No Internet Light on Sky Router: Possible Causes and Quick Fixes

Having a fast and stable internet connection is a must in today’s world. Almost every device we have in our household depends on our internet connection in order to work at its best. Therefore, it is understandable how disturbing it can be when we notice there is no Internet connection. In this article we are going to cover the problem of no internet light on Sky router, what are the possible reasons and what can we do to fix this issue.

no internet light on sky router

No internet light on Sky router – Possible reasons

Some of the possible reasons that may result in no internet light on your Sky router are:

  • Service outage or ongoing maintenance
  • Loose connections
  • Router powered off
  • Faulty microfilter
  • Faulty router

How to fix the No Internet light on Sky router issue

Although you can immediately contact Sky Support to help you fix the no internet light problem, there are some things you can do on your own first. They don’t require much time and they also don’t require some special technical knowledge in order to perform them. However, some of the solutions given below can actually help you fix the problem on your own.

So, let’s begin!

Check whether the router is plugged in

Normally if the router is not connected to the power source there will be no lights at all. All you need to do at this point is to check whether the router is plugged in and turned on. If this is not the case, move to the next step.

Check the connections

If you are not getting an internet connection there are high chances that there is a loose or damaged cable somewhere. Check whether all the cables (coaxial cable, network cable, power cable) are connected firmly and properly. Also check that the cables are not damaged.

Check for service outage or ongoing maintenance

An ongoing maintenance or a service outage may result in having no internet signal at all. As a result, there will be no internet light on your Sky router.

You can easily check this by signing into the Sky Service status page using your smartphone or tablet. Hopefully, the maintenance or service outage will be completed soon and you will be back and running in no time.

Restart your Sky router

This simple procedure resolves any issues most of the time. The easiest way to restart or reboot your Sky router is to unplug it from the electricity outlet. Then wait a little, for about 10 seconds and then plug it back into the electricity outlet. Wait until the router becomes stable again. Hopefully the no internet light on the Sky router will be fixed.

Factory reset the Sky router

If the restart doesn’t help you can reset the Sky router to factory settings. The procedure is also pretty simple but we leave it as a final solution because all the customization you have made earlier to the router (Wi-Fi password, SSID name etc) will be erased. This means you will have to set up your home network from scratch.

To factory reset the Sky router locate the Reset button at the back of the router. Use a paperclip or a pin to press and hold that button for about 10 seconds. The LED lights will turn off and turn on again. It will take some time (approximately five minutes) for the router to boot up completely. The Internet light should be on now.

Try replacing the microfilter or the router

faulty router or microfilter

It is very possible that a malfunctioning router or microfilter is causing the problem from the beginning. If you have a spare router or microfilter try connecting these instead. This will help you figure out whether one of these is causing the problem. Replacing the defective device should fix the problem.

Call Sky Support

Contacting the Sky support is our final solution for the problem. They have the option to test your line, connection and so on and do the troubleshooting remotely. If necessary they can send someone to your address to check where the problem is.

Final Words

We are pretty sure some of the solutions given above have helped you fix the No Internet Light on Sky router. As you can see all the solutions here are pretty simple and straightforward. However, if you are not sure how to do something or you are just not comfortable performing these procedures on your own,  getting in touch with the Sky support is always an option.

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  1. Pathetic service. spent 2 days trying to fix Catch up. I have a new card, new cables,many reboots and still no router connection. Calling for SKY help to India was a complete disaster who wanted my bank details and sell me SKYQ appeared the main priority. Worse than useless and wished me to have a nice day ……I am 92
    and not many left/


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