The Easiest Ways to Fix the Post Office Broadband Problems (5 Ways to Fix It)

The Post Office internet service is among the most popular ones and it should provide customers with a strong internet connection. However, that may not always be the case. If you’re experiencing Post Office broadband problems, we’re coming to the rescue! Here are the easiest ways to get your connection back!

Post Office

1. Make Sure that Everything is Securely Connected

Loose or damaged cords can affect the quality of your internet connection. That is why they should be the first thing you check when trying to fix your broadband problems, especially if you’ve been using your router for a long time.

You can begin the troubleshooting process by going to the wireless router and checking all of the cables connected to the device. Firstly, you should verify whether they are securely plugged into the router. Then, you can check their state. In case you notice some changes on a particular cord, you should definitely replace it with a new one. Luckily, you will be able to find cables for most routers in any hardware store and on Amazon.

2. Find an Optimal Location for Your Router

Another common reason for broadband issues is the bad location of the router. Just like any device that emits signals, routers could face disruptions if you don’t place them properly. On the official Post Office website, you can find some useful tips on where to put your device in case you use their services.


In general, routers should never be placed on the floor or near walls and doors. That’s because large objects could interfere with the signal. Moreover, other electrical devices can cause some issues as well.

Since large objects are common culprits of the poor internet signal, any bigger pieces of furniture should also be kept further away from the router. You should make sure that the space between your router and the device you’re connecting to the internet is as clear as possible.

In addition, Bluetooth gadgets could also interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. If you’ve properly placed the router and you still face signal disruptions, you should turn off all of your Bluetooth devices and try connecting to the internet again.

3. Poke Around the Master and Test Phone Sockets

The Post Office broadband needs a phone line to work. That is why your Master phone socket is vital for your internet connection. Any kind of issues with this phone socket would result in you having internet connection problems. Therefore, you should go to your Master phone socket to check whether everything is working properly.

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First of all, you should always connect your router to the Master phone socket for the optimal connection. Many of the sockets will require the use of microfilters.

You should also make sure that the filters are properly installed. That’s because they will enable your broadband to work at the same time as your phone line without any disruptions. Every phone socket with one port will require microfilters in order to work.

On the other hand, Master phone sockets with two ports are already pre-filtered and you won’t need any additional filters. You’ll simply have to plug your phone into one port and the router in the other.

Use a Test Phone Socket

In case you suspect there’s something wrong with your Master phone socket, you should connect the router to the test socket and try to connect to the internet. To do that, you should first unplug anything that’s connected to your phone socket, including the microfilters. Then, unscrew the faceplate of the master socket or squeeze the sides of the faceplate doesn’t have screws.

There’s a chance that the front cover won’t remove completely, which is normal and you shouldn’t try to forcefully open it all the way. Once you successfully remove the faceplate, you should plug a microfilter into the test socket, which is usually on the right side. Then, plug the grey broadband cable of your router into the microfilter port which has ADSL written on it. You will now be able to test out your connection.

Perform a Speed Test

A speed test will be pretty useful if you’re connecting to the test socket as the higher speed will be a good indicator that something is wrong with the Master phone socket. To run a speed test, you could go to any speed testing website online. 

Speed Test

If you notice that your internet connection is much faster, the Master socket is to blame. In case the Master socket is the cause of your issue, that means you have a problem with internal wiring. You’ll need to contact an electrician as you shouldn’t poke around the wiring of your home.

4. Use the Ethernet Cable

The fastest way to get a stronger wireless signal is with the help of an Ethernet cable. You should take the yellow Ethernet cord that came with your router and plug one end into the router.

The other end should go into the device you want to connect to the internet. Then, you can run a speed test again to check if everything is working properly. You could also simply try to access your favorite websites and see whether that access is easier with the Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cable

The Ethernet cord will almost always provide a stronger signal. However, in case there is a larger difference between using the cable and connecting to the internet regularly, you can be almost certain there is something in your house that’s disrupting the wireless signal. You can go to the second tip of this article to double-check whether you’ve properly placed your router.

5. Buy a Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi Extender

You might not even have an actual problem with the signal or the phone line. There is a chance that your house is too big and your router isn’t able to provide you with a strong enough signal for every room in your house.

If you suspect that’s your issue, you can start your search for a Wi-Fi signal extender. Thankfully, there are many great products on the market and you’ll easily be able to find a perfect one for you.

Final Thoughts on Post Office Broadband Problems

In most cases, you’ll be able to solve your Post Office broadband problems in a matter of minutes! If you still face some issues, you could try to cut down your video streaming and download large files during the evenings, as those times are usually the busiest.

In case you weren’t able to solve your problem using our tips, you might have to contact Post Office customer support. That might be the only way to fix your broadband situation.

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