast internet speeds are not always a guarantee. 

The Wi-Fi speed depends on several factors, including the number of connected devices, signal strength, Wi-Fi channel used, and radiofrequency.

Download Limits

Even though McDonald’s allows customers to download files from the internet, the restaurant has limits on how much data you can use. 

Some McDonald’s restaurants have limits of about 250 MB, while others have a download limit of 500 MB.

Third-Party Services

McDonald’s allows customers to visit and view various third-party websites as long as these sites are not prohibited or illegal. 

However, the restaurant is not liable for any losses or damages arising from visiting these third-party websites.

Limitations on Liability and Disclaimers

McDonald’s is not liable for any lost profits, lost business, lost data, personal injury, property damage, or incidental damages arising out of the use of their free Wi-Fi service or other online services.

The restaurant chain is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred by customers using their Wi-Fi service. McDonald’s reserves the right to file for compensation and recover damages under these terms and conditions.


McDonald’s Wi-Fi is absolutely free. However, if you want McDonald’s to grant you access to their free Wi-Fi, you have to accept their terms and conditions for online services. 

Follow the above Wi-Fi terms to enjoy fast internet whenever you visit this fast-food establishment near you.

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