The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available (Why Do I Get This Message & How to Fix It?)

Life comes with different situations, and there is this moment when you feel like confiding in someone or passing important messages. It is very disappointing to call someone at such a critical moment, and the response from the other side is ‘the wireless customer is not available….’ It is becoming common nowadays, which calls for questions from different users and the need to troubleshoot the problem. Various factors call for the occurrence of this incident but first, what does it mean?

The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available

What Does it Mean?

The wireless customer you are calling is not available” means that the receiver of the wireless call is not currently available to respond to the call ring. Wireless communication transfers information from one party to the other without any physical connectivity. That has been the most applicable mode of communication for a lengthy time now.

Wireless communication is standard these days as a result of technological innovations. This form of communication is faced with different challenges. Some are intentional, while others are out of our reach. The message ‘the wireless customer is not available’ basically passes the information that the recipient you are trying to reach is unavailable.

Different reasons and factors affect the availability of a wireless customer. Such factors include poor connection, poor mobile coverage, the phone operator being off, or the number being blocked. In most cases, if the connection and range at your side are excellent, the problem is on the receiver’s side. However, in worst-case scenarios, the message sender can be the problem.

Contributing Factors to the Unavailability  of a Wireless Customer

Contributing factors can be from the sender or receivers’ side.

Power Outage

Lack of power. There are countless times one forgets to charge the communicating device, which can also be attributed to the lack of electricity. Secondly, sometimes one opts to take a break from the device by switching it off and forgetting to switch it on. Sometimes the phones ‘operate’ themselves, especially when they are pocketed. The phone might go off without the user’s consent.

Poor Coverage

Connection and signal blackspots happen all the time regardless of where an individual lives. In this case, there is nothing to be done until the receiver moves to a different area with better connectivity and coverage. Thus, connectivity can affect the sender’s ability to make calls.

The Block List

The sender or the receiver is blocked “on the block list.” Blocking an individual is like temporarily deactivating the communication abilities. That means that neither the sender nor receiver can reach the other one.

Settings and Customer Limitations

Sometimes, you try to reach wireless customers whose phone number does not support incoming calls. It is common for organization numbers to use this option from the phone settings. Some wireless connections are set private and used for outgoing communication.

What Should Be Done?

Now that we have analyzed some of the contributing factors to this problem, the next question is how to fix the problem. You can consider the following actions to troubleshoot the problem: The first and obvious fix is trying to call later; it works in most instances.

  • Give it Time

Time is the common and obvious fix. The most common reason for the unavailability of an individual is poor network coverage. If this is the leading cause, the individual will be automatically available after a short period.

  • Leave a Text Message

Even though phone calls cannot go through, a text message might get to them. You should send a text message informing the recipient of the attempt to look for them in such an instance. Thus it will alert the receiver. One can also leave a message on the customer’s social media page.

  • Check the ‘Blocked Contact’ List

The blocked contact list contains several individuals who have been temporarily denied the chance to contact. An individual can add someone to the blocked list intentionally or unintentionally. It is essential to check if the wireless customer you are trying to reach is on the blocked contact list. If the number is on the blocked list, unblock it and try contacting them again.

  • Try Reaching Other Numbers

Yes, we have just stated that the problem is not you. Still, you need to confirm this. So, try contacting different contacts and customers. If the feedback from the various customer is the same error message ‘the wireless customer is not available,’ it means you are the problem, and this calls for another fix.

  • Restart Your Device

If you can’t reach any contact from your contact list and always get the same error message, the problem is with your phone. In this case, it is essential to restart your device, remove the sim card, give it time and reboot it to confirm the changes. If there is no change, we pass the problem to the specialists.

  • Reach the Customer Care or Service Provider

If you are the problem and the number is not on the blocked contact list, you might be experiencing issues with your connectivity and coverage, which your service provider can solve. Reach your service provider or customer care for more information and insights on the problem.


Unfortunately, this voicemail message is standard these days, and it is not easy to determine the cause of the problem. You can only solve the problems on your side. Otherwise, one must wait till the receiver solves the problem on his end and becomes available again.

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