Verizon Fios Router Blinking Blue: 5 Ways To Fix It

Unlike some other routers that have multiple LED lights, the Verizon Fios router comes with a Unified Button that changes its color depending on the status of the network. Knowing what each color tells us is important because it can help us find a solution for a specific problem much faster.

In this article, we are going to see what we can do when our Verizon Fios router is blinking blue and what it means.

So, let’s start!

the unified button on Verizon Fios router

Verizon Fios Router Blinking Blue: Meaning?

According to the manual, the Verizon Fios blinking blue light indicates that the router is into WPS pairing mode. Basically, you press the WPS button and the router will start searching for a WPS-enabled device. During this time, it will be blinking blue.

Once your Verizon Fios router connects to the device, the LED light will become solid blue.

However, the problem is when the blue blinking light continues for more than the standard two minutes.  and the connection has failed. There are several different reasons for this and in the following paragraphs, we are going to see what they are and how you can fix this problem on your own.

How To Fix The Verizon Fios Router Blinking Blue?

Here are some tested solutions for this issue. Take your time and try them one by one.

Move The Devices Closer

The first reason why the WPS pairing wasn’t successful could be that the distance between the Verizon router and the WPS-enabled device was greater than allowed. As a result, the signal between these two devices is weak and thus, the WPS pairing will fail.

Therefore, move the router and the device closer to each other and try to pair them again. If they connect then great, if not, it means something else is causing the problem. In that case, try the following solution.

Power-Cycle Your Verizon Fios Router

This is one of the basic troubleshooting steps that has proven to be very effective.

Make sure that the router is switched off and then disconnect the Power cable from the power source. Now wait a few minutes and connect the power cable back in. Switch the router on and wait till it boots up. After a few minutes press the WPS button again for more than two seconds and try to pair the Verizon Fios router with the WPS-enabled device.

If the blue blinking light doesn’t stop and the connection fails, try the following.

Power-Cycle Your WPS-Enabled Device

When you restart your WPS-enabled device the process is pretty much the same as with the router. However, if the device isn’t connected to a power source, just switch it off and switch it back on after some time. When it boots up completely, repeat the WPS pairing steps. Hopefully, they will connect now.

Reset The Verizon Fios Router To Factory Defaults

In case the blinking blue light is still present even after you have tried the suggestions given above you should try to reset your Verizon Fios router.

IMPORTANT: Before you try this step, we have to warn you that you will have to set up your router and network again because all the customization made earlier will be erased.

Verizon Fios reset button

Locate the red reset button at the back of the router, press it, and hold it for 2-4 seconds. The LED light will go off which indicates that the rebooting has started. You need to give your router some time now and after 5 minutes, when the LED light turns solid white (which indicates that it is working normally) try to connect your device using WPS again.

After this, disconnect the router from the power source for a few minutes and connect it back again. This will allow the router to sync to the coaxial network.

After you set up your router again, try to pair your router and the WPS-enabled device again. Hopefully, they will connect now, but in case it fails, we recommend getting in touch with the support.

Contact Support

Contacting Verizon Support would be our final attempt to fix the Verizon Fios router blinking blue issue. Describe the problem you are experiencing and ask for their help. They will guide you through the necessary steps and give you some ideas on what to do next. We are pretty sure that you will be able to pair your router and devices using WPS after this call.

How To Connect A WPS Enabled Device Using WPS?

WPS or the WiFi Protected Setup is designed to connect devices to the network with a touch of a button, without the need to enter the WiFi password. The entire process is pretty easy – you press the WPS button on your Verizon Fios router and hold it for more than 2 seconds. The LED light on the button will start blinking slowly. Now you have 2 minutes to enable WPS on your device (laptop, printer, external hard drive, etc.) Your WPS-enabled device will either have a physical WPS button or a virtual one.

If the connection is successful, the button color will turn solid blue, and then white. But if it fails, then the Verizon Fios router light will turn red and stay like that for two minutes.

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Final Words

We are very well aware that the blinking blue light on your Verizon router can be pretty frustrating. The WPS pairing process usually doesn’t last long and it is pretty simple, and this is the reason why it is so frustrating when things don’t work as planned.

The good thing however is that there are some solutions you can apply on your own and try to fix the problem. So, take your time and go one step at a time.

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