My Sky Internet is Not Working (Causes and Solutions)

Sky is one of the most reputable internet providers out there. However, even the best services sometimes fail. Thankfully, the company’s fantastic customer service and well-organized help center will help you deal with your issue in no time. 

Sky Internet

But, that process usually takes a couple of days. If you don’t want to wait that long to solve the problem, there are a couple of things you can do before contacting Sky. Today, we’re teaching you all about the easiest ways to fix the Sky internet connection issues!

1. Check the Service Status in Your Area

Your Sky router might not be the cause of the issue. Occasionally, there is maintenance work or faults which could affect internet services in your area. Thus, you won’t have to do anything but wait for the repairs to be over.

Luckily, you can quickly check whether there is any maintenance work in the place where you live on the official Sky website. To do that, you’ll need to sign in with your Sky ID.

2. Test the Sky Hub Yourself

If there’s no maintenance work in your area, the problem is probably with your Sky internet. Depending on what’s happening to the power light on the hub, there are a few things you can do.

The following steps will vary depending on whether you have the regular Sky hub or the Sky Q one.

What to Do if You Have a Regular Sky Hub

As we mentioned, you will have to check the state of the power light that’s on the hub. You’ll find this light on the highest point of the device.

The Power Light is Off

If the power light is off, the issue is most certainly with the electricity. So, your first step will be inspecting if all of the cords are correctly plugged into the hub. The blue power cable is essential, so start with that one. 

The Power Light is Off

You should also check whether the wires are damaged. If everything is perfectly plugged in, you could check if you have an issue with a faulty electrical socket. For this action, you’ll need to unplug the hub from the electrical socket.

The next step is to plug in any other device you know it’s working to see whether the socket has power. You can then switch the hub back on. With this action, you will also reboot the router which may also solve connection issues.

The Power Light is Flashing White

When the power light flashes white, it means that the hub is upgrading the software. As a result, the internet connection could break for a short period of time. In case it takes the router over 15 minutes to upgrade, you might want to download the Sky Hub recovery tool. You can find it on the official Sky website.

The Power Light is Amber

The amber power light can mean different things. That’s why you should inspect whether the amber color is flashing or not. If it’s flashing, the router is in recovery mode. In most cases, the recovery mode automatically turns on after a software upgrade. So, you should wait for a few minutes for this normal process to end.

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In case it takes your hub a long time to recover, you should reset it. You do that by simply holding the “reset” button for about a minute. Then, you should wait for the lights to turn back on and check whether you now have an internet connection.

On the other hand, the dim amber light means there’s a fault in the router. It’s pretty difficult to resolve this one on your own, which is why it’s best to contact Sky customer support. They’ll discuss the options with you.

Steps for Sky Q Hub Owners

The power light on the Sky Q hub is the first one from the left. It has “power” written underneath it.

The Power Light is Off

Just like with the regular Sky hub, the power light being off usually means there’s a problem with power. Thus, you should examine whether all of the cables are perfectly plugged in. Moreover, it’s best to also check if the router’s power socket is working. No matter what happened, plugging the router in and out would reboot it, which might solve the problem.

The Power Light is Flashing Amber

The flashing light in amber means that the hub is in recovery mode. You should reset it in case it takes too long for the light to go back to normal. You’ll do that by holding the reset button for around 10 seconds. But, keep in mind that this action will also reset the settings of the router and the Wi-Fi password. Thus, you’ll have to set it up all over again.

The Power Light is Red

If the power light on your Sky Q hub is red, that means there’s a fault in the router. Before you start poking around the hub, you should contact customer support. They might be able to provide some answers on what’s going on with the internet connection.

3. Run Tests via Your Sky ID

In case you tried everything, and you still have issues with your Sky internet, it’s best to get in touch with Sky in order to receive help for the connection problems. You should use your Sky ID to sign in and then report the issue with the platform. 

Sky ID

In most cases, Sky will run tests on your connection and offer a few solutions to the problem. If you don’t have the Sky ID, you can go to the official website to create an account. It will only take up a few minutes.

In Conclusion

So many things can cause problems with the internet connection. Depending on the state of the power button of your Sky hub, the severity of the issue can vary, and it might take a few days for you to get your connection back.

Luckily, Sky has excellent customer service and online support options. Thus, even if you’re not able to fix the problem immediately, you might be able to solve all of the issues by yourself after contacting the company via the Sky ID.

It’s not easy to live without an internet connection! So, we hope we made the process a bit less stressful for you. See you in the next one!

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