Virgin Media Hub 3 Power Light Flashing Green (Easy Solutions)

If you are a new or existing Virgin Media user it is possible to get into a situation where your internet connection isn’t working and you are seeing the Virgin Media Hub 3 Power light flashing green. This is something you can expect to see at one point, but the good thing is that in most cases this problem can be fixed in a few minutes.

The following article will tell you what the Virgin Media Hub 3 Power light flashing green means and what are the more frequently used ways to fix it. So, take your time and go through the article one step at a time. Hopefully, you will resolve the issue by the end of the article.

Why Is The Virgin Media Hub 3 Power Light Flashing Green?

Virgin Media Hub 3 Power light flashing green

The LED lights on our Virgin media Hub 3 tell us more about the status of our connection and the network. This is a pretty good reason why you need to know more about the Virgin Media Hub 3 lights, what they mean, and what you can do to fix the most common issues.

Normally, the power light on your Virgin Media Hub 3.0 will be white. However, if you notice that it is flashing green it is usually a sign that one of the connections in the network is loose or that there are problems with the power supply.

Virgin Media Hub 3 Power Light Flashing Green: How To Fix It?

Here are some tested ways to fix the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Power light flashing green. Just take your time and we are sure that you will have it fixed by the end of this article.

Give It Some Time

There have been situations where people noticed that the issue has been resolved on its own after some time. So, if you are not in a hurry, give it some time and see what happens. If it resolves on its own, then great. If it doesn’t, here is what you can do about it.

Check The Cables Going into the Hub

Since we have mentioned that loose cables are most likely causing the problem, it is recommended to check the cables, especially the white isolator cable connecting the Virgin media wall socket and the Hub.

isolator cable

While the Hub is turned on, check whether the red labeled part of the white cable (Wall Socket) is sitting tightly into the Virgin Media socket, and the other part of the white cable which should be with a black label (Broadband or Splitter) should be firmly connected to the Hub or the Wall socket on the connector cables. If necessary, disconnect the cable, connect it again, and then turn on the Hub. If you are using a splitter/connector cable, make sure the connections are tight as well.

To test whether the cable is connected firmly, you can pull them gently and see if they are moving.

While inspecting this issue, you can check the cables for any visible damage or abnormal bending. If you notice anything strange, try replacing the problematic cable.

After you do this, check the power light again.

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Check The Power Supply Cable

Sometimes a loose or damaged power cable can cause this issue. Therefore, you can disconnect both parts of the cable and make sure to connect them back firmly. Also, check whether the master socket is working properly. If everything looks fine, move to the next step.

Check If There Is An Outage

It is very possible that the issue is caused by a service outage. This may happen due to bad weather, technical problems on your ISP’s side, or because they are performing scheduled maintenance.

The easiest way to check whether an outage is a real problem behind the green flashing light is to visit the Virgin Media Service Status page from your smartphone.

You can also check the current status on websites like DownDetector or IsTheServiceDown.

Virgin media outage

If you get confirmation that the outage is the real problem, you will have to wait until Virgin Media tech teams fix the problem. Once they get it fixed the free power light should stop blinking green.

Contact Support

In case you have tried the recommendations given above and you are still seeing the power light flashing green, it is time to get in touch with Virgin media support. Kindly explain the problem in detail and ask them to help you get it fixed. They can check your line and perform some additional tests as well as recommend some steps to take in order to fix the problem. Finally, if they can’t help you get rid of the issue you can request a tech visit.

Final Words

We hope that some of the steps described above have helped you fix the Virgin Media Hub 3 Power light flashing green. As you could see there are several different solutions. In most cases reconnecting the cables was enough to fix the issue. Sometimes it is out of our control because of an outage, but the tech teams are usually doing their best to fix the issue as fast as possible. And finally, getting in touch with the support is something that generally helps. The primary goal is to have a fully functional internet connection so knowing a thing or two about how to fix this issue is more than welcome.

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