Orange Light on Belkin Router: Meaning and How to Fix It?

Just like with any other router, when our internet connection starts bugging or gets lost, we instantly take a look at the lights of our wireless router. Each light and its color tell us what’s happening so it’s always better to know these things. 

If you have a Belkin router, one of the issues you may come to is the orange light on Belkin router. We are going to try to explain what does it mean and how to fix the problem. After all, if you don’t fix the problem on your own, you will still have enough information when you ask your ISP support for help.

Please note that the orange light on the router is also named amber light, so to avoid confusion, in the following paragraphs we are going to use just the term ‘orange light’ because they are the same.

What does the orange light on my Belkin router mean?

When we talk about the orange light on Belkin router, we have to point out two situations: one is when that light is solid and when it’s blinking.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Solid Orange Light

A solid orange light on your Belkin router usually tells us that there is a connection between the modem and the router, but the modem isn’t connected to the Internet. In this situation you won’t be able to surf the Internet but here is what you can do to fix it.

  • Try some of the troubleshooting steps given below
  • In case a username and password are required by your ISP check whether you have typed these login details correctly.
  • Visit the official website of your Internet Service Provider and check if there are some specific requirements or maybe you have a static connection. Maybe you have to configure the router according to them.
  • Setup the router manually. Just follow the instructions given in the manual.

Blinking Orange Light

When the orange light on your Belkin router is blinking it means that your router is unable to detect the mode. The possible reasons for that are:

  • The modem is turned off
  • The modem isn’t connected to the router with a cable
  • The modem is unresponsive.

How to fix orange flashing light on Belkin router?

When we try to resolve any problems with our computer or other devices we should always begin from the basic and simple things first. It means checking the connections, restarting the device, in this case the modem and the router.

Check the connections

So, first check whether the Ethernet cable is properly connected and that connections are firm. If the Belkin light is still orange continue to the next step.

A faulty Ethernet cable can also case this problem, so if possible, try connecting the modem and the router with another one.

Power cycle the modem and the router

Power cycling the router and the modem can resolve this issue and as you are going to see it’s quite simple.

1. Unplug both the router and the modem from the power source and leave it that way for about 30 seconds.

2. Check whether the modem and the router are properly connected using the Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable should go from the modem to the router’s WAN port.

WAN port on Belkin router

3. Plug the modem into the power source first. Power ON your modem first, and then do the same with the router.

Wait for the lights to stabilize. Hopefully the orange light should be gone by now. If it’s still there you can continue.

Clone the MAC address on your Belkin router

1. Connect your PC or laptop to the router wirelessly or using the network cable. Make sure to connect the cable to one of the four LAN ports.

2. Login to your Belkin router. Here is a detailed guide on how to login using the Belkin router default IP

3. In the Internet WAN settings section locate MAC address and click on it.

4. Click the Clone button and click SAVE.

Now it will take a little time for the router to reboot. After it finishes rebooting perform the power cycle to the router as described above. Unplug it from the poser source and plug it in back after 30 seconds. Wait for the lights to stabilize. And the restart your laptop or computer.

Hopefully, the orange blinking light will disappear.

Update the Belkin router firmware

Updating the Belkin router’s firmware can also fix this issue. Before you begin it’s recommended to backup the Belkin router settings.

Please note that it is highly recommended to connect the computer and the router directly using an Ethernet cable for increased stability. Updating router firmware via the wireless connection is not recommended.

If your Belkin router has automatic firmware update you can use this feature. Just check for a new firmware version and if there is any run the automatic upgrade and let the router do all the work.

You can also update the router firmware on your own, and if you choose to do that you can follow these steps:

1. Write down the router model and version number.

2. Visit the Belkin support website and type in the router model. Click on the router, and in the next window on Downloads/Firmware.

3. In the next window you will need to select the router version and then Download. You will be asked to save a .bin file.

4. Now, login to your Belkin router.

5. Locate the Utilities section in the left-hand menu, and then click on Firmware Update.

6. Click Browse and find the .bin file you have just downloaded on your computer.

7. Select the firmware and click on Update.

8. Click OK to continue with the upgrade and then click OK again.

9. You will see the firmware upgrade status.

10. Wait a little after the firmware upgrade finishes and click OK when the router finishes rebooting.


In case the firmware update process fails or gets interrupted you need to power cycle the router and the computer and run the update again after that. If it fails again you will need to reset the router to factory defaults and then try to update again.

If you don’t have internet connection you will have to restore the router settings you have backed up earlier.

If nothing of the above fixes the orange light on Belkin router you will need to reset the router to factory settings and set it up from scratch.

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