How to Fix the Netgear Router Power Light Blinking?

The first thing to check whenever you are experiencing some issues with your wireless home network are the LED lights on your Netgear router. These lights tell us more about the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, the Internet signal, the connections between the wireless router and the devices connected to it and so on. One of the status lights that confuses most users is the Netgear Power light blinking.

This article will tell you more about what the blinking Power light indicates and how to fix the issue all by yourself.

netgear nighthawk router power light

Why is the Netgear Router Power Light Blinking?

Normally when we turn on our Netgear router the Power light will be amber (yellow, orange) for about 20-30 seconds and then it should change its color to white or green. In case the Power light doesn’t change its color or keeps blinking constantly then it indicates that there is a problem.

According to Netgear, depending on the router model the Power light can start blinking in three different colors, each indicating a different issue.

For example, if you are using a Netgear R8000 Nighthawk X6 AC3200 router if you see the Power light blinking amber or white it indicates that the router is in AP mode.

As for the other models a white blinking Power light or if the Power light is blinking slowly and continuously it indicates a corrupted firmware. And if the power light is blinking amber (orange, yellow) then you may have either pressed the Reset button or there is a firmware upgrade running at the moment.

How to Fix the Blinking Power Light on Your Netgear Router?

Although there are easier solutions to these issues we have to be careful when we troubleshoot the Power blinking light. One of the reasons for that is the firmware corruption or the ongoing firmware upgrade. If we turn off the router during a firmware upgrade it may result in corrupted firmware and that’s why we are going to check this first.

Automatic Firmware Update Running

Some Netgear routers have the option to automatically upgrade their firmware to the latest version. During this operation the router may restart automatically leaving you with no Internet connection until it boots up again. Normally this happens when there is least activity, between 1 and 4 am. However if you notice this happening during the day, login to your Netgear router and go to the Schedule or NTP setting and make sure your Local time is set up correctly.

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If there is an automatic firmware upgrade running in the background you will see the Power light blinking. Normally, this won’t take too long and the blinking should stop once the firmware upgrade completes. If this is the case of the Power light blinking you mustn’t interrupt the firmware upgrade process by shutting down the router or doing anything else until the process finishes.

Check the Power Adapter and the Cables

Sometimes the Power adapter may be the cause for the blinking Power light. To check whether it is causing the problem check whether it is firmly connected to the router and the power source. And it is also recommended to use an original power adapter supplied by Netgear.

Damaged cables may also cause the Power light to start blinking. If you have some spare cables try replacing them and see whether the problem is still there. In case a damaged cable was causing the problem, the Power light should stop blinking once you replace the cable.

Restart your Netgear Router

Restarting or power cycling the router is a pretty simple and highly effective task to do. In most cases it will fix the Power light blinking issue as well as some other issues you might have with your router. The whole procedure is extremely simple. Unplug the router from the power source. Leave it for some time. Some people would say 5 minutes while others will leave it for about half an hour. However, after that time plug the router back in to the power source and check whether the Power light is still blinking. If it is, move to the next solution or try restarting the router one more time.

Reload the Firmware to Your Netgear Router

In case your Netgear router doesn’t boot because of a corrupt router you can try reloading the router firmware onto the router using Windows TFTP. Netgear offers a detailed guide on how to do this properly and you can read the guide here or you can try searching for some videos online that explain the process:

The steps described in this guide require some basic networking knowledge so we highly recommend you to read the instructions first and proceed if you have understood what you need to do. However, if you are not too confident or you are afraid that you might mess things up we recommend contacting the Netgear support to help you with it.

Faulty Router

If the Power light keeps blinking even after you have tried everything recommended in this article it is possible that your router is damaged or malfunctioning. In this case it is recommended to contact the Netgear tech support.

Final Words

As you can see the Netgear Router Power light blinking is closely connected to the firmware. Thereofre we recommed updating the router firmware regularly in order to prevent any problems of this kind. If however, the firmware upgrade process fails fro some reasons and you see the Power light blinking again, you will know what to do.

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