2 thoughts on “Verizon Fios Router Login: myfiosgateway or Verizon router IP”

  1. This is NOT how you change settings on fios router, not anymore. You have to login to verizon.com account to change anything besides password. Even doing just that will be less a headache using the verizon site instead as the fios gateway link aka is blocked now by many browsers and listed as unsafe since Verizon went and used a self signed certificate instead of a trusted source. Its near impossible to get linkbto load and most ppl want to change more than password. You used to be able to go into network settings as well. I bet most are looking for tge settings to access port forwarding, changing to bridge mode, or turning on upnp since its off by default and cant play online multiplayer without it on consoles at least. Strangely since they changed it my latency has also more than doubled to 38ms, it was 13ms couple months ago. Seems like they are intentionally trying to conceal access so users cant turn on 10/100/1000 mode or use their own routers.


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