How to Fix the Xfinity Cable Box Blinking Green Light?

Just like your Xfinity wireless router, the LED lights on your Xfinity cable box indicate the state and activity of the device. One of the problems that can be seen is the Xfinity Cable Box blinking green. Knowing what this light means and what you need to do to fix it is important because sometimes you simply don’t have time to wait for the tech support.

What does the Green blinking light on the Xfinity Cable Box mean?

The LED lights on your Xfinity Cable Box are there to tell us more about the status of our device. When you see the green blinking light on your cable box it generally means there is something wrong with the unit. The possible causes for that are:

Whatever might be causing the green blinking light, there are some steps you can take in order to fix this issue. Of course, you can contact the customer support immediately but some of the steps are so easy that you simply don’t have to do that until you try whether they will fix the issue.

How to fix the Xfinity Cable Box blinking green?

Sometimes it will be enough to perform just one of the following fixes and sometimes you will need to do more of them, depending on the cause of the green blinking light. At the end we want to see a steady light on the Xfinity cable box which indicates everything is working properly.

So, let’s make that happen.

Is there an update running in the background?

Well, if you notice the Cable Box blinking green three times in a row it indicates that there is a system update going on. If this is the case it would be best not to power off the cable box and let the system update completely. When it completes the green light should stop blinking.

Restart the cable box

Restarting the cable box is a pretty simple and straightforward solution and at the same time it is very effective. Simply, turn off the cable box. Leave it like that for some time, approximately five minutes, and then turn it on again. Try it and see whether the Xfinity Cable Box is still blinking green. If it is, move to the next solution.

Are the cables and connectors connected firmly and properly?

A loose connection or a damaged cable can result in activation issues and accordingly make the Xfinity Cable Box blink green light. Check all the cables and connectors and make sure to confirm that both ends of each cable are tightly and properly connected.

After you check all the cables and connectors the green blinking light should be fixed. If by any chance, it is still blinking, try the following step.

Is your device authorized?

If you see the Xfinity cable box blink green twice it is a sign that the digital adapter should be authorized. After the authorization process completes the blinking light should turn solid. Call the Service Hotline to authorize your Digital Adapter.

Is your remote malfunctioning?

The front panel of the Xfinity Cable Box has a power switch that can be used instead of the remote. Try to operate the TV with this switch and if you can do it, it is pretty sure that the remote is malfunctioning. Replacing the remote and pairing the new one should fix the problem.

Contact support to reset your signal

Another reason for your Xfinity Cable Box blinking green light is weak or no signal at all. You can get in touch with the customer support and ask them to reset the signal for you.

Xfinity tech support

Just make sure you have your customer account number in hand. If this was causing the problem, the green light should be steady when the signal reset completes.

Final Words

As you can see there are several different ways to fix the green blinking light on your Xfinity cable box. Just follow the solutions given in this article one by one and see which one works for you.

If by any chance you try all of them and nothing works, we recommend getting in touch with the customer support again. They will check what the problem may be and help you through the troubleshooting process.

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