Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Lights: Meaning And General Troubleshooting

Every wireless router today has one or more lights that indicate what’s going on with the connection and the network in general. We are used to seeing them being solid or flashing but when specific issues occur it is good to know to interpret what the LED lights are telling us. This can point us to the right direction to locate the problem and fix it on our own.

What Do The Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Lights Mean?

The front of the Virgin media Hub 3.0 has four lights: the WIFI, Internet, WPS button and the Base light.

Let’s see what each light means and whether we should be worried if we notice a specific behavior.

Virgin media Hub 3.0 lights


When we are setting up the router we can see this light flashing, then it will turn green for around two minutes when the setup process completes and then it turns off.

Normally we won’t see the WiFi LED light on. However, if there is a problem you will see that it is colored red.

Also, when we are trying to establish a WPS connection it will start flashing green when we press the WPS button.

Internet LED

Just like the WiFi light we have just described, this button will flash while we are setting up the router and when we finish it will be green for around two minutes.

Normally it is off unless there is a problem. Then it lights red.

When the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 downloads a firmware automatically, this light will start flashing green. It is pretty important to remember this because the firmware upgrade process shouldn’t be interrupted or it may damage the router. If you notice the green blinking Internet light just give it some time to complete what has been started.

WPS Button

When we want to connect other devices like a computer or a printer to our wireless network using WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) we need to press the WPS button.

Base LED (Power LED)

When we turn on our Virgin Media Hub 3.0 the Base light will turn on. Normally it is white, but in case there is a problem it will turn red.

Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Light Problems

We have mentioned that some lights are normally off while others are red when there is a problem. However, there are some blinking patterns and colors that tell us more about a specific problem.

For example, you can see a green blinking light on your Virgin Media Hub 3.0 if it has problems connecting to the ISP or when it’s rebooting.

On the other hand, if you notice that your WiFi light is blinking red it may be because the WiFi is low or there is no WiFi signal at all.

A red Base (Power) light can indicate that the hub is overheating, but if you see the Power light flashing green it may indicate that there is a loose connection in the network.

General Troubleshooting Steps

Being able to resolve some networking issues on your own is very important today. We are constantly in a hurry, and to be honest we have become addicted to the Internet. So any connectivity problems can cause stress and discomfort. Luckily, there are a few quick-fix solutions we can try before we get in touch with the customer support.

Turn It Off

This one is quick and easy. Turn the Hub off. Leave it turned off for one minute and then turn it off again. You can turn it off either using the power button at the back or by unplugging the power cord from the wall electrical outlet.

power switch on Virgin Media Hub

When you turn on the Hub again, give it some time to boot up and reconnect. In most cases this quick-fix solution will fix the issue you are experiencing.

Are There Any Loose Or Damaged Connections?

If there is a loose connection or a damaged cable you may experience connection problems that will trigger some of your Virgin Media Hub 3.0 lights to change color or start blinking. Therefore, carefully check all the connections and make sure everything is firmly connected.

Is Your Hub Overheating?

Although we can come to a situation where we need to hide our Hub inside a cabinet, remember that it is not a good idea. The WiFi signal will be blocked for no reason and the Hub will overheat easily.

The hub should be placed in an open, well-ventilated space. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the vent holes on the Hub. It is important to act as soon as possible in this case and move your router or you may need a new router soon.

Is The Light Red Or Magenta?

Your Virgin Media Hub 3.0 can work in a router or a modem mode. When modem mode is active, the light on the router will be magenta. It is normal to see this color, but in some cases, users see it as a red color.

Is The Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Activated?

When we receive the Hub we can expect that it is already activated. We just need to connect it and voilà, within 30 minutes everything should be working correctly. But in some cases, the activation process may fail.

Contacting support or checking the Service Status is required in this case. However, make sure you have the following information ready: the MAC address or Serial Number of your Hub, your area code and account number.

In case activation has already been performed and it is not the reason for the unusual light on your Hub, move to the following step.

Is Your ISP Down?

Extremely weak signal coming from your ISP or no signal at all, will make your Hub activate its lights. You can check if this is the main reason for the problems you are experiencing if you contact the Virgin Media support or you can sign in to their Service Status page. They can report that they are experiencing some problems or maintaining it.

However, if your ISP is not affected by an outage and has no problems, they can test your connection and perform basic troubleshooting which will fix the problem in most cases. You can even expect them to send a technician to fix the problem, if they can’t do it remotely.

Final Words

The Virgin media Hub 3.0 lights are easy to understand. Applying some basic network troubleshooting steps is even easier and doesn’t require any previous tech knowledge. So, checking the cables and connections, restarting the router, checking whether your ISP is down and so on is pretty easy and you can expect to fix any issue within minutes.

Sometimes it would be necessary to reset your hub to factory settings, but since this requires to set it up from scratch we didn’t go into much detail here.

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  1. Hi David,
    All lights are as you describe.
    My issue is my PC is direct cable to router
    and it is nt connecting to the net. BUT, all my wifi connected
    devises are conected to the net via wifi!

    I have checked the cable which appears secure.

    • Have disconnected and reconnected all of the cables and plugs and rebooted but the magenta light is still on.
      All mobiles and laptops connect but on my iphone 8 the service says weak security
      for the wi-fi.

      have read a couple of problem quotes reffering to the hub might be overheating,
      its cold at the bottom but quite warm at the top. (any ideas).
      Regards Dave


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