Spectrum Internet Cuts Out Every Hour (Troubleshooting Tips)

Spectrum subscribers enjoy various features thanks to the ISPs’ effort to improve internet connectivity. A constant and stable network makes life easier, whether in business or at home. So, what do you do when your Spectrum connection decides to be unstable at almost an hourly rate?

Keep reading as we look at the various reasons your Spectrum internet connection is cutting out constantly. We will also look at what you can do to solve this and prevent it from happening in the future.

Spectrum Internet Cuts Out Every Hour

Why Does Spectrum Cut Out Every Hour?

Spectrum internet may cut out because of problems from your end or the ISP’s end. 

Rule out problems from your end by trying to connect other devices when the Spectrum internet drops.

Your router and modem could also have a problem, most likely with the cable connection

Alternatively, Spectrum could be having issues from their end, especially on delivering internet to your home.

If you have the modem and router (two separate devices), try disconnecting the router from the modem. Then connect to the modem via an ethernet cable and check if there is internet on your device.

If your internet is working fine, the problem is probably with the router. Consider returning it to Spectrum for exchange with a new one.

 Let us look at other possible causes and solutions you could try to fix your internet.

Software Bug

Spectrum equipment has software that facilitates all the router and modem functions. Therefore, the firmware can malfunction from to time due to various reasons.

To rule out a software bug, reboot your router and modem.

  • You can reboot your Spectrum gadgets by first unplugging the router’s power cord
  • Then unplug the power cable from the modem if you have one.
  • Give the router and modem at least five minutes before plugging them back in.
  • First, plug the modem, then the router, and give them some time to reconnect.
  • Once all the indicator lights are on, you can try reconnecting to the internet.

Remember to remove the batteries from your modem if it has any; otherwise, it beats the purpose of a reboot.

If the constant dropping issue is caused by a temporary bug, power cycling should resolve it. However, if that does not work, consider resetting your router and modem

A reset would clear all previous settings and undo any firmware changes affecting your connection.

The simplest way to reset your modem is to use the reset button on the back of the unit. You can reset it if you:

Press the receding reset button with a pin or uncoiled paper clip for approximately 15 seconds or until the modem goes off.

reset button

  • You can also reset your router by visiting the spectrum page.
  • Once there, log in with your Spectrum ID and password.
  • Then go to the Account Summary page and click the services tab
  • Select the Internet tab from the Services and equipment option
  • Select the router from the devices list and click on Experiencing issues?
  • Select reset equipment and wait for the router to restart.

You should reset the modem first then the router if you use the router and modem combo.

Malware on Your Devices

Your problem could be caused by viruses on your device.

If the internet drops when using it on your laptop, a virus is probably affecting your device.

Consider installing a legitimate antivirus program that will hopefully clean your device. Alternatively, you can use Spectrum’s security suite to protect and clear malware on your devices.

Signal Interference

It is improbable for signal interferences to occur on an hourly interval. However, signal interferences can happen from time to time leading you to assume it has established a pattern. 

Signal interferences are notorious, especially in urban homes where almost every house broadcasts a wireless signal.

The Spectrum modems and routers use dual-band signals to sustain wireless connectivity and be compatible with a broader range of devices. The 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands have different properties that lead to signal interference.

The 2.4GHz band travels further than the 5Hz band; therefore, a neighbor’s router could be broadcasting over a radius that includes your house. 

So, assuming multiple 2.4GHz signals interact with your router, the 2.4GHz signal connections on your device will weaken. To overcome this, you can try using an ethernet connection instead.

Also, other wireless devices like baby monitors, wireless headphones, and cordless phones emit frequencies at 2.4GHz. Therefore, move further from them or switch them off and test your connection.

The steps to disable Wi-Fi broadcasting differ depending on your Spectrum’s modem model. Spectrum provides the manuals for the different models; therefore, choose one that applies to you.

Firmware and Device Incompatibility

Router and modem models are updated at least once every two years. Spectrum continually offers better services, hence why they conduct regular updates.

If your internet drops within a constant range of one or two hours, your devices’ software and the router’s firmware could be incompatible.

Fortunately, you can remedy this by performing updates on both devices, and hopefully, that will stop your internet from constantly cutting out.

Cable Connections

If your internet keeps dropping, you should ensure all the cables are going to the correct ports. It is easy to neglect internet wires, especially if you assume the internet problem is a software issue.

Also, check that the cables are in good condition to transmit data between the necessary devices. Ensure the power cord is firmly connected to the modem to facilitate a constant power supply.

You can use a Time-Domain Reflectometer (TDR) to check on the status of your cables.

Additionally, you should check if there is any voltage out of the coax outlet in your home. If a voltmeter registers some voltage, your connection has an issue that requires a technician to sort.

The voltage on the coaxial line means grounding is disconnected somewhere along the line. Therefore, any voltage that gets into your modem’s coax port will cause the internet to drop constantly.

Router/Modem Components

Some router models that use the Puma 6 intel chipset face regular internet drops. 

The problem has also been seen on models with Puma Intel 7 chipsets; however, it is not as common as with the Puma 6 chipsets. 

Therefore, your best bet is to avoid routers with intel chipsets since Spectrum will probably deny knowing about the issue.

The complete list of affected models is available, and you should check if your modem and router are listed. 

Another way of identifying if your modem has the chipset is to check the packaging it comes in. There should be an Intel logo, and that is one telltale sign.

If you are confident your router has either of the chipsets, you should consider using a third-party router like Google Nest.

Router/Modem Overheating

The Spectrum routers and modems are built to withstand long operation hours without caving into the pressure. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the router may overheat, causing it to stop working momentarily. The next time the internet cuts out, give the modem a few minutes to cool down before restarting it. 

Additionally, you should ensure it is in a location that allows free air circulation to prevent further overheating.

Bandwidth Strain

Connecting too many devices to your router will stretch the available bandwidth to capacity. Once your internet speeds cannot handle the devices, the system may kick some out to optimize the connection. 

You can sort this by disconnecting other devices that are not using the internet and testing the connection once more.

Bottom Line

If your Wi-Fi keeps dropping hourly even after trying all the above-listed troubleshooting measures, you should contact customer support. It might take some time before a technician is sent to your place; therefore, you should be resilient. When the technician visits, remember to ask him to check cables from the pole as they could be the reason why your internet is dropping.

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