Xfinity Router Red Light: Try These Solutions

When it comes to picking the best ISP we can see that Xfinity is generally one of the top choices because of its prices, various plans and internet speeds. Considering that there are users complaining on the Xfinity customer support, it is good to know how to fix some problems with your router before you contact them.

The issue we are going to cover here is the Xfinity router red light, what does it indicate and what are the steps you can take to fix the issue before getting in touch with their customer support.

Xfinity Router Red Light: What does it mean?

Xfinity router red light

The LED lights on your Xfinity router give information about the current status of your network and connection. It is good to learn and understand what these lights mean since it can make the troubleshooting process easier.

In our case, the Xfinity router red light indicates that there is no Internet connection. Your ISP has problems connecting with your router for some reason.

The reasons can be different, like a power outage, service interruptions, damaged or loose cables, a defective power strip or surge protector and so on.

Whatever the reason, it is good to know that this issue can be fixed without the need to get in touch with support. After all, even if nothing helps you can contact them and continue the troubleshooting process, but we are pretty sure you will get it fixed on your own.

Fix the Xfinity Router Red Light: Step-by-Step

The most common questions when it comes to troubleshooting this and similar network problems are – Do I need any tech skills and Can I really fix this on my own? Well, the good thing is that no tech knowledge is necessary and yes, you can fix the problem all by yourself. After all, you can always get in touch with the customer support and ask them to fix it for you.

But, first let’s see what we can do about it.

Power-Cycle Your Xfinity Router

You don’t need any previous knowledge in order to perform this step. However, it is one of the most frequently used and definitely one of the most effective quick fixes today.

You just have to disconnect your Xfinity router from the power source i.e. disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet. Leave it disconnected for some time (1-2 minutes) and then connect it back again. Give the router some time to boot up properly and then check the LED lights. It is pretty common to see that the red light is not there anymore.

You can also use the Xfinity app or their website, or you can login to your Xfinity router and reboot it from there. However, we like this way better and therefore we recommend it.

Check The Cables And Connections

Having a damaged cable or a loose connection can cause various network problems, including the one represented by the Xfinity router red light.

This is the reason why you have to check the cables, to see if there is any damage or unnatural bending that can damage the cable internally. Check them thoroughly and at the same time check each end of the cable and confirm it sits tightly in its place. If you notice something, try to replace that specific cable and see whether it will make the red light go off.

Check The Power Strip Or Surge Protector If You Are Using One

If you are using a surge protector or a power strip, your router might experience some problems if it isn’t receiving enough power. To make sure this isn’t causing the red light issue, disconnect the router from the power strip or surge protector, and connect it directly to the electrical outlet. Then turn the router on and wait till it boots up. After that check whether the red light is still present.

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Reset The Xfinity Router To Factory Settings

This step will revert the router back to its default factory settings. It is important to know this, because when the Xfinity router factory reset process completes, the router needs to be set up again. All the changes made before, like the custom SSID, Wi-Fi password, and similar, will be erased.

Reset button on Xfinity router

To reset the router to factory settings you will need a toothpick or another similar object (make sure it’s not made of metal). Then you need to locate the reset button and use that object to press it.  Then press and hold the Reset button for half a minute until you see all the light on the router go off.

When you turn on the router, wait till it boots up completely. You will be prompted to set it up again, but what’s more important is to check whether the red light is still on. If it is, it seems that you will have to get in touch with Xfinity customer support.

Contact Xfinity Support

In case you have tried everything, as we have recommended above, and you still see the red light on your Xfinity router, you have to contact the Xfinity support. It seems that the problem is a bit more complicated, like a hardware failure, problem with the cable lines, service outage and similar.

When you get in touch with the Xfinity support, they can test your line, reset your connection, inform you about ongoing maintenance or service outage. Finally, they can send someone to check what may be causing the problem, in case they can’t fix it remotely.

Final Words

We are sure that the solutions presented above have helped you resolve the Xfinity router red light issue. The good thing here is that you don’t need any tech skills to perform these solutions, and they will definitely be useful the next time you experience a problem with your home network. This is pretty useful for those who are just not confident enough to try to fix the problem on their own. At the end, you always have the option to contact support and let them assist you in resolving the issue.

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