Spectrum Connected But No Internet: How to Fix It?

We’ve had quite a few topics covering any issues regarding Spectrum as an ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, we haven’t covered the issue when our Spectrum is connected but there’s no internet.

That’s why we decided to speak about possible solutions for this problem, and the things we can do on the network to fix it. But we’re also going to discuss things we can do on our device to fix connection issues.

spectrum connected but no internet

Spectrum Connected But No Internet On Network

There are five things we can do to the hardware and the network components to try to fix the issue. We can change the modem, inspect the wiring, switch to a wired connection, do a factory reset of the modem, or tweak the settings of our gateway or router.

Change Modem/Gateway

Sometimes, we’re just running our network on an outdated device, and this is the main issue. If you’ve been a long-term subscriber, and you haven’t upgraded your device in a long time, it’s the perfect moment to think about upgrading.

After a year or two of being one ISP’s subscriber, the ISP usually has a new modem/gateway released to improve your satisfaction and provide better service. It’s good to stay updated and check if a new device is available now and then.

Check the Wiring

It’s not uncommon for our wiring to be damaged. Maybe the modem is losing power, or there’s a power interruption because the cable is broken. Also, it can be something wrong with the coaxial cables, or any other type of cable that we’re using.

When there’s a modem + router setup, we need to check if the Ethernet cable connecting the two works correctly. Try using a different cable to see if the issue is fixed. If that doesn’t fix the issue, we need to try something else.

Try a Wired Connection

To see if there’s something wrong with our wireless connection, we need to switch to a wired connection. Try connecting the device with an Ethernet cable to see if we have internet access in that case.

Modem Factory Reset

Almost every modem, router, or gateway has a Reset button on the back. We need to find a needle or a paperclip and push the button for at least 30 seconds. The device should revert to its factory settings. This might get the internet working well.

Tweak Settings

We can see if there’s a firmware update available for our device, and we can try resetting the wireless radios just to see if that works. However, Spectrum has different routers, modems, and gateways. So, we’ll go over the settings for the most common ones:

  • Arris: Go to the devices settings page by entering, the username is cusadmin, and the password is on your modem. Go to the Wireless section, and in the Basic Setup tab, tick the Enable Wireless box and hit Apply.

Once you apply the settings, the page will reload, and we need to repeat the same steps. Keep in mind that you have to switch to a wired connection before you do this because once you disable the wireless, you’ll be kicked out of the settings page.

  • Netgear: Go to www.routerlogin.net, and enter admin for both the username and password. We need to go to the Advanced tab and select Advanced Setup. Once there, we need to go to the Wireless Settings.

Then, we need to uncheck the Enable Wireless for both the radios and hit Apply. We need to have a wired connection for this to work. Repeat the steps to enable the radios, and everything should work fine.

  • Ubee: Type into the address bar and enter your credentials to log in. If you’ve never logged in before, you need to create a new login. So, choose the username and password you’d like.

Once you log in to your Ubee router, go to the Gateway section and WLAN. Disable the 2.4 GHz radio and click Apply. Do the same for the 5 GHz radio, and the page should refresh both times. Finally, when you connect, you’ll have internet access.

Spectrum Connected But No Internet Windows 10 Fixes

The reason our Spectrum is connected but there’s no internet might not even be something related to the hardware or the network itself. It might be something related to our device, the DNS (Domain Name System), the adapter, or the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack.

Flush DNS

It’s quite easy to flush the DNS on a Windows 10 operating system. We just need to right-click on the Windows button in the lower-left corner. Select Windows PowerShell (Admin), and a blue window opens.

Finally, the only thing we need to do when the blue window opens is type ipconfig /flushdns. Hit Enter and the DNS cache will be cleared. Try opening a website on your browser to see whether it worked.

If you’re experiencing no internet access on a Mac, you need to click on the Search button. Type Terminal, and open it once you see it in the results. When you do that, you need to enter the command sudo dscacheutil -flushcache and hit Enter.

Another command you should run is the sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder. After you’ve run both these commands, the DNS cache should be cleared on your Mac. You can try accessing the internet.

Network Troubleshooter

We can always run the automated troubleshooter on Windows 10. Just right-click on the connection icon in the lower right corner, and select Troubleshoot problems. This will automatically run diagnostics on your connection and it should fix the issue.

Network Troubleshooter

TCP/IP Stack Reset

In Windows, we can open the Windows PowerShell (Admin) by right-clicking on the Windows icon and choosing it from the menu. Once it opens, we need to type in netsh int ip reset and hit Enter. The TCP/IP stack is going to be reset.

For Mac users, the process is a little different because we need to click on the Apple icon, go to System Preferences, and we need to click on Network. Once there, we need to click on the network we’re connected to and select Advanced…

Once we select the advanced options, there’s going to be a TCP/IP tab we can click on, and there’s a button that says, Renew DHCP Lease. Once we click on it, we need to click on OK. That should do the job.

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Now we know what we need to do when we notice that Spectrum is connected but there’s no internet. We can act on two fronts. One of them is the hardware and the wiring, and all the other things unrelated to our device.

The other things we can do are related to the device we’re trying to connect to the internet. If none of the solutions work, then we should get a technician to see what the problem is. As a last resort, contact support and see if they can help.

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