Verizon Fios Box Keeps Rebooting

With almost every piece of hardware, we have that frustrating situation where it’s off and on again. When the Verizon Fios Box keeps rebooting, it’s the same situation and the same feeling. It’s like when you start your car and it needs a little push to keep working.

So, how do we keep the car running for a smooth drive? Or, in this case, how do we keep the Fios Box from rebooting? First, we need to understand how a Fios Box works, the reasons it keeps rebooting, and then we can discuss how to fix it.

How Does a Fios Box Work?

The Verizon Fios Box is a standard STB  (Set-top box) that’s used to watch satellite TV, cable TV, and other types of television. It receives a signal through different types of mediums, a satellite dish, a coax cable, a telephone line, etc.

Verizon Fios Box

The STB has a TV-tuner input, a device that takes the television frequency and converts it into output that contains audio and video signals. These signals are transformed into content on your TV screen. This is a simplified explanation.

Reasons Verizon Fios Box Keeps Rebooting

Apart from general reasons something’s not working properly like improper configuration, bad parts, or simply bad handling, we have the most common reasons our Verizon Fios Box keeps rebooting:

  • Location of the terminal: The first thing is the terminal. Verizon uses a fiber-optic network to provide internet, TV, and other services. This means that they have a great transmission speed, but the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) needs to be concealed for the speed and connection to work well.
  • Home automation: We get more and more home automation devices and tools day in and day out, and these usually disrupt some services that we use regularly. So, we might need to look at that a little.
  • Router glitch: There’s always a possibility that the router is faulty, and it simply needs a replacement or just a reboot. However, even when we need to reboot it, we need to do it correctly, or the issue will persist.
  • Interrupted firmware update: An interrupted update can cause issues, and one of them might be constant rebooting. That’s why we might need to do a reset of the STB and the modem to ensure everything works correctly.
  • Faulty cables: One of the main reasons your Fios Box can keep rebooting is an interrupted power supply because of the faulty cables. So, it keeps losing contact and rebooting.

How to Fix Verizon Fios Box?

There are suitable solutions for the previously listed reasons. To prevent our Verizon Fios Box from constantly rebooting, we might need to do something about the location of the ONT, we might need to disable some devices, reset the modem, reboot the network, or replace cables.

Disabling Home Automation Devices

If you have home automation devices such as hubs that help you control electronic devices across your home, these might interfere with your Fios Box, and you might need to get rid of them. Some users report this as a fix for the issue.

Or, you might want to see if you can get a home automation solution that works better for you and doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the other devices in your home.

Reset Router

We need to turn on the router until it’s functioning normally, and then we need to find the Reset button on the back of the router. Once we find the reset button, we need to press it with a paperclip for at least 30 seconds.

The router will reboot and all the settings will revert to factory settings. You’ll be able to assign a new username and password as your router login credentials. Now, you can do a little tweaking of your router’s settings.

Reboot the Devices

Another more or less sure way to get everything to work normally is to simply reboot it. We suggest starting with the modem, and then everything else. First, you need to turn off all the devices connected to the internet.

Then, you need to start with the modem. So, turn on the modem until it establishes full functionality, then turn on the rest of the devices connected to it, including the Fios Box. This should prevent any future issues for some time.

Replace the Cables

Another thing to do is check the cables to see if they’re damaged. We can easily do this by replacing the ethernet cable and checking if there’s a connection with the new one. If there’s no connection something’s wrong with the router, modem, or the box itself.


If there is a good connection, and the Fios Box stops rebooting, you can simply get a new ethernet cable and it’s going to work perfectly.

Moving the ONT

Our ONT can suffer damage due to poor weather conditions, and this is one of the most commonly reported reasons. So, we need to contact our ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get a technician to move the ONT.

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Or, they simply might send a technician to check if everything is as it should be if all the components are in place. This is probably the best course of action if you’ve done everything else and nothing worked.


Knowing how an STB works, and what the reasons our Verizon Fios Box keeps rebooting are, we can now try fixing it. Make a checklist of these fixes, and regard them as troubleshooting steps. Once you finish the list, the problem should go away.

If none of these steps help, you might want to consider getting a new STB or simply changing your provider because sometimes it’s not about the devices, the issue is about the service provider. If you’re not getting a good service, you should change it.

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