Why is Xfinity So Expensive? (Is There a Way to Negotiate a Lower Xfinity Bill?)

Many customers have been complaining about how expensive Xfinity services are lately. But, are Xfinity services actually that expensive, and how do their prices compare with other internet providers? Let’s explore this topic!

Why is Xfinity So Expensive

Is Xfinity Expensive?

Are you frustrated by your Xfinity bill and think you are paying too much for your services? You’re not the only one. So many customers have been complaining about the rising prices of Xfinity services. But, the only way to find out whether Xfinity is actually expensive is to compare it to other broadband providers.

According to research, the average monthly internet bill in the United States sits at $64. The majority of US households opt for a plan that’s around $40 per month. However, when taxes, fees, and equipment renting are included in the price, many Americans end up paying over $20 more each month for their broadband services.

Internet Plans Available within Xfinity Services

Now let’s take a look at Xfinity prices. While it’s a known fact that Xfinity keeps coming up with different offers, we’ll use the costs of internet plans available at the moment. The cheapest internet plan you can get with Xfinity amounts to $49.99 a month. 

Users that download the Xfinity Mobile app will get a $10 discount, which means that they’ll be paying $39.99 a month for the first two years of use. If you choose this plan, you’ll get 300 Mbps of download speed. According to Xfinity, the speed would be enough for many data-heavy activities such as multiplayer gaming, streaming on more than one device, and downloading larger files.

The pricing of this plan falls within the average cost of internet in the United States. Even when taxes and additional fees are included, users should end up paying less than $64 a month, which is what a typical American internet bill amounts to. Therefore, the smallest plan Xfinity has to offer is not really expensive.

Larger Plans with Xfinity

We are aware that many households in the US need a much larger and stronger plan. That is why Xfinity has two other options available for customers. The next plan available is for $69.99 a month, but you can get it for $59.99 if you download the Xfinity Mobile app and sign up for Xfinity services immediately

This plan is also below the US average and you can get a download speed that’s double the one you’d have in the smallest plan. The download speed promised by Xfinity sits at 600 Mbps and it’s great for quick downloads, streaming in HD on multiple devices, and multiplayer gaming. In addition, you can have up to eleven devices connected at the same time.

Lastly, the largest plan available with Xfinity comes for $89.99 a month and has a $10 discount for downloading the Xfinity Mobile app and activating the services immediately. This plan promises download speeds up to 1,200 Mbps. In case you opt for this plan, you can connect as many devices as you want. 

What’s more, your downloads will be completed within minutes and you’ll be able to perform any data-heavy activity without any issues. This plan is the only one that’s more expensive than the United States average, but it also comes with amazing perks that many US households do not have.

Are Xfinity’s Prices that High?

The bottom line is – Xfinity is not more expensive than most other internet providers. The majority of US households will be able to purchase a moderate plan that comes with decent average speeds. The larger Xfinity plans are reserved for the richest households as they are much more expensive than what a typical household can afford.

Luckily, this internet provider often has amazing discounts and bundles that will help you get Xfinity services without breaking the bank. Thus, if we only consider the current prices of internet plans, Xfinity is not that expensive.

Other Aspect to Consider Regarding Xfinity Prices

Many Xfinity users do not have a problem with Xfinity’s starting plans. The biggest issue most of them have is the number of price changes that happen within years of using the Xfinity plan. After two years of service activation, Xfinity raises its prices tremendously and it’s difficult for a long-time customer to get a better deal.

Furthermore, some users even reported frequent price changes within the first two years of service activation. The number of hidden fees that can add up to tens of dollars each month is alarming and makes many users regret signing up for Xfinity services in the first place.

Reasons Behind Xfinity’s Price Increases

First of all, most of the contracts users sign with Xfinity allow for additional monthly fees. So, Xfinity is simply using the opportunity to earn more money. That is why it’s difficult to find grounds for a complaint.

In addition, Xfinity is among the largest internet providers. In some areas, it’s the only provider that offers a good internet connection and reliable services. Thus, some customers don’t have a choice but to continue paying extremely high extra charges each month.

Moreover, finding another provider even in areas where there are more of them is also a challenge. That’s because most of today’s providers offer similar starting deals. What’s more, extra charges are sometimes hidden, which makes it difficult to predict whether the provider will offer better prices than Xfinity in the end. As a result, many users end up staying with Xfinity and paying too much for their services.

Is There a Way to Lower Xfinity Bills?

Yes, there is! Even though most customers decide not to file a complaint due to the reasons mentioned above, Xfinity is known for being open to renegotiating deals. According to customers’ reports, the company will keep increasing the prices of plans each month until a user complains. Then, they’ll be open to renegotiating a deal and offering special perks to their customers.

There are a few different ways of asking for a discount from Xfinity. The first one is to simply contact customer support and ask to speak to a representative. Once on a call with an actual person, you should explain your situation and ask for a better deal.

Another way of renegotiating the Xfinity bill is a more effective one, according to several Xfinity users. It requires you to submit a request for canceling Xfinity services. After that, you will be contacted by a customer retention representative that will try to persuade you to stay with the company. They will likely offer you a discount, a different payment plan, or a special bundle that comes with special perks. This method will almost certainly get you a better deal as Xfinity invests a lot into its customer retention process.

Final Thoughts

Today you learned whether Xfinity is actually expensive and what are the reasons for that. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what to expect if you’re an Xfinity customer. On the upside, there is a way to renegotiate your deal and get a discount on your services if the price of your plan changes. You should be able to negotiate a great price reduction by following our simple tips!

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